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    Tattoo Ideas?

    Need ideas on tattoo designes 2 go with the saying "NOT EASILY BROKEN", any ideas are welcome, thanks
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    Joining the Army Special Forces

    What's up Guys I am a 25year old who is bored with is job as a Corrections Officer, I just got out of the Air Force in Feb. 08, job was Security Forces, or (Military Police) and have been wanting to go back into the military since. This time I prefer a challenging job and what to join the...
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    Best thing to use for cleaning up eggs?

    My truck was egged couple nights ago and I wanted to know what was the best thing to use to clean it off? Thanks
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    Changing Oil?

    I am thinking of going from a full synthetic to a blend, it would be the same brand which is valvaline, wanted to know if there was anything special I needed to do other than draining the old oil and putting in the new? Thanks Guys
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    Anyone A Drill Instructor?

    I am going to be applying for a position as a Drill Instructor with the Michigan Department of Corrections. I have wanted to do this since I've been a corrections officer, just wanted some pointers and tips. You can be a military or civil drill instructor. Thanks
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    Website for notchbacks?

    I am looking for website and junkyards that sale foxbody mustangs, if you know of any let me know. Thanks
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    Transporting Vehicles?

    I am looking for a good transporting company to transport my vehicle from texas to michigan, if anyone has suggestions that would be great. Thanks
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    Built Short Block and Eaton?

    What kind of HP#'s would you see with a built short block and a stock eaton, just curious to know from guys that have this setup? Thanks Guys
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    brake dust or grim

    I had bad front brakes and the more I drove it, it started to create a rust look on my rims and the lower part of the body of the truck, what can I use to get this off my wheels and body, it is pretty tough stuff to get off?
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    What size slicks?

    I want slicks for christmas but not sure what size I need for the setup I have so I need you guys to help. MODS are in my SIG. Thanks DEX
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    Heat Exchangers

    Let me see ur heat exchangers, what is the best one to buy? Thanks DEX
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    Rancho long traction bars

    Took these of the truck good condition but the hardware is shot so you would need to get new hardware. Price $100.000 obo
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    To Cam or not to Cam?

    I have a 99 with over 100k on the stock block, I love the sound of cammed L's and have a chance to purchase some crowers stage II's for a great price. Have a few ?s 1. Would this be a wise chose with the miles on my stock motor and the mods I have listed in my sig? 2. What gains in RWHP...
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    94 V6 Mustang ?.

    I won't to put a 94-95 5.0 V8 motor into my 94 V6 and need to know what all is required for this swap, and a good estimate on the price of the materials? Thank
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    Prices for a new motor, how much?

    How much for a CSVT motor?
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    What performance mods with $3,000?

    I love the SN95 Cobras and have the chance to trade in my red 99 lightning for a red with black interior 98 cobra. It is stock and I wanted to know what would be the best performance mods I can get with $3,000 and how much horsepower will I be expect?
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    Blown Head Gasket

    How much to fix a blown head gasket on a 93L?
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    New gears?

    Might be a stupid ? but I don't know the answer. Do I need to change my gears do to the fact that I am running 20" rims with 295/40/20 in the rear and 255/40/20 in the front?
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    What is the best midpipe?

    I want to know with my little mods in my sig below what would be the best midpipe option for me, 2 highflows, or no cats?
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    F/S 99-00 OEM Wheels

    I have a set in very good condition for $300.00 plus shipping for pics email me at [email protected] 4 silver oem center wheel caps $75.00 shipped different sale from above
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    Anyone done a foglight swap?

    Has anyone with a 99-00 L done the foglight swap mod? I want to purchase a set of 03-04 foglights but I heard that it is a complicated process to switch. Thanks Guys
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    Who has the 99-00 20" chrome wheels

    Anyone else here have the 99-00 20" chrome rims I am curious to see how they look on the truck before I put mine on. And I kinda want to know how many of us have them. Thanks GUYS
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    Stock 01-04 upper grille

    I am selling my 01-04 upper grille to go back to my stock 99 grille. I am asking $ 60.00 plus shipping. Thanks
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    Belltech 2" Drop Hangers

    I have these hangers and decided to get rid of them, $60.00 shipped plus 3%paypal. Thanks
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    How much for the swap?

    Hey guys I am interested in buying a SN95 cobra love the body style, but I want the 03/04 engine with components. How much will a swap such as this cost me?