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  1. 03 DSG Snake

    SAI sale on Wilwood Front and Rear Big Brake Kits 2007-14 Shelby GT500'S!!! (Big Sale)

    Always hated the look of Wilwood kits vs. others. Just my OCD..
  2. 03 DSG Snake

    Aluminum Radiator

    Did it work?
  3. 03 DSG Snake

    My Terminator

    Liked and Subscribed!
  4. 03 DSG Snake

    2024 S650 Mustang | The Cover is Off | Full Details Inside

    What was really shelved was the Voodoo... Make sure to buy the extended warranty on all S650s, those digital screens are going to be $$ when they go out.
  5. 03 DSG Snake

    2024 S650 Mustang | The Cover is Off | Full Details Inside

    That's how I plan to pay for one ‍
  6. 03 DSG Snake

    S650 Mustang Images Leaked Early - A Few Specs As Well

    Plastic diaper call back to the 2010. Yeck.
  7. 03 DSG Snake

    New Mustang Release

  8. 03 DSG Snake

    Wiper blades

    Anyone have a source for these? Can't find it outside of a 0 inventory eBay listing.
  9. 03 DSG Snake

    Anyone gone from terminator to 07-09 GT500?

    I have a Whipple Cobra and TVS GT500. I have more fun with the 500 all around and enjoy driving it more.
  10. 03 DSG Snake

    SMOG HELP!!!!! 03 Cobra

    Now what lol
  11. 03 DSG Snake

    Madonna at 63. Would ya?

    Shit that's a lot of work done.
  12. 03 DSG Snake

    Rear end starting to whine

    What ratio?
  13. 03 DSG Snake

    Tool for coolant refill with vacuum

    Problem with that kit is non of the adapters fit the crossover tube properly. It's made for small radiator caps. A funnel with a bunch of tape 'screwed' in seals better.
  14. 03 DSG Snake

    345/30R20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S traction test

    A little, but the fitment is solid.
  15. 03 DSG Snake

    Poly engine mounts

    Energy Suspension urethane. No extra NVH that I noticed.
  16. 03 DSG Snake

    FOR SALE: FS: PMAS #N-MC9-1 GT500 Cold Air 07-10

    N-MC9-1 PMAS Air Intake System – Tune Required For Sale: New Kit - I test fit the intake tube and silicone couplers only to see if it would work under my FRPP brace. MAF tube and filter and heat shield never mounted...