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  1. oldmodman

    Bear Hunting

    Wouldn't work. Bears have better taste than that.
  2. oldmodman

    How long would you go?

    In my 1992 Ford Explorer I change the oil every two years. Just before the SMOG inspection. The total number of miles driven between oil changes is from 1600 up to 2800. It is usually down about half a quart when I check ir just before doing the oil and filter change. I have used Mobil 1 since...
  3. oldmodman

    Best site to buy ammo online.

    Home ammo deliveries banned in City of Los Angeles (where I just happen to live)? No problem. I just have everything shipped to another address just two miles away. several of the suggested shops have WAY better prices than I can get locally. Like almost half off!
  4. oldmodman

    Tuesday Joke!

    What a waste of a good straight line. When we all know she should have put her head between OUR knees.
  5. oldmodman

    Dog killed, boy injured when Cyanide bomb placed by USDA explodes

    The local populace should have been informed about the placement and location of each device to keep people and animals from wandering across one. But never mind about all that I WANT TO GET SOME OF THOSE! I would never have to yell "GET OFF MY LAWN" ever again.
  6. oldmodman

    Hauled home a 68 GT350

    You got really lucky. Most owners would just consign it to one of the big auctions. Survivors are bringing HUGE money!
  7. oldmodman


    Can't wait to see it on the dyno. Sounds great, really mean.
  8. oldmodman

    Job Postings

    Post up the pay range. If it's minimum wage there might not be that many people willing to apply. Smart to at least list the location. People can at least research local costs of living if they were considering relocation. I talked to a couple of IT folks that had not even bothered applying for...
  9. oldmodman

    Melted drivers side pistons

    And the easy way to check for a cam timing difference on an assembled engine is just to do a compression check. A big variation between the left and right banks is a sure indicator of a difference in cam timing. But the best way is to time all four cams during assembly, don't trust that doing...
  10. oldmodman

    Cleaning out the crud that accumulates @ trunk hinges?

    I used simple green and a detailing brush. Then a through rinse. The crud is mostly rotten leaves and plain old dirt.
  11. oldmodman

    People are going crazy

    Is this the Idaho version of "Get Off Of My Lawn"?
  12. oldmodman

    A friend that shares sensitive info...

    Throw a backyard BBQ. And just when everyone has downed their second drink blurt out the whole story. So his wife, the other woman, her husband, all their friends all hear it at once. Make sure you put the following shitstorm on YouTube. Maybe make a little mod money.
  13. oldmodman

    Finally Cut That Cord!

    Does anyone make a stand alone DVR with menu service? Kind of like the old services that were run out of business by the cable companies.
  14. oldmodman

    Must do's on a NYC day trip.

    Visit a gunstore. Oh, that's right. Nevermind.
  15. oldmodman

    Finally some new garage progress

    That's a really nice amount of space. I bet the insulation you installed will make a huge difference too. Have you made a lighting plan? I just installed a few of the LED 48" fixtures from Costco. I needed much better light levels over a workbench so I put six fixtures over it and on the wall...
  16. oldmodman

    Friday Joke!

    Hi Mary! Nice to know that you "take precautions" Have a Happy Tax Season. I am not done, just still pulling my hair out.
  17. oldmodman

    Finally, a vacation

    This. College buddy was leaving the country for a honeymoon the day after the wedding. He could see the bookkeeping screwups that were in their future so nobody was informed until after they had returned. He made sure the pastor did not mail any of the documentation until well after their...
  18. oldmodman

    Another one bites the dust

    Really bad reporting. it said that driver was ejected through the windshield. Windshield in accident photo is unbroken and in flawless condition. It's even clean! Something happened. But it's not what they are reporting.
  19. oldmodman

    Woman crashes into gas station, chases the two guys recording

    At least she's so fat she can't catch anyone. Even when they are laughing too hard to be able to run fast.
  20. oldmodman

    No Ford purchase.

    That's pretty damn smart. I never realized that all I had to do to get the kids to mow the damn yard was to buy a tractor.
  21. oldmodman

    Thursday Joke!

    Aren't those the smart flies? The ones that can recognize horseshit from a mile away?
  22. oldmodman

    Help me Buy a New Truck

    Used Ford F-150 4X4. You won't find a decently equipped one for 30K. More like 50K+ new. My gardener bought a used lease return F-150 a few years ago. It has only had tires and oil changes done to it. He now has 208000 mile on it. Ugly and beat but it makes him money everyday. He paid 31K for it...
  23. oldmodman

    So my sister and her daughter are going to jail.

    Make sure you visit them in jail everyday. Sit down on the other side of the glass. Pick up the phone. The laugh your ass off, and leave. Do it everyday. At court too.
  24. oldmodman

    DFX to DYAD

    None of the pics showed up. But you should be very happy with the DYAD. I have one and love the low pedal pressure. Plus it grips like a pissed off pit bull.