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  1. CobraBob

    1995 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 | Retro Review

    My son-in-law used to own either a ‘93 or ‘94. Same color. He bought it in 2011ish with 100+ miles on it. Technology and performance have changed so much! Sent from my iPhone using
  2. CobraBob

    Feel good pictures / videos

    Wow, what an incredible finish! Sent from my iPhone using
  3. CobraBob

    2021 finally arrived.

    The wait was well worth it. Beautiful! The black stripes with the orange paint looks awesome. Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using
  4. CobraBob

    Looking for opinions on a 2022 Audi S5.

    Well, THIS wasn't expected. I was pretty much focused on a 2-door coupe and I kept thinking about how I don't drive my G70 from November through March. So I'm thinking, "do I really want, really need, a vehicle that I can't/won't drive year round, and that doesn't have much utility as far as...
  5. CobraBob

    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

  6. CobraBob


    I know they're popular with some, but man, that is one vehicle I'd NEVER own due to how ugly and boxy it looks. Thankfully, it doesn't matter since I could never afford one. He probably thinks that now he's "cool" with the in-crowd. Yuck!
  7. CobraBob

    Another travel thread, Spain, Portugal

    Well, that was quick! LOL. I thought that trip was some time in the next couple of months. LOL. A couple of days're there! Well, have a good time and pop in here when you can to give us an update or two, along with more photos.
  8. CobraBob

    Vegas Trip

    I've been to Vegas. If you're basically going to be either at the convention center or Hilton, doing a taxi or Uber is a no brainer. Renting is, IMO, a waste of money and as already mentioned, parking is a pain in the butt usually. Congrats on whatever award you're getting, Nick.
  9. CobraBob

    Local"ish" Texan Gets the "04sleeper Sauce"

    Nice Cobra. Tuned by one of THE best tuners in the land. Nice video, too. Sent from my iPhone using
  10. CobraBob

    Looking for opinions on a 2022 Audi S5.

    The RS3 is definitely nice, but I’m done with sedans. Would have to be 2-door unless it’s an SUV. Sent from my iPhone using
  11. CobraBob

    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Awesome silver and red GT-500, and I really like the car show placard.
  12. CobraBob

    1995 Jeep Cherokee | Retro Review

    A friend of mine has one of these. High mileage, but it still motors on.
  13. CobraBob

    Today is a sad day for me (car got burned)

    Those photos were sad to look at. Wow. The fact that the truck driver picked your "out of the normal" spot is weird, but I see it all the time. I purposely park a good distance from where the majority of people park and someone always seems to go out of their way to park right next to me...
  14. CobraBob

    Ford Ranger Splash is Coming Back for 2022

    I remember the early Isuzu trucks. One of my bosses back in the day had a yellow one. They were cheap. Dollar wise. Build wise. LOL.
  15. CobraBob

    Performance wagons

    Another one. 2006 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E55 AMG Wagon: $5,000 The 2006 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Wagon at first glance embodies everything a Mercedes is all about. The simplicity, the class, and the luxury in the interior. While the car's features may no longer be state of the art, it certainly...
  16. CobraBob

    Performance wagons

    2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X Sportcombi: $7,000 The 2008 Saab Sportcombi performance wagon is among the cheapest, top quality wagons one can get for miles around. It sells for about $7,000 on the used car market. This 2008 model received some main upgrades in its exterior and some small changes in...
  17. CobraBob

    Random Picture Thread

    So did you finish in time to go racing?
  18. CobraBob

    Unreal Detective Work! Well, Actually A PI Now.

    That was a really interesting video. I watched the whole thing. None of my theories were correct. The analysis by the detective was amazing.
  19. CobraBob

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Nice @Lambeau! REALLY nice!
  20. CobraBob

    T56 transmission which one to buy?

    I agree with @9397SVTs's post. A stock MAGNUM (not a stock regular T-56) should be fine for your application. And the 2.66 1st gear.
  21. CobraBob

    Solo Road Trip

    Welcome back. That was one hell of a road trip. You covered a lot of fun territory. I visited Rapid City and Mt. Rushmore a few years ago. Hopefully you'll have some photos to post here. We'd love to see them!
  22. CobraBob

    14 GT500 Value question

    I would agree about paying the $62K for a 2013-2014 GT-500 with 1K miles on it. Especially with the present HIGH used car prices we're seeing. IMO those two model years are the best for the GT-500. Those who have one are very fortunate.
  23. CobraBob

    Comedian Norm MacDonald of SNL ‘Weekend Update’ fame dies of cancer at 61

    Read this yesterday. Sad news. I liked Norm's comedy a lot. He was very unique!
  24. CobraBob

    Friday joke

    Now THAT was a really good one!!!
  25. CobraBob

    Thursday joke

    Heck yeah! (y)for Texas! Good one.