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  1. TK1299

    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

  2. TK1299

    3/4 wheel spacers for rear 03-04

    Not my car
  3. TK1299

    3/4 wheel spacers for rear 03-04

    There is a direct bolt on spacer with lugs. It has provisions for your stock lugs and you bolt them, then the tire mounts on the lugs on the spacer. I run them on mine. If I have a chance within the next day or so I’ll try and snap a pic
  4. TK1299

    2021 finally arrived.

    Wow, just wow. Good for you man.
  5. TK1299

    Vegas Trip

    Same here. I don’t gamble, at all. It was the experience of walking around and experiencing Vegas that I like.
  6. TK1299

    Vegas Trip

    Every time we go to Vegas, I walk 11-14 miles per day, and love it. If you want to go to old Vegas then a cab ride would be ok order. If you want to go out to the desert then a rental car is the way to go. If you plan to stay in Vegas only, no car needed.
  7. TK1299

    Black Gold 380R's 65 Mustang Build Thread

    Glenn, that’s an epic car you’re building. Once it is completed I say we organize a Texas SVTP car rally somewhere. I’d love to see it in person
  8. TK1299

    Who was funnier? Laurel and Hardy or the Three Stooges?

    Shaggy and Scooby
  9. TK1299

    Driving Tesla Model S Plaid Underwater!! Does it float, sink or drive 7ft under!?

    He has to replenish his cash reserve from all the castles he bought
  10. TK1299

    Driving Tesla Model S Plaid Underwater!! Does it float, sink or drive 7ft under!?

    He is like the struggling actor who will star in anything, but can’t afford to make one more bad movie…. But he just did.
  11. TK1299

    Interesting video on differentials

    I came across this video and found it instructive and entertaining, and I thought I’d share.
  12. TK1299

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    That’s great, for you bro
  13. TK1299

    Tool Box Tour | Paul Conner @ Pro-Dyno | Matco Awesomeness

    This is soft core guy porn and I dig it
  14. TK1299

    I hate thieves

    People are not scared to commit crimes because they aren’t punished accordingly for them. If people got years in prison and flogged for the shit they do, I can promise you safer communities. The prisons would be filled, but they wouldn’t be out in society terrorizing the rest of us.
  15. TK1299

    I hate thieves

    Nick, I would look into some license plate reader cameras around your business. I have found them to be invaluable in locating suspect vehicles.
  16. TK1299

    We Need Car Pics for the New SVTPerformance Site

    I’ll work on getting my 93 cobra and 91 notch on here tomorrow.
  17. TK1299

    SVTP is Going Offline | We’re Moving | New Server News and Software Updates

    :p:cool::p @SID297, how much is the donation to be “unbannable”? :p:p
  18. TK1299

    WANTED: Orange Cobra Convertible or.....

    You’re tired of that F150? Or you want bigger?
  19. TK1299

    WANTED: Orange Cobra Convertible or.....

    I asked because I have noticed many times people are posting want ads for terminators, having owned one or more in the past. I have a 12k coupe that hardly ever gets out. I thought about selling it a few times, but I see these ads and makes me change my mind.
  20. TK1299

    WANTED: Orange Cobra Convertible or.....

    I have a question, and I pose this question because there are so many people who have owned them in the past and looking for another, and it makes me curious; if you have owned 6 already, why did you get rid of them all and what is making you want another?
  21. TK1299

    Just might put this in my 95

    This is all bullshit. The limp wristed, feminine liberal soys are winning. As red blooded Americans, we should fight to the death for our fossil fuel burning, obnoxiously loud, **** the neighbors who complain about the sound and the smell of burnt rubber internal combustion engines..... and...
  22. TK1299

    Just might put this in my 95

    It was only a matter of time before EV swaps and EV crates become options for people. The times they are a-changin.