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  1. lumbeeboi16

    Dealer Markup On Shelby GT 350

    Hey Guys, It's been awhile since I have been on the forums. I usually check out the market to see what's for sale. Let me start off by saying I have had a mustang pretty much my whole left. Except for the last couple of years. The wife and I decide to put off my next purchase until we purchase...
  2. lumbeeboi16

    Wife Just Don't Understand

    So I have made my mind up to save my dollars to get back into a Terminator. I am currently stationed in HI and I bought a motorcycle to get around the island. The traffic is crazy here. Well I purchased a Terminator and the end of 2012 I left for HI in February. I left my car back home in NC...
  3. lumbeeboi16

    In A Dilemma Need Help My SVTP Bro's

    Ok guys to start off with I have owned a mustang since I got my licenses. My 1st car was a 98 Cobra, after that a 91 Fox Body, next a fully built 2V 01GT, and finally the beast of them all a 2003 Terminator. Which brings me to my dilemma, since 03/04 I have wanted a Terminator. I had a chance to...
  4. lumbeeboi16

    XXR-526 Staggered

    I have a set of XXR-526 Staggered Wheels I am parting with since I am selling my car. They wheels are 18X10.5 in the rear and 18X9 in the front they are chromium black they are unique wheels.They currently have 335 30 18 in the back that will need to be replaced soon and 275 35 18 up front that...
  5. lumbeeboi16

    Garage Sale!!!!!!

    Ok guys I am selling some parts due to me selling my 2003 COBRA. Ok so I have H&R Lowering Springs they have about 5,000 miles on them, I have a STAGE IV STEGGY SUPERCHARGER with 20,000 miles on the port. I also have a BF 2.93 SC pulley that is practically brand new. I have a silver 100mm snub...
  6. lumbeeboi16

    2003 Silver Cobra

    I am testing the waters with this one. I am currently stationed in Hawaii and my car is in NC. I am thinking about selling my car to get a bike and get another cobra once i get back to NC maybe a GT500. This is the craiglist ad I still owe...
  7. lumbeeboi16

    Should I Sale Her

    Hey guys I need some help. I am currently stationed in HI now and my 2003 Cobra is back at home in my mother in laws garage. I am thinking about selling it since I am going to be here for three years and get a street bike. I thought about bringing my car over here to HI but since i have been...
  8. lumbeeboi16

    Rolling Fenders On 03/04 Cobra's

    Ok guys this probably has been beat too death but I need some opinions. I have a staggered set of 18's running a 10.5 in the rear. I am thinking about running 335's in the rear they look awesome but I am worried about rolling my fenders. Will it hurt the body of the car? If you decided too run a...
  9. lumbeeboi16

    Looking For Some Tires For My 18's

    So I am running 18x9 up front and 18x10.5 out back looking to get some tires looking for a 305, 315 out back LMK what you got Quick Silver
  10. lumbeeboi16

    WTB LT's For My 03 Cobra

    Looking to buy some LT's for my Cobra let me know what you got? Lumbeeboi16
  11. lumbeeboi16

    Looking For Cut Stock Springs

    Like the title says above looking for stock cut springs please let me know what you have and attach a picture of the springs installed on your car Lumbeeboi16
  12. lumbeeboi16

    After Her Bath And Wax

    The HID Fog Light Kit Wheels All Cleaned Up And Polished New Hood Vents Custom Emblem
  13. lumbeeboi16

    WTB Posi/Stegi

    I know these are hard to come by but I am looking for a posi/stegi ported supercharger in good shape. If someone has one for sale could you please send me some pics and some deatils/specs. THANKS FOR LOOKING
  14. lumbeeboi16

    2003 Cobra vs 12 V6 Mustang

    This was funny to me, so me and my wife are cruising around in the COBRA just talking enjoying the weather. When i spot a 12 V6 Mustang in the lane next to me two cars ahead. I looked at my wife and said I bet this guy tries to race me. My wife laughs and says no he want he knows what this car...
  15. lumbeeboi16

    ABS Light

    Need some help guys my ABS light is on and will not go off, also my traction control light is on and will not go off when i push it to cut it off. I figured maybe it is a bad sensor or something, I don't have a tune on my car just yet. If you guys could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. lumbeeboi16

    Wtb idlers

    I have a billetflow 2.76 pulley and a metco 100mm snub, I am looking for 2-100mm and a 92mm to complete my set :banana: they both are silver let me know what you have.
  17. lumbeeboi16

    Under Hood Blanket

    This isn't my first rodeo with mustangs but this is my first 2003 cobra i have heard mixed things on the blanket under the hood i have heard it helps with cooling with modified hood vents and your supercharger screams louder but i have also heard it could damage your hood with long distance...
  18. lumbeeboi16

    FR500 Staggered

    I have a set of chrome straggered 17X9 up front and 17X10.5 wheels with tires i am looking for a blk set with polish lip might b willing to trade i bought the wheels brand new in October u can txt me at 254-423-1251 Let me know what you have might be interested in other black wheels. I am...
  19. lumbeeboi16

    Wtt chrome fr500 staggered setup

    I am looking for some staggered BLACK W POLISHED LIP FR500's I have a set of chrome ones 17X9 up front and 17X10.5 in the back the tires on the rims are NITTO'S TRIPLE NICKLES . Please let me know what you have, I might be interested in other black wheels just PM what you have or TXT me at...
  20. lumbeeboi16

    Magnaflow Exhaust/ What Kind Of LT's And OR X pipe

    Ok guys i know there are a billion questions about exhaust but i want to make the right decision first. My 2003 Cobra came with a magnaflow catback exhaust it isn't loud enough for me at idle sounds good on the throttle but i want to get LTs and a OR X pipe would this make it louder and which...