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  1. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Been dipping my toes into and out of both AMC and GME. So far so good. I learned my lesson about being greedy when I held onto NKLA for too long.
  2. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Bought AMC back when it was SUPER cheap before the reddit hype and sold it recently. Same with GME. Thanks reddit meme stonks! I'll wait for it to crash and then do the same thing again.
  3. mysteed

    Official SN 95 Pics thread!

    Absolutely one of my favorite wheels of all time.
  4. mysteed

    Finally I own a Cobra

  5. mysteed

    I did it again...

    Congrats on another project! How far torn down is the motor?
  6. mysteed

    Thank you

    Any plans on having the paint redone at some point to restore the originality? Glad my build could inspire you to save this one. The more we keep on the road and out of the scrap yard the better IMO.
  7. mysteed

    Thank you

    Just read through this thread and you have made a LOT of progress. Did you ever verify if it is a real Mystic?
  8. mysteed

    Installing ATS Brembos on the Cobra.

    I purchased some 3mm spacers off of Amazon a week or so ago and while they did come close to fitting I had to shave the inner circle about 1mm to make it a just a bit wider to fit around the hub.
  9. mysteed

    2000 Cobra R #111 Build Thread

    So when a friend of mine told me about this thread I can honestly say I was shocked with how someone was cutting up an original '00 R. Now that I have read the thread I can honestly say this is a BADDASS build! More power to you sir for building your dream car.
  10. mysteed

    Under carriage paint color

    I did matte black underneath mine before reinstalling the fuel system. Cleaned the underside up a lot IMO.
  11. mysteed

    96' Procharged Cobra "Casper" Build

    Great progress thus far! Glad to see you are saving it instead of parting it out.
  12. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Me five. GME too.
  13. mysteed

    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    Those Scott Rod panels are AWESOME when shaving an engine bay.
  14. mysteed

    Some upgrades for badcobra - Twin PTE 6870's, 6" Garrett intercooler

    Great numbers! I bet it rolls out HARD now.
  15. mysteed

    Medusa Version 3.0 (New Build)

    Very nice! Should pick up a lot of MPH with those changes.
  16. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    RC pays a nice 11.11% dividend - even through the pandemic.
  17. mysteed

    The saving of a 1998 BAB Cobra

    Yeah it's still in process since life seems to always get in the way. Good luck with your search, they seem to be going up in value lately and are getting harder to find.
  18. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Personally I dumped most of my oil stocks when they peaked a week ago. My energy stocks though are on fire! UAVS was a wild day yesterday as well.
  19. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    It's all in the research and sometimes you just get plain lucky. As far as only starting out with a little money don't be discouraged. I started out with only $150 and have had a blast learning over these last few months.
  20. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I am sitting on my IZEA for the long haul. Same with VXRT. Both should pay out well once they stop climbing. CLVS is another to watch for growth.
  21. mysteed

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Thanks for the tip on this one it seems to be panning out quite nicely!
  22. mysteed

    The saving of a 1998 BAB Cobra

    I have made some progress but not much from my last post. I have gone in a different direction than my original plan with the valvecovers and have done a good bit of the wire tuck. I update more regularly on my Instagram at #mysteedgarage so this thread is a but overdue for some pictures. I...
  23. mysteed

    Soon to be new shop!

    Really nice space!
  24. mysteed

    Lets do a poll on my dyno#'s

    E85 and a pulley down to the next size will do the trick for sure.
  25. mysteed

    Lets do a poll on my dyno#'s

    Are you planning on upping the boost any?