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    Is The Mid Atlantic Cobra Assocociation Still Alive??

    Hey Dwight. I'm still registered here, but I never check this forum anymore. I did see your FB post though. I don't have a cobra anymore, just a 2018 gt, and the 92 fox that I've had for 20 years.

    MACA Shirts still available?

    I still have my old cotton ones from 13 years or so ago too. Plus the under armor ones, and the polo's and a couple of hoodies.

    2011 Explorer Water Leak

    Reviving an old thread because I just found out we have this same issue. My wife called me on the way home to complain that the entire rear of her 2011 explorer is saturated. What's worse, is her lap got soaked as well. Given that her moonroof also quit working somewhat recently, and water...

    Loose hood vents?

    I just picked up my 2016 PP GT Premium this weekend (LOVE the car) and I noticed today while running to the post office when it was really hot out that I could see the edge of the drivers side hood vent...and I didn't remember being able to spot that before. After I got home I took a look and...

    96 Probe DD..any interest?

    Anyone interested in a 96 Probe for a DD? My father in law picked this car up from Scott a few years back and finally got himself something a little newer. Car still runs great, and has had the front clip repainted now (which it desperately needed) after getting backed into in a parking...

    Project "Save-A-Fox". Kept this one out of the junk yard...(long post)

    Well guys, this post has been a few months in the making, and is going to be a looong one, with lots of pictures. So, as some of you know (especially the ones that I'm friends with on FB) I bought a fox convertible last summer as a project car that I intended to flip after completion to fund...

    Project "Save-A-Fox". Long post, pic heavy.

    Well guys, this post has been a few months in the making, and is going to be a looong one, with lots of pictures. So, as some of you know (especially the ones that I'm friends with on FB) I bought a fox convertible last summer as a project car that I intended to flip after completion to fund...

    Tie Rods...anyone need a set for a 03/04?

    I have a complete set of tie rods, front and rear, inner and outer, for an 03/04 cobra with an IRS. I'll happily let these things go cheap, because they are useless to me and taking up space in my garage. Quick backstory; Got the rear set because I had one bad one on my old cobra. Guy I...

    Original Engine Mount

    Anyone have one they'd be willing to send my way? I replaced mine with the E-focus mount, but want to take it back to stock so I can have the TSB done.

    Automotive upholstrey shop?

    Anyone know any good shops/folks locally that do upholstery? Specifically, i have a CDC lightbar that's a real mess and needs to be re-covered. I bought a vinyl repair kit for it to get through the summer, but after that I'd like to remove it and get it fixed properly. It looks like it would...

    SN95 front seats

    Yeah, I know this is the fox forum, but I can't imagine anyone with an SN95 actually wanting these, so I'm posting it here. I have a set of tan cloth seats from a 94+ mustang. They were in my convertible project when I got it, and didn't even come close to matching the interior so I took...

    Anyone here fix old furniture?

    My wife and I have a dining room table and chairs from the 30's or 40's that could use some TLC. It's reasonably ornate, is a dark walnut color (with dark green cushions) and we just have no use for it at all. If anyone here likes fixing furniture, and wants this set to fix for themselves...

    Random Household crap for sale

    Ok guys, I'm working on cleaning out my basement, so I have some stuff I'd like to unload. Some of it will hit goodwill if nobody takes it, some will just land on CL. Polk Audio PSW110 (black) --barely used: 100.00 Sony 825 Surround Sound Receiver (Dolby Digitial 5.1 circa year 2000, old...

    Rack And Pinion

    Anyone have a line on one? The rack in my 92GT is junk, and has been for years. Now, for whatever reason, the car decided to have both inner tie rods go bad at the same time..coupled with the fact that the steering shaft's rag joint is also worn out, I'm not going to bother with fixing the...

    Fs: 2005 f350 sd

    Posting this for a friend/co-worker: 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab Lariat: 90k miles 6.0L Turbo Diesel 4WD Leather Off-Road Pkg ABS A/C,PS,PW,PDL,CC,etc Parking Sensors Dual Power Seats Sun roof Hard Tonneau Cover Towing pkg Dually. 24k obo. It'd make a great tow...

    Anyone here have a line on an old fridge?

    Friend of mine had his beer fridge in his garage go out. Anyone here have an old fridge for sale? If so, I'll pass it along for you.

    Old Video Games?

    Just a reminder for folks, or a notice for the new guys, that I collect these things. Primarily the 8-16bit stuff, although I may consider some newer stuff (like N64, 3DO, Saturn, etc) if you've got it. At this point, my collection is more or less saturated, but I'm always open to a good deal...

    Teaser shot of the new project

    I know how the before's look, but believe it or not, the car is clean..this is after a wash AND a clay the paint still looks like that. That crap is IN the clearcoat. As you can see from the after shots, the clear is pitted pretty badly, not sure if a wetsand would help or not. This is...

    Anyone have a lead on a 302?

    As some of you already know, I picked up a 92 LX 5.0 vert over the weekend. It's an 800 dollar car that, well, looks like an 800 dollar car. It's complete, it's almost 100% stock (CAI and pro 5.0 shifter being the only 2 mods) and it's absolutely rust free. Thought it might make a fun...


    Hi guys, I never post in here but I'm hoping for some advice. I picked up a 92 LX 5.0 vert over the weekend for 800 bucks. The car needs lots of work everywhere, but it's straight, and rust free. Anyway, the paint is a mess. It's faded all over and hazy in spots. The paint is wild...

    Car Trailer

    Anyone local have a car trailer I can borrow for the afternoon this weekend? Or someone that is bored and feels like helping me load something up? I just agreed to nab a new project car for the wife, a 92LX Vert, that needs LOTS of TLC, and from near as I can tell, an engine. I'd rather...

    Any tractor nuts here?

    Just thought I would share my find. Over the weekend I picked up a 90/91(I keep forgetting to google the serial number) John Deere 285 with the Kawasaki 590V liquid cooled two cylinder. I nabbed the thing for 300 bucks, needing a little bit of work on the deck hardware, and a PTO switch, but...

    Long tube header install

    It's annoying. I've got one side done. I did the passenger side first because I wanted to get the more involved side out of the way. I wouldn't call it hard, but it's definitely a pain in the can. I have the canton "T" pan, so I had to unbolt both engine mounts, jack the engine way up...

    FS: Fox/cobra parts, Home Stereo Sub, etc

    Ok guys, trying to clean out my basement/garage, and I have a few things to unload: Polk PSW110 Sub. Barely used: 125 (black cabinet) Sony DEH825 Surround Sound Receiver (would be good for a garage or a kids playroom): 25 Fox/cobra Parts: C&L 76mm MAF and Elbow. Powdercoated black, 24# and...