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  1. wudy

    FOR SALE: tvs 2.3 GT500 TB

    If not sold I’ll take that off your hands
  2. wudy

    Griptec pulley

    I bought mine from Lethal as well for my TVS. Still on the shelf with the blower.
  3. wudy

    Stock fuel system with 2.73 pulley

    Same here 2.76 ported no lower pumps were almost maxed out 480/460
  4. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    I feel your pain. Its tough to find patience when trying to get custom parts made. Been there done that. Lethal has what im after. For 180 I will definatly grab one.
  5. wudy

    Griptec Supercharger Pulley

    Any updates on the Griptec pulley??
  6. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    Do you have any cooling issues/mods?
  7. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    Is anybody using the Griptech pulley?
  8. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    Dark times. I would be happy with those #s especially the torque. Dont think ive ever seen it that high on upper only. Impressive.
  9. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    Yes stock manifods. Im not chasing a number as you mentioned but want to get it right the first time. I agree on the 3" pulley. Im not running a lower by the way. I believe you are tho from reading your build threads.
  10. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    And also forgot to mention. It dosent come with the gt500 tb. I have a ported stock one. Will it bolt up to it np problem. Do I reall need something that big on just a 600hp car? Read some conflicting opinions in the past.
  11. wudy

    What VMP pulley

    Just scored a great deal on a 2.3 Vmp supercharger. However it dosent come with a pulley but has a 3.3 available. im looking for recommendations on what pulley and boost level should I be looking at Im still collecting parts but all I have so far. Vmp 2.3. 60 lb. Should i get proper fuel pumps...
  12. wudy

    Convertible top care

    +2 on Raggtopp. Been using it for at least 10 years.
  13. wudy

    H&R Sport Springs

    It sits nice for sure. Hows the ride?
  14. wudy

    2003 anniversary coupe

    Beautiful car.
  15. wudy

    How many miles on your Terminator and what HP

    04 with 27kms. Ported upper only 480hp.
  16. wudy

    Baer 6p front fitment issues? - 17" Wheels

    What brakes are you guys running in the rear?
  17. wudy

    Exteneded ball joints necessary?

    Bingo... Thanks..
  18. wudy

    Exteneded ball joints necessary?

    Same combo here. H&R race and mm plates and didn't need to replace the ball joints. A heads up when doing the springs if you had forgotten. Watch out for the isos as some and thicker then others and keep the ride height a bit high if used. I removed the top one to get the height I wanted. Post...
  19. wudy

    Kenne Bell Supercharged my Son's Mustang

    Whats the lawn and garden battery? A 12v lawn tractor battery? I did notice you had a different battery with terminals. Great idea on the bed liner for the tires..
  20. wudy

    Kenne Bell Supercharged my Son's Mustang

    My kids have enjoyed theres for years. Needa some maintenance. Tires are done so is the battery. Always thought it was funny a Terminator is behind in both side mirrors. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using the mobile app
  21. wudy

    Just got my first Cobra...saying hi!

    Always loved these in black and chrome. Badass...
  22. wudy

    Changing Fluid Intervals On Low Mileage Car

    Agree with above. I own a garage queen as well. About 16k miles now. I had to bleed my brakes due to a caliper rebuild and couldnt believe how dirty the brake fluid was. Defiantly a must do no matter how many miles are on any vehicle.
  23. wudy

    Two idiots trying to escape from a convenience store.

    1 can of pop= $1 1 idiot getting tased= hilarious 1 dummy walking on suspended ceiling= pricless
  24. wudy

    Parts Advice - Father's Day Gift

    I was thinking the same thing. Accessories... He has all the go fast parts although I didn't see brake upgrade. That's a must for his power level but $$$$ What about a steering wheel. I have the FR 500 and love it. Google it.