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  1. stripnzinc

    2004 SY

    Buyer beware. OP is not a serious seller. I don’t think he is use to posting and people contacting him about the car. I text him few days requested certain pics he sent then requested the vin for the bank and he gave me some excuse why he could not send vin for the car. I think he thinks he...
  2. stripnzinc

    1996 Mystic Cobra - #1985/2000

    Please shoot me a text.
  3. stripnzinc

    1996 Mystic Cobra - #1985/2000

    pm sent
  4. stripnzinc

    Want to trade 04 cobra for 94-96 cobra

    I have a 04 silver metallic cobra 106k mild mods. Have low mile t56 needs installed to trade for a 94 pace car or 96 mystic. Lmk if your interested I’ll email pics or text.
  5. stripnzinc

    WTB 03/04 Cobra in Texas

    I have a 04 silver coupe in north texas 15k..
  6. stripnzinc

    WTB: 2003/04 Mustang Cobra (Coupe) Texas

    I have a 04 silver id part with 104k miles 15k car is in north texas..
  7. stripnzinc

    1996 Mystic Cobra

    PM sent.
  8. stripnzinc

    Mystichrome Seats Front and Back

    willing to ship?
  9. stripnzinc

    T 56 Transmission (19k miles)

    Thank you for a smooth transaction. Can’t wait to get it in.
  10. stripnzinc

    Needing a stock t56 cross member.

    Anyone has one for sale lmk. I need one. Thanks.
  11. stripnzinc

    T 56 Transmission (19k miles)

    I’ll take it pm me your number
  12. stripnzinc

    WTB: T56 Magnum 2.66/Bell/Driveshaft

    I’m interested if he passes. Pm me
  13. stripnzinc

    WTB 04 Mystic seats front back

    I'm looking to buy the front and back seats out of a 04 mystic..
  14. stripnzinc

    Shifter fork? Or. Lost 4th 5th and reverse. Help!

    I was driving normal in 5th gear low Rpms and my tranny popped out of 5th making a grinding noise. I tried to put back in 5th and nothing was there. Just sounds like a bunch of grinding noise in the tranny. I have 1st threw 4th but the rest will go into gear but nothing. I have a mgw orange...
  15. stripnzinc

    Posi eaton and dragon TB setup and more

    For sale: posi ported eaton, ported matched dragon oval throttle body and plenum. Also kenne bell boost a pump. 1300.00 shipped to Your door you pay paypal fees. Also not sure how many miles on the eaton I bought it off a member on here he had it on his cobra for a bit I never installed it...
  16. stripnzinc

    FS: OEM Cobra Tanks

    I have the original radiator overflow, intercooler res and power steering res off my 04 cobra i dont need anymore. you pay shipping and pp fees. rad overflow-60.00 intercooler res-60.00 power steering res-25.00
  17. stripnzinc

    FS: Texas Shelby 350 banner

    I have a new unused Texas shelby 350 banner for sale it is not the one in the pic but just like it. It measures i believe 8x4 so its pretty big. the banner is vinyl. asking 100 plus shipping and you cover pp fees.
  18. stripnzinc

    Fs: Anderson power pipe

    I have a used Anderson power pipe for a 05-09 mustang GT i dont need anymore. This is just the shorty power pipe. It does have a small hole at the bottom 90 that connects into the throttle body, it was a hole used for a nitrous inlet but can be easly plugged. Im asking 75 plus shipping to...
  19. stripnzinc

    FS: Dragon plenum

    I have a dragon plenum I no longer need got it here from a member who had it on a low mile cobra. Plenum comes with a remote IAC mount for the purpose to use with a stock tb I believe . I never mounted it. No gaskets included. Asking $100 u cover shipping and pp fees. If interested text me...
  20. stripnzinc

    WTT black METCO 2.7 pulley...

    WTT my black 2.7 metco supercharger pulley for a billet style 2.7 metco, if anyone has one or I would also be interested in buying a good used one.. LMk. PS my pulley is in excellent condition, PM me your number and ill text a pic of mine..
  21. stripnzinc

    WTT chrome 17x9 17x10.5 factory style rims

    Im looking to trade my perfect chrome factory style 17x9 front and 17x10.5s rear for any color 17x9 17x10.5 fr500s. I cant text pics or email anyone interested in a trade..