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  1. Black Chip

    First time overheating

    Just getting back to SVT, searching threads and looking for help. I never had any cooling issues. Have had my current setup since 2008. I was out this weekend. Car ran fine for a while. Then while under light acceleration the car stumbled. Sort of nosed over. I felt it but my wife thought I...
  2. Black Chip

    Been gone for a while............................

    Glad to see the SVT community is still alive and well! Used to hang here all the time in '03-'08 or so. Still have my black '03. Only 15,000 miles. Shameful I know. Trying to get out and drive more lately. *A friend just got an '03 Vert last year. Saw it yesterday. Really got the juices...
  3. Black Chip

    Mustang 50th Pics!!

    Finally got these up. Here is a link to all my pics from NC. I'm sure you will find a few you like. Shame it rained Fri. night and Sat. Click slide show and enjoy! Even a special appearance by Edsel Ford the 2nd. haha Actually heard him say...."I didn't realize they made Cobra Jets back...
  4. Black Chip

    Cruises to the 50th in NC?

    I know the big Pony Drives are leaving from Norman, OK. To NC and LV Anything organized leaving from our area to NC? Not a member of the First State Club yet but on their site is a mention of it. Going to try and make it. ******************Join us Tuesday March 4th at the Lone Star...
  5. Black Chip

    50th Anniversary Thread

    Who's going? Think a caravan is in order. MAA 50th Anniversary Drive Announced! 50th Anniv. @ Charlotte - Coastal Carolina Mustang Club Should be a great one!!
  6. Black Chip

    Palo Marga Dragway Aruba

    I thought it would be cool to post a couple "unique" pics from there. (Forgot about YouTube) Not too hard to get pics or vid anymore. Oh well, here's a couple. It was closed too. (Couldn't run the jeep lol) BUT if you need directions I'm the man. lol Google maps prob won't help with that...
  7. Black Chip

    Porsche in concrete

    Didn't see this posted yet?? LMFAO!!!!! Porsche 911 driver drives straight into wet concrete in San Francisco [pics] @
  8. Black Chip

    Evan Smith Spectre 341 Hill Climb

    Saw an old post from the 341 on here. Let's see it done in a GT500! By the man himself. The full article is in this month's MM&FF. There was a couple guardrails! lol Mustang & Ford Videos & Video Clips - Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords Magazine Sorry!! ^^^^ got the direct link now. :bash:
  9. Black Chip

    Quick Festival report

    Was steered this way from another forum. Just got back from the Wildwood Irish Festival yesterday!:beer: Much Murphy's, Guinness and CarBombs were consumed! Celtic lemonade for the ladies. No arrests although we did have about 7 officers greet us as we were "asked" to exit one of the...
  10. Black Chip

    Wasted a ricer

    Ha!!! Not what you thought????? Coming home in my truck..'05 F150 5.4 and toying with some guy. (12 AM east coast time) Wish I had the '03. And b4 you judge only 1 street race in my Cobra. Happily. (in 8 yrs.) And this was the first in my truck. He asked for it. lol Many in my 5.0 but...
  11. Black Chip

    Who's going to W. Wood this month??

    The show during the Irish Festival this month is always good. Sept. 23-26th. Plenty of tire left and the line lock is ready!! Watch out for the black '03 laying it down at Tucker's!!!!! Sat. afternoon!! Lol
  12. Black Chip

    Should I stay away from Smack Down??

    I have been a member for a long time. In the past months I have gotten sucked in to Smack Down. (Political Section) I never really paid it much attention before..... I haven't posted about anything car related in a looong time! I am an original '03 Cobra owner who was originally drawn to...
  13. Black Chip

    Wishful thinking lol(Stunning Launch!)

    Wished my Termi hooked and booked like this!!!!!!!! 0-128mph in 3.5 seconds!!!! I know I was a little late to get to this ride but...........DAMN it was awesome!! kingda ka rollercoaster - Yahoo! Video Search
  14. Black Chip

    Air Conditioning question

    Compressor is cycling on and off. It won't take a charge. Read that you need to jumper on the the compressor harness to override safety cut out. (with high low gauges monitoring of course) My question is where to jumper. (between which pins on harness?) Can't seem to find this info in the...
  15. Black Chip

    Selling the Cobra lol

    Think I will get a boat. This East coast weather F'N Blowz!
  16. Black Chip

    Cecil Co. November 13th Don't miss it!!

    If you have only gone to the track on street/grudge nights or test and tune..... You are crazy if you don't make this event!!! Why pay $20 to run 3-5 times (or less depending on the crowds and breakdowns) This is a track rental. It's $50 per car. I usually run 10-15 times. You could run 30...
  17. Black Chip

    Maple Grove!!!!

    Friday!! I'm laid off so CAN'T miss it!! Good primer for Nov. Super Stangs at Cecil! Pits all day.............NICE!!
  18. Black Chip

    Line Lock

    Just finished installing my SLP Line Lock the other day. Sort of a PITA! Or should I say a pain in the hands. No fat dude is doing this install. LOL I had to bend a wrench or two to make it a little easier! Here is a pic of my spot for the switch. I fig. it was better than the console as...
  19. Black Chip

    Thomas Cheverolet Cruise Night

    Let's get some 'Stangs out. (rather be at Cecil but this is it for now)
  20. Black Chip

    Lighnting Truck Model

    I have a '94 Lighntning Truck Model 1/25 scale in Black I think. This is still in the box. I would like to send it to someone who will use it. This is my first post in this forum so I Know you have not seen me in here. I would ask that upon receiving the model that you PayPal me $5. I paid...
  21. Black Chip

    Funny BS'er

    Went to a local criuse night yesterday. Met a guy with a torch red termi. He proceeded to tell me he was pushing 918hp to the wheels!! Apparently he was clueless and should've stopped there. He gets the big number with a Stieg stage 3 ported Eaton.:lol: He then said he has a "Terminator"...
  22. Black Chip


    There has always been some debate on whether to mount a Nitto 315 DR tire on a stock rim. I did and I think they look great. I also remember somebody posting about contact patch. Well I noticed something when pulling in and out of my drywall dust in the garage. Here's the pics. 315's Out...
  23. Black Chip

    Kenne Bell CAI

    Here is a link to the part. Kenne Bell Cobra Cool Air Kit Like new. Paid about $160. Will sell for $75 shipped. PM for more info.
  24. Black Chip

    Back from the flames!!

    She's back from the flames!! It's been a long road since July. I would have loved to do the rebuild myself (motor not body..and we'd be driving electric cars by the time I finished) but, I wasn't letting anyone re-build the house that we had just finished ourselves. So my wife and I...
  25. Black Chip

    87-93 fox parts

    Please check out my Craigs list post. Good brake related parts. 87-93 Mustang Parts