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    F/S: Cobra grille emblem

    Had an extra one laying around asking $20 upon request.
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    F/S:MM Coil Over Kit

    Contemplating selling the kit alone, bought brand new back in June, assembled but never got around to installing. As yo can see they are for Bilstein struts and the spring rate is 325lb perfect for a street driven car....Asking $325 shipped.
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    F/S: 03-04 cobra rear bumper in San Antonio.

    unpainted, will need prepping, asking $300 OBO, local pick up for pics
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    Ported intake...Input please.

    Well my brother is porting an intake and i was just wondering if he and I can get some input , just want to know how its coming along and what you guys think.
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    Isolator/spring Question

    Hey guys quick question,Today i removed the Isolators from the front lowering springs, will the springs settle a little lower after time?
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    2 XBOX 360 Games

    Im selling Condemned:Criminal Origins & Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360 asking $85 Shipped.
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    Exhaust Break in...

    how long (or miles) does it take for your new exhaust to break in and begin to get louder?
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    F.S>BBK 62mm T.B.

    selling Twin Blade 62mm T.B., $150 Shipped.
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    Borla Stinger's / LM II's?

    Do the LM II's sound similar to the Stinger's? Im in a real bind right now and torn between the two.
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    Clips of LoudMouth's II???

    Anybody have any clips of LoudMouth's II ?!?!
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    Bassani SS/BX whats the diffrence?

    just wondering what the diffrence is between the 2 (sound/tone) i currently have Magnaflow, but its to quiet, thinking about this or Stingers, any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    03 cobra wing on 99 cobra???

    Hey guys quick question, will i have any issues bolting/wiring a 03 cobra wing on my 99?, if so what do i need to complete it?