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  1. SC_Terminator

    2015-2017 engine in 2011-2014 GT Questions

    Nope.... LOL... [email protected] told me only intake cams and I know the phasers are different... I double checked all the part numbers on the chain guides and they were identical.... side by side match up let me know the OFA on the 17 engine would fit in the 11-14 so no need to swap that.... running...
  2. SC_Terminator

    Fore L4 Triple Pump System Questions

    1. Should I set all the pumps to run all the time or set pumps 2 and 3 to run when boost is present. 2. What are you guys using to keep your Boost Reference Port on your Regulator from seeing vacuum? Thank you in advance
  3. SC_Terminator

    2015-2017 engine in 2011-2014 GT Questions

    Just in case anyone else was wondering..... You will need to swap the following: Intake cams All 4 phasers All 4 chains That is all.... :)
  4. SC_Terminator

    2015-2017 engine in 2011-2014 GT Questions

    Thank you very much...
  5. SC_Terminator

    2015-2017 engine in 2011-2014 GT Questions

    If this has been answered, I apologize... I searched and couldn't find any definite answers and the ones I did find were on the Aluminator (15+ based.... which I'm sure is the same). 1. What timing components need to be moved from the 2011-2014 to the new 2015-2017 Engine? Intake cam only, both...
  6. SC_Terminator

    FS: Practially new OEM Ford Torsen Unit....Less than 300 miles

    Broke the factory unit, and Ford replaced it with a brand new unit....This was removed and replaced with a clutch pack unit within 300 miles.....$500 OBO Shipped to Cont US.....The pics show a 3.73 ring gear on it, this DOES NOT COME WITH IT..... PM Me if interested
  7. SC_Terminator

    MT ET Street 305/35/19 ~200 Miles on them

  8. SC_Terminator

    WTB: Factory Rear Upper Control Arm and Mount

    Let me know what you have and how much shipped to 29501 Thank you
  9. SC_Terminator

    FS: ****NEW***** Beltronics Pro 300 Radar Detector

    Only unboxed for photo.....list for $300 at Crutchfield.... asking $150 shipped
  10. SC_Terminator

    FS: Practically new JMS BAP

    used ~1000 removed from car prior to trading for a 2015....this is the plug and play edition....not splicing required.....the adjustable hobbs switch is with it, but it is not in the is currently set at 3lbs boost Price Lowered $250 OBO
  11. SC_Terminator

    FS: Practically new Roush CAI for Supercharged 2011-2014

    FS: Practically new Roush CAI (SOLD) sold!!!!!!
  12. SC_Terminator

    FS: ID1000s

    FS: ID1000s (SOLD) sold!!!!!
  13. SC_Terminator

    In need of Low Mileage Non BAP Stock Fuel Pump Assembly

    Let me know what you have an how much you want for it shipped to 29501.... Thank you in advance!!!!
  14. SC_Terminator

    Quick clip of one of the Dragon runs

    It was my first time there and had been raining but still had a blast.....
  15. SC_Terminator

    Steeda Adjustable Upper arm $120 Shipped

    As the title says, $120 shipped
  16. SC_Terminator

    I am trying to gather up all the Stock Exhaust and Suspension Parts....Can you help?

    I bought a used Boss from a dealer that came with aftermarket exhaust and rear suspension (See Signature)....I am trying to gather up all the stock stuff to either put back on there or to have just in case.....but, I have a few questions....if you can answer one or all of them, please let me...
  17. SC_Terminator

    WTB Stock Boss Exhaust Components

    I would like to purchase stock Boss headers, cats, h-pipe, side pipes, and axle backs..... Let me know what you have and how much shipped to 29501 Thanks
  18. SC_Terminator

    Is this the same on the GT and the Boss?

    Is the airbox circled in the pic, the same on the GT and the Boss? Also, I am sure I know the answer, but is the tube from the airbox to the throttle body the same? I have the one off my old 5.0, and wondering what parts I need to order to get the stock intake system back on the...
  19. SC_Terminator

    Some suspension I took off my 2013.....

    Here is what I have: Steeda Adjustable upper - $140 shipped BMR Lower Relocatoras (hammertone color) - Sold J&M Adjustable Panhard bar - $90 Shipped
  20. SC_Terminator

    WTB Stock 2012-2013 Boss air box and intake tube

    If anyone has one, what would be the cost shipped to 29501? Thank you
  21. SC_Terminator

    Anyone with a Whiteline upper Control arm, can you answer this????

    I bought a 2013 Boss and it had a Whiteline Upper Arm and Bracket on the back..... is this how the mount bolt should be? Drivers side: Passenger side:
  22. SC_Terminator

    Guess who got him a Boss........This Guy!!!!

    I am enjoying it right now.....still getting used to her :) :) :)
  23. SC_Terminator

    Parting out my Low 10 second Coyote.....Get it while it lasts!!!!!!

    I am returning my car to stock so I can trade it for a Boss..... Suspension parts will be listed once I get them off and see what the Boss has or needs..... Thank you Here is what I have for sale: JLT CAI for Roush Sold JMS Boost-A-Pump Sold ID1000s Sold Roush 82mm pulley Sold Metco 90mm Aux...