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  1. c6zhombre

    Local"ish" Texan Gets the "04sleeper Sauce"

    Nice, Kevin! He definitely needs to post a follow up vid after the E85 tune!
  2. c6zhombre

    Whats my chances of beating top hp cars of today.

    You have plenty left on the table hp/tq wise with just a pulley swap. I'm running a 2.3 gen2 with an RR 2.6 upper @ 22psi and make 714/680 on E85 However, it's pretty much impossible to dig launch on 305/35/18 R888s. Makes a fine roll racer tho! 3rd and 4th charge hard. But would take much more...
  3. c6zhombre

    what supercharger

    Either blower will work. Any of the 2.3 blowers will make 600 on pump 93 and 700+ on E85. Any of the blowers larger than 2.3 will make 750ish on E85. If you want over 800 capability on E85, stick with the 2.9 gen 4 crusher or 3.0 gen 5. Do a full return Fore system immediately Another piece of...
  4. c6zhombre

    what supercharger

    600 on a 2.3 blower pump gas will become very boring, very quickly. On paper, on a dynosheet…it sounds fantastic. In real world, it loses 60 hp and tq within 20 minutes of driving it and getting heat soaked after a blast. Why? Because the tune will rob you of timing as soon as IAT2 hits 100...
  5. c6zhombre

    what supercharger

    Besides availability of a pump in your area and increased fuel use (this is primarily when WOT....partial throttle is not much different consumption at all)....there are absolutely zero downsides to E85. E85 is in fact the bast safeguard against melting a piston that you could do for your cobra...
  6. c6zhombre

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Hmmm, that part number looks right, but that's quite a bit different looking than the one I bought many years back (2012). I bought it off amazon.
  7. c6zhombre

    Boost levels & times on a VMP 2.65

    Several that have this blower, we're heading to get track numbers....but no one ever reported back. Thats been years now. The vmp thread that was here in terminator talk never got updated with results.
  8. c6zhombre

    Advice on this 03

    X1,000,000 on the compression test. Also, we've seen odometers getting rolled your best due diligence on reported readings.
  9. c6zhombre

    96-98 cobra boosted 1/4 time

    It's been a long time...but my '98 cobra with a vortech s trim ran 11.79 at 120. This was in 1999. It had a stock pulley strim (9 psi), factory manifolds, catted magn X pipe, 4.10 gears, tires were 275/40/17 nitto 555r. Full weight. The LS1 was dominant during those pre-terminator days....but...
  10. c6zhombre

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Yes they do. Or they're supposed to. The other laugher was when they went to check my gas's a yellow E85 cap and the poor dude was seriously confused looking at it. He even called one of the other "techs" over...."these things were flex fuel?!?...had no idea" LOL
  11. c6zhombre

    3,700-Mile 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe on BAT

    It could be the color, too. I personally like it...but collectors that are considering one of these for top $$$ might not.
  12. c6zhombre

    wth is going on?

    This is so awesome to see these terminators really soaring now...much to the haters chagrin. I've read on here since 2008 these cars were going to plummet off the map "any day now".......wrong, consistently strong value thru the years and they're hitting it completely out of the park with things...
  13. c6zhombre

    Clean cobra for just less than $83k

    This is really insane now.....I have some serious thinking to do.
  14. c6zhombre

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Got her inspected.....year #10 now. As each year has gone by, less and less "techs" can drive a manual lol. "Sorry one here can drive a stick...we'll take your word for it on braking and such....we'll just hook it up to the computer". Breaks my heart, I tell ya.
  15. c6zhombre

    My old Mystichrome at a dealer with rolled back odometer

    So car dealers are scum bags?! Magical odometers dabbling in time travel? Shocker I tell ya. In other news, water is wet
  16. c6zhombre

    Has anyone ever had a weird engine rpm reading on the dyno ?

    The A/F spikes lean right at the start of the's going to be tune/fuel delivery issue. Log it to pin point further.
  17. c6zhombre

    Is my set up safe for the HP.

    On paper, it sounds like a relatively mild combo that should be "safe"....however, that means little for the track or even hard road miles. If the in tank pumps are original and 18 years old....who knows. You need a wideband and the ability to datalog for the tuner to review and verify fuel...
  18. c6zhombre

    New Cobra Owner need some advice.

    I'd be making a call to remax....and mayflower
  19. c6zhombre

    New Cobra Owner need some advice.

    My gen2 2.3 absolutely screams at 22psi, there's nothing quiet about it with the 2.6 upper pulley. So, over 700 wheel + scream = winning I think a lot of aftermarket blowers get labeled "quiet" because they're never spun up past 18psi (saddled by shitty pump gas). No matter what blower you...
  20. c6zhombre

    E85 conversion help

  21. c6zhombre

    2.65 TVS question

    The crusher is expensive.....but damn, the results between a standard inlet gen4 2.9 and a a crusher are pretty damn dramatic. Both HP and TQ jump exponentially. Traps speeds too. Many mph at the track.
  22. c6zhombre

    2.65 TVS question

    750 on pump gas sounds very high....but those Todd warren cams are very much a wild card. I've said since day one that the 2.65 came out it needed cams in the worst way....and would probably really shine if the correct combo was unlocked. It never looked well suited for the factory terminator...
  23. c6zhombre

    CAI for stock blower

    I was hesitant to post what I did.....because I know conventional wisdom would say "this is a no it up!"....but suffice to say, it is what it is. With a 2.3 whipple spinning 22psi, a jlt CAI and RAI were fitted on this car at one point, and made about a 1 hp...
  24. c6zhombre

    CAI for stock blower

    I have an Amsoil blue open ended, no-oil, filter on the end of the factory inlet tube. Gen 2 2.3 spinning 22psi. The car makes 714/680. So yes, it can be done.
  25. c6zhombre

    E85 life span?

    It's not a linear relationship between let's say E85 or E50....E50, even as low as that sounds.....has 90% of the detonation suppression that 85% has. E50 will still allow elevated boost and timing levels and will kick the living shit out of E10 93 gas capability. The issue that can be argued...