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  1. SHOdown220

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    did this 3 weeks ago when my 2nd was born. Granted I waited until after the baby showed up. Life hack, hospital ERs are mobile hotspots for dominos.
  2. SHOdown220

    Ford Rolls Out 'Very Gay' Truck in Response to Homophobic Troll

    If Ford would focus on bringing the US market cool shit like the ranger raptor or new focus/fiesta ST instead of appeasing to whatever “oppressed” group is popular this month and how “woke” their company is, they would get a lot more respect.
  3. SHOdown220

    How did I miss that a new Motorola Razr was released?

    This guy knows whats up. We had one of those when I was a kid, we had 1 that dad took to work (truck driver) but nobody else in the family had a phone. We had pagers lmao
  4. SHOdown220

    How did I miss that a new Motorola Razr was released?

    It was a super neat concept but I heard many issues with them and the screen and/or folding mechanism. I think the biggest thing however was nobody wanted to pay more money for a motorola than a flagship iphone or galaxy.
  5. SHOdown220

    Mid-size trucks

    I have been mostly looking at Rangers, namely the xlt fx4 or tremor package. I have considered the ridgeline, I work for Honda so it would be the easiest choice for maintenance or repairs and I know if I had an issue I would pretty know immediately what it was. They have been very reliable in my...
  6. SHOdown220

    Mid-size trucks

    I didn’t take into account the safety improvement stepping up to full size so thanks for that point. I did briefly consider a ram 2500 my buddy works for a local dealer that’s been order tradesmen trims in crew cab 4x4 with a couple options and selling them discounted for 41k. I can’t even find...
  7. SHOdown220

    Mid-size trucks

    I have been looking at the Tacoma’s, something about Toyota interiors bores me to death but I’m still keeping it in the running because I know they are great trucks. Have been looking at the ranger tremor too, wish there was a raptor version. yeah the plan is to wait until the market chills...
  8. SHOdown220

    Mid-size trucks

    After buying our first home I am seeing more and more that I need a pickup truck. Would rather something new or slightly used. I have always just considered the full size truck market but I'm considering a midsize option. Needs to be crew cab to hold my family with 2 kids in car seats Needs to...
  9. SHOdown220

    Obviously I'm a jerk

    What can I say, honda is proud of their shit. That’s HPFP, fuel joint pipe and 4.4hrs labor.
  10. SHOdown220

    Obviously I'm a jerk

    The automotive industry is something else, I had a customer yesterday bring his vehicle to me on a tow truck for a no start issue. Turned out the high pressure fuel pump had failed and needed replacement. I checked for one of our extended warranties as always only to find out he purchased one at...
  11. SHOdown220

    Sold our home!

    Wow that's awesome. We just bought our first home and picked the wrong time to do it obviously. We really lucked out on our place, it's a new build on a decent plot right where we wanted out in the country and I feel like we paid a fair price for it as well as a great interest rate. We weren't...
  12. SHOdown220

    Any Harley owners out there?

    Had the chance to buy a new one of these for 2500 under sticker back in 17 when the 18s rolled out. Wasn't in the market so I passed, wish I would have traded mine. These are selling for over new MSRP in a lot of markets now.
  13. SHOdown220

    Any Harley owners out there?

    Agreed. That one will have the 103 6-speed, I don't remember if 15 or 16 was the year they switched to the 103HO which wasn't much of a difference other than a slight cam change IIRC. Other than a couple very minor easily fixed for next to nothing problems mine has fantastic and never left me...
  14. SHOdown220

    Any Harley owners out there?

    Being the owner of a 2014 Low Rider I'm happy to answer any questions you have about that model in particular. The dyna glide section on hdforums has been super helpful for me. You can't go wrong with a dyna, especially one of the later ones. Coming from a guy who used to trade bikes once a year...
  15. SHOdown220

    Any Harley owners out there?

    Yeah I won't argue there a lot of repetitive posts there, and the worst is old thread bumps. If you continue to scroll at the end of a thread it will roll right into a "related thread" and people will comment on that 10 year thread, bumping it to the top and others don't check the thread dates...
  16. SHOdown220

    Any Harley owners out there?

    Demoed one of those back in may, doesn't look, feel or sound like a Harley, but that's ok. It's not the type of bike I ride but I can still appreciate the adventure bike segment. That motor pulls like hell and the tech in the bike is really cool. I especially appreciate the adaptive ride height...
  17. SHOdown220

    Any Harley owners out there? is the forum I frequent, lots of good information and conversation over there, and some b.s. just like here lol. something in particular you’re wondering about or just looking for a site full of info?
  18. SHOdown220

    Getting Lost, West Virginia Peeps

    Make your way down to the blue ridge parkway in VA and ride it all the way to western NC. Might need more time though but well worth it
  19. SHOdown220

    Alert 360 Home Security Users Come On In

    For anyone wanting something cheap and effective with no contracts look up the wyze cameras on amazon. They are surprisingly good, I think we got 2 cameras for like $50. No contract fees, they back up something like 2 weeks worth of video, save video clips when motion is detected and send alert...
  20. SHOdown220

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    Yes, it had roughly 500 miles on it. To be fair I think it was a new advisor, and I should have questioned it and/or spoke with the service or sales manager. But I was so livid that he quoted me diag and told me it would take 3-4 days to look at that I told him never mind and stormed out...
  21. SHOdown220

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    I spotted a lot of fitment and alignment issues on my ST when it was new and the dealer wanted $120 to "diag" each issue when I brought it back. I left the service department before I showed my ass to the advisor and didn't even want to deal with sales at that point so I just let it be...
  22. SHOdown220

    Sold my FiST and bought a Tesla Model 3 LR :)

    Guy at work has one in that same blue and I have to say I really love the color. I've pondered the idea of getting one, after my move next week my commute will be 84 miles round trip and we have a charging station here at work I could use while I work. My ST will be traded for a truck but maybe...
  23. SHOdown220

    The Taurus SHO is the fastest, most expensive Ford sedan

    I miss mine, me and buddy both had 94 models, mine blue and his white with the white slicer wheels
  24. SHOdown220

    Franchised Dealers Will Outperform Direct Sales to Consumers

    This is a good point, and yes it's more specific to US makes unfortunately. I have dealt with probably 5 different ford dealers and got a completely different experience each time. I even went to work for one and found out the hard way they didn't have their shit together at all. As a customer...