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  1. moot09

    For Sale: 800cc (80lb/hr) Deatschwerks Fuel Inejectors

    For sale is a set of 8, 800cc fuel injectors made by Deatschwerks. They are essentially brand new in their box that had only been opened to inspect the injectors upon receiving them. The injectors themselves are still in their plastic packaging. The only reason I am selling is because I no...
  2. moot09

    Whipple 2.3L For Sale, 0 Miles, Still in Box!

    Hello all, I am selling my Whipple 2.3L that, like the title says, has 0 miles on it. It was never even installed and still has all the protective inlet taping that it comes with from Whipple. It will come with all the mounting hardware, blower oil and the "stock" 3.5 inch pulley that I believe...
  3. moot09

    Lots of Cobra Parts for Sale! Injectors, SCT MAF and More

    Well the time has come to part ways with what I have left from my Cobra. I was involved in a pretty nasty hydroplaning accident back in March (Friday the 13th ironically) and thought that I would soon get back into another Cobra but I have since decided to head back to school so it is time to...
  4. moot09

    99-04 Amber Tails Wiring Help

    Hey guys, I purchased a set of amber tails off of a member here and they look great but I have ran into a slight problem with them. In pretty much all of the write ups I have seen, their harnesses have had an extra (usually green) wire that is used to splice into the third break light harness...
  5. moot09

    WTB: 99-01 Amber Tailights

    Just as the title says, I have been on the hunt for a set of used ones in decent shape for a while now with no luck. So you are looking to get rid of yours or know of set for sale, please let me know!
  6. moot09

    MMD Hood Strut Install Issues

    Hey guys, I just installed my new MMD hood struts just a little bit ago... Seemed like a pretty straight forward install until I went to shut my hood. The struts themselves aren't allowing the hood to all. With the hood in the down position, the struts sit in the fender valley(?) on...
  7. moot09

    Quick fun run with a fullt bolt-on E46 M3 and my pullied Cobra

    I had been really wanting to hear what my car sounded like under WOT after my build had finished an opportunity arose when my brother (M3) and a friend (Camaro you see in the very beginning) were on a small cruise around town. They both started in 2nd while I started it 3rd and...
  8. moot09

    Recent Photoshoot: SB Cobra and Friends

    A few local forum members and my self got together for a quick photoshoot about a week ago. We found a nice casino parking garage with ok scenery. Security even stopped by to give us a thumbs up:rockon: Thanks for looking! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10...
  9. moot09

    Quick Dyno Video+Fly-By

    Hey guys, been ages since I've posted anything. Just a little update on whats gone on with the Cobra: She went down for a basic rebuild around the end of last year and was completed about the beginning of summer of this year. It entailed of a set of .20 over Diamond pistons (video says .30...
  10. moot09

    Problems with RST

    Hey guys, I recently installed a used (~1,000 miles, have pics to verify mileage)McLeod RST with a replacement steel flywheel from McLeod as well. I also have an MM firewall adjuster, MM quadrant and an adjustable pivot ball. During the install I ran into an issue that from what I have...
  11. moot09

    Quick pull with the new motor.

    Finally got to put some real miles on the car tonight. The weather here has been killing me so it's only seen about 30 miles before tonight in which I put about another 50-60. Got a good couple 3rd gear pulls and was lucky enough my brother recorded one of them with his Iphone. Can't even...
  12. moot09

    Mcleod RST Install Q's

    I am in the middle of installing my McLeod RST. Though I am stuck in the pivot ball adjustment stage. From the threads I've read, the norm for pivot ball height is ~-4-5mm under the stock height. I was also told the fork dampener must be removed in order to get the proper adjustment. Could...
  13. moot09

    Anyone into Sim-Racing?

    I recently picked up my first good wheel from Fanatec over Christmas. I skimped on the CSR Elite and just got the CSR, but still does an awesome job! I've been playing the crap out of Forza to get the feel of the wheel but am getting a little tired of the realism difference from a real sim i.e...
  14. moot09

    Replacing Power Steering Lines?

    I'm in the middle of putting my engine bay back together and have been fighting my power steering lines for the past couple of days. I have the two lines going to the brake booster connected but the two that go to the steering rack are just not working with me whatsoever. So I got to...
  15. moot09

    Sounds difference between MAC and Kooks?

    To start, I am looking for a particular sound once my build is complete. No cams or anything outrageous but I have a set of 1 5/8 LTs from MAC. I love the sound of Magnaflows with an o/r x and LTs but every car I've heard with that setup is running Kooks. So is there any sort of a sound...
  16. moot09

    Pissed of Cobra

    KhqkvsAxIzE&feature Kooks LTs, catted X and Magnaflow catback. Best sounding exhaust setup at WOT in my opinion. Edit- Pissed OFF Cobra lol
  17. moot09

    Fs: Sct BA2600 90mm MAF

    I have a lightly used SCT BA2600 in the aluminum housing for sale. I bought it lightly used and then never installed it. Selling to free up a bit of cash. Asking $215 shipped. Thanks, Wes
  18. moot09

    Slightly used RST, new McLeod FW...Need balancing?

    As the title states, I recently purchased a slightly used (-1200miles) McLeod RST and a new McLeod steel flywheel. I was wondering if I have to get them balanced together. From what I have read searching, some state that they just threw their new clutch and flywheel (different brands) on...
  19. moot09

    Thanks Lethal!

    Thanks for the fast shipping on the clutch parts! Retainer sleeve even came in on time though it was on back order. Once again, a very happy customer:rockon:
  20. moot09

    Post Your In-Car Videos

    Was bored and thought this would be a cool idea. Whether its a quick WOT run, race or at the them up! Here is what I have of my car. Only on 10lbs at this point. FpPEL-iw-7w
  21. moot09

    Post Your In-Car Videos

    Was bored and thought this would be a cool thread. Whether it's just a WOT blast, race or at the them up! Only one I have of my car. Was on 10lbs+bolt ons. FpPEL-iw-7w
  22. moot09

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I love how the seatbelt takes a right turn around her mountains of joy:rockon: