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  1. mustangsvtblack

    WTT for GT500

    This may be a long shot, but I'm looking to trade my 2010 Camaro for a GT500. I have title in hand and the car has 7200 miles in it. I have it for sale on another site but the market is pretty tough right now, so figured I'd give this a shot. Here is a link to my add, all mod info is...
  2. mustangsvtblack

    2 stock cobra rims

    i have two stock 03 cobra wheels that have the silver inserts for sale. Both are in excelent shape. $100 plus actual shipping takes them. PM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] is interested. i'll have pics up soon
  3. mustangsvtblack

    MG 03 For sale

    Here is the original post but i have some new pics to add Pics as it sits with the 10.5s and M/T 315s
  4. mustangsvtblack

    Mineral Grey 03 FS

  5. mustangsvtblack

    6lb. lower and 3.1 upper?

    i anyone running this combo on an unported eaton and if so what kind of power should it make?
  6. mustangsvtblack

    stage 3 cam question

    i have a 03 cobra with a 6lb lower, CAI, o/r bassani x pipe and catback, and a dyno tune. i want to get stage 3 cams put in it and i was wondering what all i would need to purchase to make it all work. I know i will definately need a new tune but i just want to make sure i get everything needed.
  7. mustangsvtblack

    03 cobra running rough

    hey everyone i have a cobra with a 6lb lower, CAI, full exhaust, and has been tuned and dynoed 450/450 at the rear wheels. Lately it has been running a little rough like its missing. it does it at 1500-2200 rpms when im just cruising in traffic. when i floor it it goes away and runs like...
  8. mustangsvtblack

    lets see some FR500 pics

    thinkin about gettin some hypercoated FR500s so lets see all your FR500 pics
  9. mustangsvtblack

    Getting An Alignment

    i will finally be aligning the cobra this week after lowering it. What are some good specs to go by mainly for tire ware? Factory specs or something different? Ive heard set the rear camber to 0 which i know isnt factory. Any thoughts on this?
  10. mustangsvtblack

    98 cobra sub frame install?

    i have a friend with a 98 cobra he just bought mm subframe connectors and he was wondering what all it takes to install them. anyone do these before?
  11. mustangsvtblack

    Kenne Bell upgrade!!

    i am kicking around either porting and adding an upper to my 6lb. lower OR Just gettin with it an going the Kenne Bell route. The question is how much will it cost start to finish to do this including supporting mods. any help would be great. Mods to date. amazon racing cai, 6lb...
  12. mustangsvtblack

    Pully upgrading question

    i have a 6 lb lower, cold air, o/r bassani x pipe and catback, and a dyno tune. the car dynoed at 442 rwhp and 451 rwtq. What could i do to raise the numbers without having to port the blower?
  13. mustangsvtblack

    Camber Bolts

    i just cut my springs this weekend and was wondering if anyone who has lowerd their cobra has had it realigned useing camber bolts?
  14. mustangsvtblack

    cut my springs today-heres the results

    Well after alot of research i decided to cut my springs, i went with 3/4 coil in front and 7/8 coil in rear. The whole job from start to finish took 2 1/2 hours, was one of the easiest things ive ever done. Heres some pics. BEFORE AFTER DURING
  15. mustangsvtblack

    which end of spring to cut????

    im cutting my springs tommorro and i want to make sure im cutting the right end of the springs. Which end do you cut on the front springs and which end on the rears?
  16. mustangsvtblack

    Personalized Plate

    i need help with an idea here in nebraska we get 7 characters. Lets here what ya got
  17. mustangsvtblack


    does the web site have an official sticker a guy can put on his car to advertise? I would be more than happy to display the best svt site there is
  18. mustangsvtblack

    Need Help With Springs!!

    i am cutting my stock springs on my 03 and i need to know how much to cut and also what end of the springs do you cut? IF you have pics of your cut sping setup it would be helpful, thanks.
  19. mustangsvtblack

    Lowering The 03 Cobra

    im am planning on lowering my 03 cobra and was wondering what everyones take on it was. I was thinking about cutting 1 coil off all around, but if it sounds like it would be better to get springs i may. Let me know!!!
  20. mustangsvtblack

    WTB lowering springs for 03 cobra

    im looking for a set of lowerings springs for my 03 pm me with any
  21. mustangsvtblack

    1/4 mile times

    what kind of times should i expect to run with my 03 cobra I have a 6lb lower dyno tuned at 450/450, full bassani exhaust with o/r x, cold air, steeda tri-ax, and m/t et drag radials.
  22. mustangsvtblack

    Steeda Tri-ax

    i just picked up a tri ax any opinions ? good or bad?
  23. mustangsvtblack

    Stiff trans.

    anyone have troubles getting their 03 or 04 cobra into first and reverse. More so when it is cold.
  24. mustangsvtblack

    NEW TOY- Mineral grey 03 TERMI

    just bought a mineral grey 03 with 4163 miles on it got a great deal for 26000 it has a 6 lb lower, full bassani exhaust with o/r pipe, cold air, and M/T drag radials on it. It dynoed 448hp and 451 ft/lbs to the wheels.
  25. mustangsvtblack

    READY TO BUY 03 Cobra around Nebraska

    I just sold my 99 and am looking to buy an 03 or 04 cobra. I am looking to spend around 25 or 26k but please post all price ranges. Any color bought one already but thanks anyway