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  1. GOTSVT?

    Sold the Porsche and bought a . . . . .Italian

    The 992 Turbo S was a superstar, would destroy virtually any car on the street, even the track. However, was just not making an emotional connection with the car. Trying a new brand, with a little more theatrics and drama. Back to the NA motors I go. 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO
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    Tinted, and ready to roll Turbo S

    This car is on another level!
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    Goodbye SRT, Hello ...... Turbo S

    Was time for a big change. I remember being a young kid living in Germany seeing these on the road with the massive whale tale, dreaming of someday owning one. Someday is now almost 40yrs later. 2021 Porsche 992 911 Turbo S, is now a reality. In gorgeous Dolomite Silver Metallic. The color has...
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    Let the recalls begin!

    What is going on at Ford? Just got a "possible brake pedal fracture" for the Shelby. My new F350 platinum diesel needs a fuel rail replaced. I just went through months of BS having to lemon the wifes new Edge ST.
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    Had a "light wrap" done to the trackhawk

    If you know......
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    My initial 120 mile review

    Got some good seat time today and thought I would share my thoughts so far. PER the owners manual, I adhered to the "100 mile break in" I fumbled around with buttons on the steering wheel trying to make screen adjustments. Didn't even notice the cobra head on the right side of the steering...
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    2 Shelbys are better than one

    Always a treat to link up with another SVTP member @DAVESVT2000
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    Does this make my butt look big?

    Had the handling pack pieces installed, and damn do I love that added lip on the wing!
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    Perhaps the 11 month wait was worth it? NEW GT500

    More to come.......
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    It showed up after hours!
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    Break in?

    With my car in transit, I am curious to know if Ford recommends a break in period. Also, do any features unlock after xxxx amount of miles? The car season is going to be over sooner than later, at least here in NE
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    Remember the GMC Syclone

    Well now you can have one
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    Another Dragstrip closes ATCO

    First Etown, and now ATCO, to be turned to storage units and 18 acres to be reforest. That was a great track, and ran my first 9.x there. Which east coast track is next!?
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    Some positive news

    Im sure no one will be talking about this Breaking: French Spec Ops kill the head of al-Qaeda in Mali & capture ISIS Leader
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    Anyone into this? Dr Greer does make some interesting points.
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    The SRT TH got a bath

    60 degrees, it had to be done to keep my sanity. Lots of New Englanders "cleaning out their exhaust" today.
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    Anyone looking for a NEW 1993 Cobra?

    TITLE SHOULD READ 1993 , NOT 2003 He has been posting some new SVT vehicles every few weeks. Guessing its coming out of a private collection. Check out his Lightning for sale too...
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    The constant whistle

    My new 2020 Raptor has a whistling sound whenever it’s driven. Any thoughts before it goes back to the dealer ?
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    Time to pull the plug

    Still no vin after 7 months. No desire to receive a car halfway through the season. will be cancelling my order next week. At this point I’ll probably wait until 2021. Not sure what’s going on with Ford lately.
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    For all the Eagles fans....Demon too...

    Used 2018 Carson Wentz Challenger SRT Demon For Sale | Philadelphia PA
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    Lost an idol today

    Im shocked, and sad. Neil Peart, Rush Drummer, Dies at 67
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    Changed my order today

    Called FP to confirm car was not built, was not so went and had dealer make 2 changes to my car. 1) Added the carbon fiber interior package (after seeing the video from Goose17) 2) Changed the car color from magnetic to oxford white. car will have black stripes and black painted roof. Something...
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    Bought another Ford Performance Vehicle

    I just can't stay away, and the color (Leadfoot) had me! This will be my 4th Raptor to date (2012/2014/2017) Because I no longer need a diesel for heavy duty tow work, I decided to go back to a Raptor. Probably THE best riding vehicle all around!
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    First stock customer owned demon to beat Dodges 9.65

    I’ll leave this here Stock power, stock weight Demon beats Dodge’s 9.65