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  1. Swannyvill


    I am looking to get the oil breathers set up. Just wondering anyone else has done this on and if they just blocked off the 2 pcv vents and just used the oil breathers oil cap. I was planning on getting the one that includes the catch can since i am FI. If i were to block off those ports what are...
  2. Swannyvill

    ngk plug part number

    I have a different set of heads on my 01 now with the short spark plug threads. does anyone know the part number for the NGK TR6 plugs that would have a short thread? Also with my old heads i believe my plug gap was .032". Should I still run .032" with boost between 15-18# on these ? Thanks
  3. Swannyvill

    Metal fuel retainer ?

    ImI trying to find a part number for the metal fuel line retainer inside of the fuel hose from the tank hat to the hose going to filter. Any help appreciated.
  4. Swannyvill

    03 cobra fuel pumps

    Hey, Looking for 03 cobra fuel pumps. how much for both? do they come separate or together with the fuel line on? thanks
  5. Swannyvill

    2001 cobra no start after install.

    Finished install and cranks but no start. Has spark, 40psi fuel on the rail. No faults showing. When pulling plug to check for spark they were dry. So appears to be no fuel being injected. Injectors have power. What else should I be looking at? Oil pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor. What...
  6. Swannyvill

    In tank fuel line

    Anyone know where to find replacement fuel line that's on the pumps? or a part number?
  7. Swannyvill

    Valve cover oil trays

    Has anyone left out the oil drain trays in the valve covers?
  8. Swannyvill

    timing tensioner options

    Anyone with experience have opinions on the after market secondary tensioners, secondary chains from MmR, accufab? Or if there are any others. Quality,failure rate, ECT.
  9. Swannyvill

    head gasket thickness

    Buying used heads that were machined .030" my question is will a stock thickness gasket still be okay or will i need thicker ones. If so does anyone know if i would need a .030" one or what. Also where to get it. Thanks
  10. Swannyvill

    head parts

    Is there a rebuild kit for heads? Valve seals, lifters, rockers, guides? Or prices on the 32 piece sets. Valves and keepers too. Thanks 2001 cobra 4v
  11. Swannyvill

    Vender quality

    Has anyone bought from a company called Preferred components inc? I was checking out a timing chain set (new) on ebay from PCI. Looks legit just wondered if anyone has used them and the quailty of parts and if they were happy with parts.
  12. Swannyvill

    parts prices please.

    Hello, I was wondering if I can get prices on the following for: 2001 Cobra w/ teksid block. oil pump timeing set complete Gasket set water pump Crank Pulley
  13. Swannyvill

    Fs: 24lb fuel injectors 01' cobra

    LOW MILES. 37K. $130 shipped.
  14. Swannyvill

    FS: procharger accessories

    *3.85 pulley from p1sc *procharger intake (unused w/hardware) *procharger surge valve *surge valve rubber tubing shoot me a price.
  15. Swannyvill

    header gaskets

    Hey just seeing whats the best header gasket people are using with aluminum blocks.
  16. Swannyvill

    WTB 03/04 fuel Tank and pumps

    Just as the title says. Looking for Fuel tank and gt pumps
  17. Swannyvill


    anyone heard of the differences between the teksid blocks (98mark 8) vs a teksid "performance" block (99+). I see the older one has the seperate jack screws and side bolts but I was curious on why they call the new style romeo a performance block.
  18. Swannyvill

    wts: stock driveshaft 01 cobra

    selling my stock driveshaft out of an 01 cobra w/ 3650 trans. shoot me an offer
  19. Swannyvill

    wts: stock springs 01 cobra

    Looking to sell stock springs from my 01 cobra. had 41k before being removed for aftermarket ones. shoot me an offer.
  20. Swannyvill

    BBK X and H Pipes FS

    shorty BBK catted x-pipe used 3 month - $330shipped. like new still sitting in box. if interested pm me and I will send you a pic.
  21. Swannyvill

    WTB Teksid block near Charlotte NC

    Looking to buy a teksid block near Charlotte nc , I am willing to drive a fair distance. Would like something with fairly low miles.
  22. Swannyvill

    lincoln mark 8 block info.

    I have found out there is no saving my block with out resleaving. I figure it would just be cheaper to find another block. Been searching and searching on the lincoln mark 8 swap and would like to hear from someone that has done it. I have been seeing things like 93-95 lincolns have different...
  23. Swannyvill

    bore question

    whats the most people go out on the bore and still be FI? I have a teksid block and need to determine to go bigger or another block. Also anyone ever heard of someone resleaving the bore? what kinda price is it? thanks for any help.
  24. Swannyvill

    wtb procharger parts

    Lookin to buy procharger bracket for p1sc to fit a 4v and coolant crossover to fit 01 cobra.
  25. Swannyvill

    FRPP stingers axle back

    Ford racing stingers. Gt/gt500. $400 SHIPPED. Or pick up. Pm with email for pics.