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  1. Tuffnuts23

    Vct not functioning after boss exhaust cam install

    Here's a run down of what I got going on. I have a sleeved short block from a builder that has alot of duds out there. During the long block build up in threw a set of boss exhaust cams in. From the first startup I threw a p0017 for bank 1 exhaust cam position. I was very sure I had the...
  2. Tuffnuts23

    Burnt up cooling fan plug

    Fans won't come on, so I checked the plug. 2 of the pins are scorched. Of course this part isn't in stock at any auto parts store, is there another option? Resistor from a different year work?
  3. Tuffnuts23

    Questions for those of you that use the eboost2

    I want to set it up with two boost groups. Boost group 1, I want to run at 8psi. Boost group 2, I want to run at 11.5psi. I have been dicking around in the menu for awhile and I have it set to externally switch to boost group 2. I'm going to mount a momentary switch somewhere and use that to...
  4. Tuffnuts23

    Wiring a wot box to an auto with a trans brake

    My MSD unit killed itself, and I don't have time to wait for the warranty process to get another one. I had my two step and transbrake wired to the same momentary swtich which provides a ground. What would be the correct way to do the same with the wot box? I know I'll have to get into the...
  5. Tuffnuts23

    Terrible noise coming from trans area

    Well, my personal best pass was a short lived celebration. I stabbed the throttle on the freeway to get around some slower traffic, and the car felt great as usual. But as I'm slowing up the exit ramp, I hear a a terrible tapping sound coming from the transmission area. At first I thought it...
  6. Tuffnuts23

    New PB on3 kit

    Made some real progress today at the track! Chris Holmes worked with me all day to dial this baby in. Pass, datalog, revision until we ended up with this and I was politely asked to load my shit up and leave.
  7. Tuffnuts23

    Auto Meter Electronic Nitrous Guage

    Gauge comes with sensor, harness, and bottle adapter. $150 shipped.
  8. Tuffnuts23

    Bang for buck weight reduction

    What have some of you done to shed some lbs? I have the car turned up as high as I'm comfortable going. The only way to go faster is to shed some pounds. I have a BMR K member, sway bar delete and radiator support.
  9. Tuffnuts23

    Suspension setup for hooking on asphalt

    My car sees much more street time than track, and after alot of trial and error, I'm still having a hard time getting it to dead hook on the launch. I'm running a 28x10.5 stiff sidewall hoosier with bias ply skinnies, BMR Relocation Brackets, BMR adjustable LCA's. Spraying 30ft with a...
  10. Tuffnuts23

    DSS driveshaft and LCA issue

    I put in a DSS driveshaft recently. In order to bring the driveshaft length into spec, I had to shorten my BMR LCA's to as short as possible. I don't have any vibration issues, but the car feels real sketchy on the top end. I made a few test passes on the street this weekend and I had to get...
  11. Tuffnuts23

    On3 kit burning oil after boost

    Just wondering if any of you guys with the On3 kit are having this issue. Car runs smooth and pulls hard. I've been doing alot of datalogging and after a 3rd gear WOT pull, I leave a nice size cloud of white smoke as soon as I get out of the throttle. It only lasts a few seconds, but you can...
  12. Tuffnuts23

    P0340 p0344

    I got to the point in my OPG/On3 install that I could fire up the car and cruise around. I'm throwing these codes. It looks like I may be a tooth or two off when I reinstalled my timing chains. I was 99% sure that I had it right. From these two codes, can I narrow down which side is not...
  13. Tuffnuts23

    Wiring fuel level sender into Fore fuel hat

    Anybody have a diagram of the fuel pump harness? I need to wire the sender back into the system but I'm not sure which two wires from the factory fuel pump connector are for the sender. Thanks
  14. Tuffnuts23

    WTB: Digital Boost Gauge

    Anyone have one laying around? Thx
  15. Tuffnuts23

    Plug gaps on boosted applications

    In the middle of an On3 build and was just wondering what you guys were gapping your plugs at. Will be running E85 and shouldn't see more than 10lbs of boost. Thanks
  16. Tuffnuts23

    Dip stick tube

    I got a bit aggressive with the left hand valve cover and broke the plastic dip stick tube. It's seriously about as strong as an uncooked spaghetti noodle. Anyone have the part number for a new one?
  17. Tuffnuts23

    Fs: Jl audio

    I pulled the stereo from my last car and decided not to get back into it with the new car. Some great stuff here, I'll make somebody a great deal on high end JL equipment 2 JL 10w6 subs 1000w monoblock 4 channel A4300 LCi2 line out converter Audiocontrol Xover Distribution blocks
  18. Tuffnuts23

    Pile-o-parts! Stock suspension

    I have got to make some room in the garage. Here is a pile of stock suspension parts. I'll ship pretty much everything besides the K member. Open to offers. Thanks Track Pack Struts Panhard Bar K Member Front Sway Bar w/ Links LCA's Front and Rear Springs Strut Tower Brace (not pictured...
  19. Tuffnuts23

    WTB: GT500 strut mounts

    Looking to save myself a few bucks. Anybody pick up a set and never use them. Part# M-18183-C Thanks
  20. Tuffnuts23

    Wix 6r80 filter kit

    My converter install got postponed, wife decided I had more important things to do this weekend. So I figured I might as well do a full fluid swap on the trans since I'm going to have the converter out. I picked up a dipstick from JPC, a shitload of Amsoil ATF, and a Wix filter kit. I...
  21. Tuffnuts23

    DIY stand alone fuel cell

    I have all the material I need to fab up a small 1 gal fuel cell. I'm just stuck on where to place it and what pump/regulator combo to go with. I was looking at the SAFE system from NX, but $750 for something I can do myself seems like a waste. I like that my setup is pretty much hidden right...
  22. Tuffnuts23

    New PB

    I just thought I would share. Car has headers, tune and a 125 shot.
  23. Tuffnuts23

    Is this the best I can expect on the stock converter? VID

    Doesn't really come out the hole until the kit comes on
  24. Tuffnuts23

    WTB: Air Compressor out of a track pack car

    Has anybody have one sitting in their garage collecting dust? PM me if you do, please. Thx
  25. Tuffnuts23

    Tick from left rear

    I have this extremely annoying tick coming from the left rear tire. It is relative to speed, the faster I move the quicker the tick. It's only there when I mount my slicks, 15x10 dark stars w/ 28" Hoosiers. I can't find anything rubbing, I did not have this problem with my previous car. Just...