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    Dec.31 ETA for my new DD

    Well now that I work at a Ford dealer, I'm constantly seeing the new offerings...and constantly having to reign myself in from going and picking up a new car. Two weeks back an orange ST3 rolled through, and was sold within 8 hours of it hitting the dealership...As soon as I set my eyes on it, I...
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    5k km 2008 GT500 blower (stock)

    Hey guys, I've come into a stock gt500 supercharger, off a car that was traded in at work. Looking to sell it for 400 bucks obo. It came off a gt500, that was traded in with only 10k kms on it. All the stock parts for the vehicle were brought in with it, and this is one of the left overs. Let...
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    Picked myself up a new(to me) car

    Hey all, I've been looking for a new car for a little while, just as something that's a little bigger and more family oriented for quite a little while now. I've now picked myself up a 2007 Volvo S80 V8 AWD that's pretty much loaded out - short of the Blindspot system, navigation, and adaptive...
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    FS: 2002 Mustang GT - Tork Tech

    Well the time has come that I need to get rid of my toy in order to work towards some new investment opportunities. The car is absolutely immaculate, and EXTREMELY well looked after. More pics posted in comment #19 Mods - Torktech supercharger kit, 10# of boost, made 354 RWHP and in the area of...
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    Tork Tech Blower - dyno numbers - Reviews

    Well, after a month the car is finally up and running fully! I had it to the dyno yesterday for a tune(VERY CONSERVATIVE) and made 375.5 rqtq and 354 rwhp on a Mustang dyno. For referance, a stock 03.04 cobra runs 310-315 on this dyno, and an intake, exhaust tune runs about 360-365. Average...
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    Arizona Registration

    Hey There, I have to register my dads car down in Phoenix for him while I'm down, and need to make sure everything is in line and what I expect when I get down there. I have the bill of sale, and currently have title with the bank. Now the question is, How do I go about registering the...
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    Ordered a Tork Tech Blower - Who else has one?

    i just ordered the Tork Tech kit for my 02 GT, and was curious to see who else has one, and their impressions. From all that I've read it's fairly impressive, but I'm intered in how the install was, and all those little details.
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    Few Pics From The Summer - Auto-x

    Well it's colder then hell up here right now, and my cars in storage, so I thought I'd throw a few pics up from this summer... Car's fairly stock, just a full bassani exhaust, with the headers, exhaust and catback, baer brakes, H&R Race Springs and Bilstien shocks/struts, intake and...
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    Phoenix AZ Trackday?

    Hey all, I'm from up in Alberta, but we have a place down in Phoenix. I was thinking that I'd take my car down there for the winter, seen as it would just sit in the garage here anyways. Is there any sort of open track events or good autox events around the phoenix area after november?
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    A Detail Some May Enjoy

    A Detail Some May Enjoy - 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom III Well this is a very different detail, probably one of the most rare ones i've ever done!! Anyways, here it is :) This car was originally repainted in 1977 in a resto back when it was originally brought to North America. The paint was...
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    Dyno Run 02 GT

    Well we had a club dyno day today, videos to come later, along with the graph. My 02 GT, with the True Cold Air JLT, and a Bassani exhaust made 239 whp and 265 wtq. Overall, I'm fairly happy given the day and the dyno(its a mustang dyno and is known to read nitoriously low). What do you guys...
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    Post Pics of Laser Red GTs!

    Hey all, I just bought an 02 GT in Laser Red, and am looking for some rim ideas. Throw up some of the pics please, I'm thinking chrome Bullitts or maybe anthracite with a chrome lip.