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  1. venomboysvt

    The Teal Terminator

    Ah man, thanks for the reply. It was looking sick :) Sent from my Moto Z (2) using the mobile app
  2. venomboysvt

    The Teal Terminator

    Still for grabs? I'll be back form this deployment roughly late august so I'm looking for another cobra or something in the league :)
  3. venomboysvt

    WTB Coyote/Termi or super built SN95

    Pics and price please Sent from my Moto Z (2) using the mobile app
  4. venomboysvt

    WTB Fox w/Coyote or Termi Swap

    Gents, Looking for a fox with a termi or coyote swap. At a deployment now and saving some cash. Shound be back late summer. Thanks brothers
  5. venomboysvt

    WTB Coyote/Termi or super built SN95

    Hi all, Just putting some feelers out.. looking for a termi/coyote swap or built SN95. At a deployment now and saving some cash. Shound be back late summer. Thanks all :)
  6. venomboysvt

    WTB Termi/Coyote Swapped Fox

    Gents, Looking for a fox with a termi or coyote swap. At a deployment now and saving some cash. Shound be back late summer. Thanks brothers
  7. venomboysvt

    Whipple Inlet for Dual Blade

    Hello all, I have a whipple inlet for a double blade TB. I'll go 125 shipped for it. Just shoot me a message. Thanks :)
  8. venomboysvt

    Stock Eaton 2.8 Pulley, Chrome single blade inlet

    Just did a Whipple swap. Want to sell stock Eaton unit, not sure what to ask for been estimating prices and all so gauging. I'll have to estimate shipping. Make an offer. 2.8 pulley and single blade inlet.
  9. venomboysvt

    Finally got the Whipple in.

    Finally got it it, lil 2.3 Whipple. Although shes not pusing as much as she should (560 rwhp) Dyno tech says just bring in the lower pully and it should unlock a lot more. Only boosting at 17, but still stoked really.
  10. venomboysvt

    Possibly looking for 295/35/18-315/35/18 around that range

    As it says, thinking of getting some wheels and looking into some rears as the site I'm looking at doesn't have the rears I like. Looking for the range about 30s-40s I think be ok. Used with good tread is fine too. Thanks guys in advance.
  11. venomboysvt

    Me Vs Gsxr?

    Was cruising back from Richmond on 95 and this yellow GSXR was cruising in front of me. He had on a bike club vest and fat rear tire, looks really nice. I figured why not, I'm bored on that ride, so I dropped it to 3rd and hit it, he followed. I saw that he tucked low on the bike and...
  12. venomboysvt

    Aftermarket Blower Intsall Experiances

    Hey guys, Well about to install the Whipple soon in the next few weeks. Seeing if any of you guys had any reliability issues and/or stuff blown afterwards/what to take care of more etc. I know our motors are made to take a pounding but hear a few stories of getting a knock or blowing stuff...
  13. venomboysvt

    WTB Seat Belt Holders

    WTB Seat Belt Head Rest Holders (Loops) Hey guys Looking for 03 at belt holders for both driver and passenger (The ones that sit on the headrest..Grey or Black). Figured it start here look for a deal. Thanks
  14. venomboysvt

    WTB Boost Guage

    Hey guys, Trying to get everything I need for this whipple install. Forgot to add in a boost guage. Let me know, thanks.
  15. venomboysvt

    WTB Wish List/Need a Few Parts to Intall Whipple 2.3

    Hi guys, Well picked up a 2.3 Whipple. Looking for a few things so I can get this project going. I have Paypal on standby if things are good. Here are the few things I'm looking for. Boost a pump 3.0 or 3.25 Whipple Pulley 2.3 Inlet for SBTB (If I cant find one I'll settle for a DBTB to...
  16. venomboysvt

    Ported Vs Other Blowers

    Hey guys, I'm getting mixed reviews from a lot of people about ported Eaton blowers. Just seeing a real option if on a budget etc. Is ported Eaton worth it? is the new stage 7/8 have good real results? or would lets say Whipple/KB/TVS be worth just saving for. Sorry been out of the game for a...
  17. venomboysvt

    Hit a Curb

    Hey guys, On Saturday I was leaving a store and messing with my radio, then i hit a curb. (It was a empty parking lot so i cut across and was going about 20mph). So I get out and my rims were dented as hell, so it looked ok to make it home. When i pull up to the driveway the tire was flat...
  18. venomboysvt

    Took a Gsx-r

    It was weird, me and my best friend was coming home after parting and we exit off the off ramp towards our home. A gsxr pull by reving as he passes (has to be a 600) so the light was red, then it turns green before I stop, so I gun it. Next thing you know the bike goes for it (hence he did...
  19. venomboysvt

    Check out the new ride

    Check out my new ride....I got it on Saturday, 05 R-6 RAVEN EDITION... I coulnt get off the bike since. Its too much fun. Still love my cobra though. [/URL][/IMG]
  20. venomboysvt

    Valve gasket leak

    Have any of you guys had a valve gasket leak. Mine came out of no where. I just had my LT headers put in, and a day later I saw a oil leak. I took it back and the guy,I though it was him, but it turns out that the valve gasket was leaking. I got the part from ford, and the guys said that they...
  21. venomboysvt

    F/S Pro 5.0 Short Shifter

    F/S Pro 5.0 Short Shifter...Came out of a 99 cobra with T-45. Will fit gt with T45. Got a differnt one, so this one has to go. $75 shipped.
  22. venomboysvt

    Those with hood pins

    got my cobra r hood on, and i need to put on some hood pins so i dont lose it. Where exatly are you suppose to drill the holes at. Also some pics, or measurements woul help.
  23. venomboysvt

    My 99 vs G35

    Well, I just got back from Iraq, so me and my friends decided to go out parting. We all meet up at one of my other buddies house to start off, and afterwards cruise to wherver we were going for the night. After that I left in my car and My friend John followed in his G35. As we were driving...
  24. venomboysvt

    01-03 rear bumper/ where to order from

    Do you guys know a good place to buy a 01-04 cobra rear bumber from. My stock one is getting warped due to the heat, and the insurance is going to replace it. So I want to find a good place to order a new bumber from.
  25. venomboysvt

    Laptop F/S

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Sale Its not the fastest but it does the job of browsing the internet. Its got a fresh install of WinXP Pro. It has a line on the left side of screen but not noticeable. Battery holds a full charge and no...