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  1. honda hunter

    Mickey Thompson Drag radials

    New Price $330 SHIPPED 305/45/18 Mickey Thompson Drag radials. They saw the track maybe 4x's. No silly unnecessary burnouts, Very low miles etc. Make offer. All entertained. will work with meeting someone local.
  2. honda hunter

    Lightning stuff for sale

    305/45/18 Mickey Thompson Drag radials. They saw the track maybe 4x's. No silly unnecessary burnouts etc. $450 OBO Lightning/F150 start solenoid brand new unused with receipt $10 OBO Stock Lightning heat exchanger bracket $25 Will entertain any offers. Im in South Jersey.
  3. honda hunter

    Cobra style Hatchback spoiler

    Will it fit on a coupe?
  4. honda hunter

    2001 Lightning for sale (feeler)

    Not sure if I want to be in the L game anymore. Anyways I have a 01 Lightning 80000 miles with no issues. For $14000 OBO youre getting a built Lightning with many extras. Its built and ready for that big blower or whatever you can throw at it and sleep well knowing you can take the power. Also...
  5. honda hunter

    Belt question

    Im stockpiling pulleys in order to reach my goal. I now have a 10# lower sitting around and a 2.7 upper. I'm @ 16# with my 5# lower, stock upper, and ported blower. Anyways, my question is (I searched and looked at the belt how to thread) What belt do I use with the 2.7 upper and 5# lower?
  6. honda hunter

    intercooler tanks

    Whats the size and specs of most aftermarket intercooler tanks that replace the windshield wiper fluid tank?
  7. honda hunter

    New dyno #'s

    My first run was 377/ 468. Thats with 5lbs lower (only had 13psi boost) SBTB, K&N, Bassani no cats, shortblock. Truck ran 12.7's. Same mods as above plus my home port Eaton I made 403/481. Hope to get it to the track soon for numbers. Im sure my TQ is low due to the catless setup but the track...
  8. honda hunter

    New PB

    Ran a 12.7 @ 107 1.8 60'. Also got a 107mph. Im happy with the times. Couldve been better though. I shouldve played with the tire psi more. I'd say going catless netted me a higher MPH. Had a great time with the guys from here. Not sure who was who but there were some very cool L's out there...
  9. honda hunter

    JL Audio 500/1 Amp

    Good amp. No use for it anymore. Looking for $220 shipped. Pics available upon request.
  10. honda hunter

    1/4 for the 1/4mile

    Cant seem to find it with the search but at what power level did most say you shouldnt drag at with a 1/4 tank??
  11. honda hunter

    Wheel question

    How would a wheel with 7.125" backspacing, 44mm offset, 20" x 10" wide with 12m.m. X 1.50 adapter fit on a L? Would there be turning issues?
  12. honda hunter

    Im now in the 12's...

    Took forever but I ran my first 1.9 - 60ft 12.9 sec pass at Maple Grove Raceway. It was my last run. before it I ran a 13.3 , 13.5 all @ 105mph 2.1 - 60'. Mods are 5lb lower, jlp cai, Bassani Exhaust, SB T/B slappers. Made 386rwhp
  13. honda hunter

    My times..

    Before on the old stock motor/tune I ran 13.2's @ 106 with 2.2 60's. Now with the new motor/new tune, removed towing hitch, added slappers almost 1/4 fuel I run 13.3 @ 107.8 with 2.2 60's. basically its getting worst. I know its all in the 60's so whats the trick with the L to get it out the...
  14. honda hunter

    Truck is dead

    Twice in 2 weeks my truck has died. If I drive somewhere shut it off then try to start it, it wont start. Crazy thing is it's like its disconnected from the battery. none of the ACC stuff works and the theft light just blinks. I know its not the battery but I cant seem to trace it. Sometimes...
  15. honda hunter

    stock exhaust

    anyone have a pic or diagram of the stock exhaust?
  16. honda hunter

    Couple of easy newb questions

    Lately Ive been worried about IAT2 temps. No way to monitor them at the moment but with a 5lbs pully and a tune and built motor would I be ok with runs up to 130mph? I blew my stock motor doing that so Ive been avoiding it. Now I just need to know based on others setup. This question is based...
  17. honda hunter

    supercharger question

    Ive searched but I have a easy question. How much for a KB, Mag, highest stage ported blower, whipple with everything needed for install? Just looking at different options and prices. Looked at the KB site but the price seems misleading.
  18. honda hunter

    built motor, lost boost??

    I made 2 more rwhp with 2psi less boost on my new built motor with same h/c/i setup and same mods. This sound normal? How much boost are people making with a 5 psi pully?
  19. honda hunter

    Built motor people, question.

    I know different circumstances and variables come into play but how much did you pay for your forged rebuild when all said and done? Ive been through 3 rebuilds with other vehicles and they didnt cost as much as the one im going through now. Everything looks ok kinda on paper but I just want to...
  20. honda hunter

    Just blew my motor :(

    Any decent deals on built motors going on?
  21. honda hunter

    charcoal canister question

    Anyone have a diagram of how it should be connected in the rear near the fuel tank? should there be a hose on both sides or should the entering be from the atmosphere? Also whats the small hose coming from the axle? thanks
  22. honda hunter

    Finally went to the dyno...

    Made the drive to JLP this morning to get a tune. Glad I did. He got me in as soon as I got there and went above and beyond to help work out some minor bugs. I ended up with 380/467. I dont know what my before numbers were but it ran a 13.6 @ 101 on the old tune and felt really weak. Looking...
  23. honda hunter

    New Jersey shops

    I just found out JDM is NJ. Can anyone recommend more shops in jersey that are good with Lightnings?
  24. honda hunter

    Hit a wall

    I noticed the other day on my home from work that at wide open throttle the truck hesitates and once it gets to 119 it feels like it hit a wall. Never took it that far before but Ive searched and read nothing about a speed limiter. Truck is stock. My first thoughts are fuel filter and...
  25. honda hunter

    Another proud Lightning owner

    After spending 3.5 years overseas I came back to the U.S with a very short list of cars I was intrested in buying. Not sure how the Lightning got on the list but it was one of two V8 vehicles I would even want to own at the moment. Long story short just happen to go visit a Chevy delearship to...