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  1. P49Y-CY

    FOR SALE: Comp orange coupe for sale

    nice. do you know the svt build number/date of the that comp orange? glws
  2. P49Y-CY

    Pondering it worth it?

    i think it depends on what kind of joy it gives you. if it has a sentimental value to you even if you don't drive it very much then you might end up regretting it. money-wise the value will probably increase the longer you keep it. over the years any thought i've had about selling quickly...
  3. P49Y-CY

    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    that thing should be pounced upon with a quickness
  4. P49Y-CY

    WANTED: Sonic Blue Cobra

    that thing looks awesome. i especially like the wheels. anyone know if they're billet specialties?
  5. P49Y-CY

    Do T5 or T45 manual transmission bolt up to 5.4L

    the bellhousing pattern is the same for all rwd modular 4.6 and 5.4's. so i'm thinking the t-45 should bolt up since they were available with 4.6's in mustangs
  6. P49Y-CY

    FOR SALE: Competition orange coupe

    what svt build # is that? it looks great! glws
  7. P49Y-CY

    From the archive: IROC vs. 5.0

    he's right you know 5.0 mustangs owned the gm twins of that era (vettes too)
  8. P49Y-CY

    WANTED: Screaming Yellow or Comp Orange Coupe Roller

    about a week ago there was a co coupe roller on phoenix craigslist. rough but def had potential, think he wanted about 8k. good luck
  9. P49Y-CY

    Aluminator/3 valve block guys

    yeah i was thinking that could only have been something up with your pulleys or cover, not the block or heads. they all have to have the same machined dimensions whether nemak, wap, teksid, rep, 2v, 3v, 4v or whatever
  10. P49Y-CY

    Aluminator/3 valve block guys

    the only difference should be that the terminator front cover has one hole near the water pump that won't line up with the block's pattern. some guys drill a new hole in the block to the correct depth (too deep and you break through to the water jacket), tap it and insert a new correct bolt...
  11. P49Y-CY

    bought another one! 2004

    maybe someday mine can grow up to look something like this. 37" tires, 6" lift :rockon:
  12. P49Y-CY

    bought another one! 2004

    thanks man. yeah it's not that i dislike them, i just think the dimensions of shorter wheelbase trucks look better. longer beds are def more functional and practical tho, which is what trucks are supposed to be
  13. P49Y-CY

    Terminator Ownership did not start well for me

    yup, i snapped a 1/2 breaker bar doing it and started using 3/4 after that. that was even after having the damn thing off and back on several times. they're a bitch, but i think it's better to use the caged factory assembly than metco.
  14. P49Y-CY

    bought another one! 2004

    i've owned an '04 2wd regular cab flareside STX since 2009 and still love it, but it's a stripped-down version with no power windows, etc, so lately i've been checking out some upgraded versions of the same truck. i only like 11th gens (2004-2008) because unlike any other late model 1/2 ton out...
  15. P49Y-CY

    Need help finding if it is real

    P48Y means terminator coupe
  16. P49Y-CY

    All New 2023 Raptor R: Arriving July 18 | Ford

    ^that's a nice way to do business.
  17. P49Y-CY

    TKO600 Clutch Cable Problem - Help

    not sure if this was a typo, but screwing the fw adjuster in (clockwise) loosens the cable. (makes it longer) screwing it counter-clockise tightens (shortens) the cable
  18. P49Y-CY

    What does this tag mean?

    there have been some threads on this board about the dap body buck tags over the years
  19. P49Y-CY

    Mystery squeak... (low mile, stock 03 Cobra)

    can't really hear it in the video so i can't tell you what it is, but i do have a great solution: bassani x-pipe, borla stingers, smaller pulley, and open intake. you won't be able to hear the squeak anymore and even if you could, you'll have so much fun driving the thing that you wouldn't care...
  20. P49Y-CY

    IRS Cradle Has Bushing Shells Already Removed - Go MM or Full Tilt Bushings?

    oh yeah - all cradle/subframe, front/rear diff, upper/lower control arms. shitton of miles on them on both my cars without any issues. at the time i thought they were better engineered than the mm.
  21. P49Y-CY

    IRS Cradle Has Bushing Shells Already Removed - Go MM or Full Tilt Bushings?

    in my experience, ftbr makes an excellent product. at least they did when i was putting them on my car over 10 years ago
  22. P49Y-CY

    Summer hot days and driving

    since brand new, now has 140k bought another one in 2012, put 75k on that
  23. P49Y-CY

    Summer hot days and driving

    i have no problem with it. part of dd'ing my terminator is that it's gotta be able to handle any workload. i'll drive it in any weather except snow or hail. i'd never drive it in ice or snow because of the salt they lay down which would rust it out.
  24. P49Y-CY

    2003 Cobra engine need help

    does it run good after the white smoke on startup?