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  1. EvilTwins

    HPP turbonetics twin turbo kit

    I just sent a PM - very interested if this in fact what I'm looking for.
  2. EvilTwins

    WTB: HP 2nd Generation Turbo Hotside Piping

    Bump - Never did find this... lol
  3. EvilTwins

    TT cobra, exhaust options?

    My car has 2.5" Dynamax mufflers and it's way too quiet really. Do you have the 2.5" or 3" Bassani? I'm actually thinking about getting the 3" Bassani for pipe size and to hopefully make it so I can hear it...
  4. EvilTwins

    k-member for hp performance longtubes

    Hey do you mind me asking where you got the longtube design? Did you just pick it up used? Only reason I'm asking is that I've been trying to track down the hotside for some time now... I run the QA1 with the first gen HP Kit. I don't mind the QA1 - why did you ditch it? Also do you plan on...
  5. EvilTwins

    WTB: HP 2nd Generation Turbo Hotside Piping

    As the title says - Looking for the second generation HP piping to upgrade my kit. Not interested in other options, if I can't find this piping I probably won't bother making a change. If anyone has an idea where I might be able to locate this please let me know. This is what I'm looking for:
  6. EvilTwins

    Starting Build - Shortblock and Custom Heads/Cams Sitting Since 2008...

    Hey guys, It's a really long story, but essentially I damaged my stock engine back in 2008 (damaged a piston) and I decided to go with something really stout for my next build. The engine failed in the beginning of 2008 and I knew I was leaving the country for a 3+ year international work...
  7. EvilTwins

    Please improve website checkout for Canadian residents!

    I don't know why I haven't tried to provide any feedback on this sooner but after just completing another order I finally feel obligated to do so. Frankly, I've never come across another website where it is more difficult to simply buy things and have them shipped to a Canadian address. Why...
  8. EvilTwins

    LPW "Pro Series" Differential Cover

    Anyone pick one of these up yet? I think it's fairly new as it wasn't on the website the last time I checked. LPW ULTRA Cobra Mustang & Camaro Independent Rear Suspension Support Cover, IRS Differential Cover, IRS Rear End Girdle I think the only difference is the fact that it's...
  9. EvilTwins

    '01 Cobra Intake TB Upgrade?

    Of the people on here using the '01 Cobra intake manifold like me, who here has upgraded to an aftermarket throttlebody? Is it at all worthwhile to upgrade my ported stock TB? Are there any other options out there besides BBK and Accufab? My new engine will have Stg. 3 ported Livernois...
  10. EvilTwins

    GTX35R - Opinions?

    Hey guys, haven't seen much talk on here regarding these new turbos yet.. What does everyone think, they seem promising to me? ATP TURBO - The Premiere Provider of Turbocharging Components I always planned on going with GT35R's for my next upgrade but with these on the market I feel a bit...
  11. EvilTwins

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I'm guessing you didn't notice the chains in the rear tires of the Hyundai?? I didn't notice it at first either but it is kinda funny!
  12. EvilTwins

    3" Bassani, anyone run it?

    I know it's expensive as hell but are there any turbo Cobras running this catback? I'd love to know how it sounds... Bassani 03-04 Mustang Cobra 3 Stainless Steel CatBack [BAS-4603R5] : Lethal Performance, Performance parts for Ford Mustangs
  13. EvilTwins

    Turbo vs. Supercharger, everything you need to know!

    Our friends over at "SuperchargersOnline" have really cleared it all up for us! Check out this completely UNBIASED tell-all article! :: Turbo vs. Supercharger Kinda makes me regret getting rid of the Eaton... lol And just in case it wasn't clear, this was NOT...
  14. EvilTwins

    From 57's to GT35R's?

    It's something I've been wondering about for a long time. It's not something I will be doing soon seeing as how I'm still living overseas, but I just like to do my homework first.. Has anyone done this swap before? I'm just really curious as to what the difference would be in spool time...
  15. EvilTwins

    HP 2nd Generation Hotside Piping?

    Is anyone here running HP's second generation hotside piping? I have the first generation HP piping and I think that's well done, but I absolutely love their new setup as it looks great and should support massive amounts of power. Anyone have any pics of it on their cars? With it's...
  16. EvilTwins

    What Degree Wheel and Crankshaft Socket?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be degreeing my cams soon (when I assemble my new engine) and I was just curious as to what degree wheel and crankshaft socket people are using? There is a nice Moroso wheel that has been catching my eye, model # 62191 (...
  17. EvilTwins

    Canton CM spin-on filter, anyone use it?

    Just wondering if anyone uses a Canton CM spin-on filter on the stock oil cooler? I really want a filter that doesn't have a bypass which is why I'm considering this. CM Filters, Spin-on Oil Filters I believe our filter uses a 22mm stud, so I guess the 22mm 4 1/4" long unit (25-292) would...
  18. EvilTwins

    Company Vehicles, post 'em if ya got 'em!

    Well I don't have the most glorious company vehicle, but it is free, new and comes with a gas card!! lol I'm currently on an international work assignment for ~2 years in a place called New Caledonia (which is a tropical island close to Australia) and this is what my company gave me to use...
  19. EvilTwins

    Intercooler/Heat Exchanger protection screen pic. request!

    I just wanna see what some people have done for screens to protect their intercoolers or heat exchangers. LDC used to make a really nice one but obviously that is no longer available to buy, so let's see what else people have done! Detailed pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. EvilTwins

    Degreeing Camshafts. HOW IS IT DONE?

    I'm still having a hard time getting my head around how to properly degree the cams on the 4v! I have yet to find a thread on here or modularfords that fully explained the process and what was required. Please I need to know: 1) Whats tools I will need 2) Is there a trustworthy...
  21. EvilTwins

    Flickering Lights?

    What would cause this? My car has been like it ever since I bought it. I can notice it in my interior lights and even in my headlights (before I had HID's, just barely) and maybe even in the cluster lighting, not really sure on the last one though. As extra insurance I am going to do some...
  22. EvilTwins

    QuickTime Bellhousing/Scattershield Question

    I'm buying this bellhousing and I'm just trying to find out of the starter pocket shield is necessary? I was in the process of ordering it and then the dealer asked me if I wanted the starter pocket as well? It was the first I heard of it, and I'm just having a hard time picturing it...
  23. EvilTwins

    Crank Bolt thread

    Can someone tell me what the thread of the crank bolt is? I want to get a friend to turn over my shortblock thats unfortunetely sitting in storage while im out of the country, so I need to know what the thread is so he can buy the bolt. Also while I'm on the subject of the crank bolt, has...
  24. EvilTwins

    Custom cams from Livernois - For Turbo

    I'm in the process of ordering some Stage 3 ported heads from Livernois, and I'm just wondering if Livernois would be good choice to spec me some custom cams as well? I'm looking for 1000+rwhp with my new setup and I just want to know I'll be getting the best custom cams money can buy.
  25. EvilTwins

    What headgasket to use with BOSS 5.0 Big Bore block?

    So what are my options? I can't find anything on the FRPP website about 4V headgaskets for the 94mm Big Bore Boss block. I was able to find the headgasket if you were using the 3V heads: Ford Racing Performance Parts [M-6067-3V50*] But there is nothing on their site for people with the...