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  1. bigmoose

    Residential HVAC Recommendations - Brands

    No input on the furnace but if you want a humidifier I suggest the Aprilaire 800. It's a steam humidifier that adapts to you existing furnace duct so little to no risk of mold like an evaporative humidifier and virtually no maintenance. I have one and keep my house at 50% all winter, it's...
  2. bigmoose

    Ice Storm

    I'm considering a whole house generator in the future. My current stop gap is a 3500w harbor freight inverter generator. It actually gets great reviews. I added a 6 circuit 110v transfer switch to give me heat, refrigeration, lights, internet and TV. I'm all in this setup for $1k. I have...
  3. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    I replaced the left sensor and seems to be good, made trip around town without issues. All the wires and connections looked good. Hit them with dielectric grease. Hopefully this fixes it. Time will tell. Weird both sensors went out within a month of each other.
  4. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    Some more diagnostics. I got in my new OBD scanner that supports ABS. It's the scantool MX+. My old standard MX did not read ABS. This way i can do everything on my phone via bluetooth. I was using a VCM tool with IDS but that's a pain in the but to use and lug around. So I assumed once I...
  5. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    Definitely not on the hub or rotor. The sensor sits on the spindle a fair distance behind the hub facing downward. The sensor sits right above a smooth stainless ring on the half shaft. I assume the teeth are sealed in this ring. I'm aware of standard teeth tone rings and this is not like...
  6. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    I changed both the rear hub assemblies last fall. Maybe the 2.0L setup is different. I know they made changes mid model year 2013, I'm lucky to be after mid model year so my hubs have external torx instead of Allen bolts for the hub assemblies. I would not want to have to deal with a rusted...
  7. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    AWD. Tires are a little over a year old with 5-7k on them. Great condition and equal tread depth. No issues the until recently.
  8. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    My escapes tone ring is sealed in the half shaft. It's not on the wheel bearing assembly.
  9. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    Here are the codes. I'll check the rust. There is definitely some.
  10. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    I'm fighting an ABS issue on my '13 escape, AWD, 1.6L. initially the abs light came on, hill assist turned off, and the vehicle thought it was spinning a tire so it would cut power. Temp fix was to turn off traction contry so it would drive ok. Hooked up my IDS tool which reported a rear...
  11. bigmoose

    Let’s see your....Jeeps

    Wow, I didn't know superchips was still around. I had one on my 1990 ranger with a ticking 2.9L.
  12. bigmoose

    A/C Techs - Step in - Mini Split ?

    Interesting. Never thought of that but makes sense. I looked into this more and another method is to have your outdoor unit running, shut your liquid valve, watch your suction go to zero on the gauge, then close the gas value and disconnect power at the box. Seems legit, just not sure if it...
  13. bigmoose

    A/C Techs - Step in - Mini Split ?

    You can run multiple heads on an outdoor unit if it's designed to do so. It's very common. Mine supports 4 heads. It's a 30k btu outdoor unit and it can add a total of 40k btu worth of heads. If all are running they will operate at a slightly lower capacity. The manufacturer engineering...
  14. bigmoose

    A/C Techs - Step in - Mini Split ?

    So i installed my own 3 head LG brand mini split about 4 years ago. I ran and flared my own line sets. I pressure tested and ran a vacuum to evacuate the line sets prior opening the condenser service valves (condenser came pre-charged). System has been operating great so i think its safe to...
  15. bigmoose

    Return Fuel Stumble

    Since you kept the FRPS, what do your datalogs show for fuel pressure?
  16. bigmoose

    Running No Cats in Ma

    Now a days you absolutely do NOT want your cats turned off in the tune. A "not supported" status is an automatic fail in most states while a "not ready", on but not passing check, will pass a lot of places if it's the only one.
  17. bigmoose

    Running No Cats in Ma

    I passed in MA many years with my old cobras without cats. I didn't care about the ready code since MA allows one sensor to be not ready, which was my cats. However, that could trigger a visual which would fail, unless you go to a friendly place or run high flow cats.
  18. bigmoose

    Compressor: Best bang for the buck

    I have the husky 30 gallon upright belt drive one. Awesome compressor. Spend a little extra and upgrade the inlet silencers. I can have a conversation next to it while running. Husky 30 Gal. 155 PSI Ultra-Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor-C302H - The Home Depot
  19. bigmoose

    Cobra stolen from driveway... Horrible

    It's not fancy technology. I have a $100 cloned Ford vcm tool that can program any Ford key. All it takes is waiting for the 10 minute security timeout to expire before you can program. I imagine that's what they were doing around the corner.
  20. bigmoose

    Time to refinance?

    I'm going with a 15yr @2.125%. however this requires 2 points. Worth it in the long term vs 2.5% with no points...offer at the time anyway.
  21. bigmoose

    Home Theater people - new receiver and sub?

    Look into Atmos or DSX. This is the next evolution of surround sound. Traditional 5.1 is just a 2D sound stage. Atmos adds either ceiling speakers or upward firing speakers to create a 3D soundstage. This setup uses a nomenclature like 5.2.1 (2 height speakers). This gives the wow factor...
  22. bigmoose

    Compression numbers

    Factory untouched.
  23. bigmoose

    Compression numbers

    I'm ran a compression test for a potential buyer for my car. To me the numbers all look great but I was wondering what could explain a slight variance bank to bank? My guess is timing differences between the banks but want to hear from the experts. 1-4 were 190-195 5 - 180 6 - 175 7 - 172 8 -...
  24. bigmoose

    Elementary school is hard

    I just had a rental that didn't have the arrow. I couldn't tell which side it was on as I pulled into a busy airport station. Luckily I was able to open the locked gas door while driving to catch a glimpse.
  25. bigmoose

    Do EcoBoost engines accumulate contaminants faster/differantly than naturally aspirated engines?

    I ran amsoil signature series in my '13 explorer sport with the 3.5EB. I ran the oil about 10k miles and sent samples off to Blackstone. Never had any bad reports. They said it was actually good for a few more miles.