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  1. Crimson2v

    Time For An Investment Manager?

    I have been putting money into SWPPX, reinvesting the dividends. This one has a .02% expense ratio.
  2. Crimson2v

    1996 Bronco - $41k? wow!

    I’m patiently waiting too, really looking to get back into a Terminator or a nicer DD.
  3. Crimson2v

    1996 Bronco - $41k? wow!

    Some of those BAT folks seem to have more money than sense.
  4. Crimson2v

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I hope so too, saw it was up 20%. Need it to go a lot higher for me to be in the money. I had some fomo when I bought it.
  5. Crimson2v

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I’m still holding. Haven’t purchased any in a while however.
  6. Crimson2v

    Clever Bumper Stickers (and the like)

    Stopped by Lowe’s today and found these.
  7. Crimson2v

    The Crew is Complete

  8. Crimson2v

    Twins Got Screwed

    Runner was out, also didn’t know Sanchez left the Yankees.
  9. Crimson2v

    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    How about a Caprice PPV, they can be had for under 15k. They have a 6.0 LS and 4 doors, also many Camaro parts bolt right on.
  10. Crimson2v

    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    That’s good, should help with long term reliability.
  11. Crimson2v

    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    That’s pretty damn impressive. Do the hellcats have DOD?
  12. Crimson2v

    Surging at WOT, the saga continues

    At 12-13 seconds it looks like the reluctor wheel moves out of sync with the crank. I wonder if the key way in the wheel is wallowed out.
  13. Crimson2v

    Vegas Robber Gets It All

    That looked like some hitman shit. Glad the good guy didn’t get hurt.
  14. Crimson2v

    FOR SALE: '03 TR 10th Anniversary Cobra

    I'm surprised it sold for that much considering the paint issues on the fender and door.
  15. Crimson2v

    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    Ok, I thought it was all the Ecoboost 4 bangers that were having block issues.
  16. Crimson2v

    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    Do the Focus ST’s have the same issues as the other ecoboost models, as far as the blocks cracking and allowing coolant into the cylinders?
  17. Crimson2v

    Mustang Week Pics

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Is there any word on who bought Mustang Week?
  18. Crimson2v

    Enthusiast Car - What would you buy?

    The Impala SS has been going up in value, I have seen them go for 20-28 on BAT depending on year and mileage. I haven't seen many Marauders on BAT, but I'm sure just like everything else, the prices are inflated. IMO, this is the ticket. They are still available for a decent price so far. I...
  19. Crimson2v

    From the archive: IROC vs. 5.0

    I’ll take this one.
  20. Crimson2v

    From the archive: IROC vs. 5.0

    I remember growing up wanting one badly, 80’s baby. My parents almost bought an 87 IROC-Z Black/Black. I still have a poster from when I was in elementary School m, it was of an 87 IROC-Z blue in color. I would really love to have a 1LE IROC but those have surpassed my budget.
  21. Crimson2v

    My Cammed Stable...(Sound clips)

    Damn they sound amazing. I don’t know what it is about the 3v but I feel like they sound pretty rowdy with a set of cams.
  22. Crimson2v

    My New Edge Addiction... Picture Content

    That’s quite the collection of new edges.