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    I did a thing... Dodge Content..


    Some old guy T-boned me..ugh

    Luck for me, the only damage seems to be some extra scratches on my wheels and some rips in the tires sidewalls. I can't say the same for the Caravan... I'm honestly not sure how the Jeep escaped unscathed. My rock slider took a bit of a hit, but they are top tier, and will just need the paint...

    Preview of a resort we are building in West Virginia

    We are about a year out from this being open, and wow do we have a lot of work to do. Amenities include: Indoor and outdoor pools multiple restaurants and bars Full size regulation olympic size pool Tennis and pickleball courts Sports complex with football and baseball fields 4,000 seat...

    The Matrix 4 Trailer

    This looks so good!

    Want to learn about caster and pinion angles?

    So, while lifting my jeep, I wanted to study the engineering of how changing one thing effects another. I came across this little gem. These guys are really funny and explain things in a way that a 4 year old can understand.

    For those in or traveling through West Virginia..

    I now have a Pub! Well, my family does. If you are ever in the area of Milton, between Huntington and Charleston, just off of I-64, let me know and we will grab a brew and do some shots. The Venetian Pub |

    I got a 3D printer...

    I was able to get a 3D printer for Christmas, and of course, I printed the test figures that came pre-loaded on the SD card, just to get everything dialed in... But, the first thing I decided to create was a lightsaber of my own design, I borrowed a couple elements from Ki-Adi-Mundi's 'laser...

    New: The Rise Of Skywalker Clip

    I think this starts with the opening scene, taking place right after the crawl. Loads of spoilers...

    Kenneth Copeland is possessed... LOL

    If nothing else, this guy is on some mad strong opiates. This dude is scary as hell. Kenneth Copeland - Wikipedia

    Celine Dion's satanic gender neutral clothing line..For Kids (Real)

    I'm not a big conspiracy guy, but this crap is out there and has a light shining on it that I just can't unsee.. This world is getting scary. This is getting nutty and right in your face. A lot of satanic and illuminati symbolism as well as Baphomet stuff going on here. What else has anyone...

    4runner header fail.. But they all think it is an improvement (WTF?)

    This thread... I hope this isn't a serious install and that the OP is trolling everyone. At first I laughed, then as I read on I think this dude is serious... Now I am just sad for him... Installing Doug Thorley Headers on 2005 4.7L V8 w. 3" BL - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum

    Boom!! - 2019 GT500 Spy Pics


    Urban Meyer is done.

    I am giving him until the weekend to have a job at tOSU. Apparently he has known about this since at least 2015 and covered it up to keep his assistant safe.

    FS: SLP 4" x 2.5" SS tips

    These are $80 new from SLP per tip. I will do $65 total for both shipped anywhere within the lower 48 states. There are some miner surface scratches, but they should buff right out with very little effort. They have a 2.5" inlet, and the loud side is 4". Reason for selling is that I went with...

    DIY: Adding Quad Tips to the Stock Premium Valance.

    Some said that it could not be done! Some said that I was wanting the impossible! Some said that they were vegan!! It was all untrue! First, I would like to thank N17 for the inspiration. Total time from start to finish was about an hour. My total investment, since I had the tools and...

    Aviator Mustang...

    I am by no means an artist.. I took the Kemal Curic sketch of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator and did my own spin of what the 2022ish mustang might look like, since it will share the Aviator platform. I think it is pretty close to what we will see imo. However, I think it is going to gain some weight...

    Well, they ruined this (Dundee)


    Shelby Hockey Jersey

    Has anyone else able to buy one of these? I can't remember when I bought it, but it had to be when I still had my '14 GT500. I don't believe that they sold very many of these. This jersey is as nice as any of my authentic rink worn jerseys that I have collected over the years, from stitching to...

    I did some stuff to the engine bay of my 2016 PP ;-)

    Ford Blue FTW! I painted the coil covers and intake pipe over the past three days. Now I just need to strip the yellow coating off of my Brembo's and get them matching up. One thing that I really like that I did was grind off the JLT embossed logo on the intake pipe. It came out very clean...

    Value of the dollar $$$

    Just thought this was cool to look over. Everyone always talks on here about how expensive it is to live in some areas vs others. It got me thinking about the value of the dollar compared to the Euro, or the British pound, etc... Then I started thinking about it based on state to state. I...

    New girl coming to town!

    It seems that my junk still works, even at 39 years old. We are 22 weeks pregnant...with a girl!

    Figure I will share some of the latest pics of my S550 today :-)

    I still have a ways to go with this car, but to be honest, it is probably my favorite mustang to date. Mods so far are.. Lund FF tune (Dakota) MRT H-pipe SLP LM-2 Axle Back Reische 170° T-stat Hex-Mesh Grill Steeda UL Jackrails Steeda UL Linear Springs Steeda Diff inserts (Black) BMR Cradle...

    Let's play : Tree, Dinosaur or Dragon?

    Seriously!!? This was found on some property that we have. The total length that you can see in the photo is roughly 8 feet long. There wasn't more to it because the boulder was broken and the other half is currently missing. Edit: FWIW, this was found at an elevation of about 3K feet inside...