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  1. MalcolmV8

    Fixing intercooler lines with J2Fab mod

    Hey Guys, Thought I'd share how I changed up my J2Fab mod on the front of the engine. I'm sure you've all seen how the IC lines point up by the valve cover and you loop over. Just my personal preference, not a fan of that. The stock J2Fab manifold on the left next to OEM stock. I cut the...
  2. MalcolmV8

    Hood strut options

    I was looking for a set of hood struts and found a few. I thought it was interesting the different approach the different designs take. These ford performance ones have the fender attachment further forward and require cutting a hole in your battery cover. Nice compact hood attachment bracket...
  3. MalcolmV8

    Do the heated / cooled seats use different seat covers?

    Hey Guys, So my car has these ceramic white seats and I'm not a fan. Wanting to recover them with the all black seats. My car has the heated and cooled seats where air blows through the bottom and the back. I've found black seat take offs from cars that got recovered with Roush seat covers...
  4. MalcolmV8

    A few winter mods

    Every winter it seems I go to replace one two things and end up doing a whole lot more. This winter is no exception and thought I'd share a few highlights. Last year it started off with lets change the mufflers and make the exhaust sound better and before you know it the car is in pieces been...
  5. MalcolmV8

    Installed an Afco GT500 heat exchanger in car

    Thought I'd share for others. Here's a fairly easy and very clean way to install one. First I removed the factory crash bar and replaced with this light weight hoop. BTW factory crash bar there weighed 14 lbs. The hoop weighted 4.6 lbs. I mocked this up Making this You can see...
  6. MalcolmV8

    Coil overs on IRS? Need help hooking with 800+ whp

    Hey Guys, So looking for options to make my IRS hook. I think a big part of the problem is the lack of weight transfer when I step on it. My setup IRS: Factory shocks MM urethane bushings throughout. Stock coils cut down 1/2" turn or so MM drag links 295/55/15 MT on 10x15 rims Front: UPR...
  7. MalcolmV8

    Anyone run a catch can to the exhaust?

    My car has a bit more blow by than a stock motor due to larger ring gaps for higher boost. The catch cans tend to steam / smoke more than I'd like and it's annoying at times and of course catch cans stink. E85 makes it much nicer but still gets old. Thinking about removing the filters off...
  8. MalcolmV8

    Opinions on these plugs

    These plugs had been in the car for approximately 400 miles. I pulled them and noticed 5, 7, and 2 seemed to have a lot darker base ring than the others. In fact 1, 3, and 4 almost looked lean by comparison. Rather odd. So I put a fresh set of plugs in and ran for about 80 miles...
  9. MalcolmV8

    Push in style AN Fittings for Valve Covers

    Almost paid $40 a piece for those and then realized you can get them on ebay for $5. They work fantastic too. They even have 90s for $9...
  10. MalcolmV8

    How to data log boost

    I thought it would be nice to data log boost & vacuum and see exactly how the car is doing. Obviously just glancing at a gauge here and there only tells you so much. So I picked up a 3 BAR GM MAP sensor and started playing around. Testing the voltages and seeing how they behave. What I...
  11. MalcolmV8

    EGR block off on TVS blower

    So the TVS EGR block off plate is actually the large EGR adapter without the hole drilled through the center. I understand why they do that to save the end user cost but for someone like me who's picky about how it looks its less than pleasing. Here's what it looks like installed...
  12. MalcolmV8

    Tie rod ends for 15x10 rims

    Sorry if this beat to death in here but the search is rejecting all my terms, tie rod ends, 15x10s etc. pretty much every word I put in it says is a commonly used word and is left out of the search criteria :( So anyways I'm wanting to fit some 15x10 race star rims on my car. I picked up the...
  13. MalcolmV8

    Mark 8 cooling fan upgrade

    Figured I'd throw up a post with a few pics and details since I couldn't find much when I was looking into this. Found the need to upgrade my cooling fan here recently. Between the hot weather and a big blower turning hard temps go up. When I run the killer chiller it of course dumps all that...
  14. MalcolmV8

    Anyone know exactly how our fan controllers work?

    I'm installing a more powerful fan in my car with a shroud. A 98 Lincoln Mark VIII fan to be exact. I'm trying to decide on how to wire it. My first thought was just take the low speed circuit from the fan controller and have it activate a relay and turn on the fan. Nice and simple...
  15. MalcolmV8

    2.9 Whipple Crusher

  16. MalcolmV8

    Looking for advice on larger than ID1000 injectors

    My ID1000s are pegging at 100% duty cycle in 3rd gear around 5500 RPM. I removed the 4lb lower for now and they're hitting around 89% duty cycle in 4th around 6000 RPM. Looking at my options and I see ID has ID1300, 1700 and 2000s. Before I blindly pick one any suggestions based on how much...
  17. MalcolmV8

    Are these Magnaflows quieter than Bassani mufflers?

    I have a 3" Bassani catback and with no cats my exhaust is just to loud. I can't start the car at night due to neighbors and the excessive noise is starting to bug me in daily cruise. Space is tight in the car. I was going to try some traditional Magnaflow mufflers but they're 9" wide when...
  18. MalcolmV8

    Metco tensioner brace with aftermarket tensioners

    Ever since switching to an Innovators West lower with integrated metco hub and running a Metco 4 lb lower ring with it my car is shredding belts left and right. Alignment seems just fine and car drives fine in normal to moderate throttle. When I get on the throttle fairly aggressively (say...
  19. MalcolmV8

    Valve spring compressor for Comp cams

    So Comp cams have a huge moulded hex nut right in the center of their cams to turn the cam around instead of a socket type insert on the ends like the factory cams do. Seemed a lot more useful to me when degreeing the cams etc. but then I realized a horrible flaw. My valve spring compressor...
  20. MalcolmV8

    Back spacing help with 15x10 Race Stars on IRS

    Hey Guys, I did some searching on here and found people where using 15x10 with 6.5" back spacing on the IRS. Seems it requires going with a MM low profile brake line bolt and connect as well as a longer brake line, shaving down the back of the spindle and the drag link arm there as well...
  21. MalcolmV8

    Low pressure spring on boost bypass valve on 2.9 whipple

    So my lower pulley recently broke leaving the blower sitting still and I notice a massive difference in my car. Idle smoothed way out, pulling off, 3 point turning in the driveway etc. all smooth as can be. With the blower working I have a lot of idle surging and it's difficult to work the car...
  22. MalcolmV8

    My 2.9 Whipple destroys another lower pulley

    Can't say what it is for sure but wow broke this lower in less than 1k miles. A new record for me. The new motor with high compression is so snappy and responsive. The RPMs wrap up so fast and quick when you blip the throttle it makes a stock terminator motor seem very lazy and lethargic...
  23. MalcolmV8

    Anyone used one piece rear main seal?

    Looks like my rear main seal is dripping. Ug so pulling transmission to swap that out. Local auto parts stores have a one piece design. Anyone used this? Any luck? I don't really want to wait on shipping from Ford to get the two piece seal and oil slinger setup.
  24. MalcolmV8

    Anyone seen black "goo" build up on their injectors from E85?

    Anyone dealt with E85 and black "goo" on their injectors? Quick background. The last 3 days I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out why my car goes lean when I go WOT. It went from bad to worse. Not only does it go lean but it misses and shudders real bad. I have to drive the car mostly...
  25. MalcolmV8

    How to set PRP for MAFia and also up fuel pressure

    Hey Guys, So my prior build was almost maxing out my MAF. Counts were in the low to mid 900s and car dyno'd 705 whp. I've since bumped CR with flat tops, ported the heads, added cams and long tubes etc. Still breaking in the motor and getting things going but pretty sure this MAF curve is...