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  1. lobra97

    Lightning on Dam Neck, VA

    I was heading in today and saw a blacked out lightning driving onto Dam Neck as well. Wondering if it was anyone in here. I was on the red CBR with a red leather jacket. Nice truck BTW
  2. lobra97

    Bought a new bike

    Got a deal i could not pass up, from the ad i figured the bike was beat to hell or a rebuilt title. Nope, adult owned with 4600 miles. She is now my DD :coolman: 2003 CBR 600RR...not bad for $2650 Feels great to be back on 2 wheels.
  3. lobra97

    Finally bought a Wrangler

    Well, my family and I recently moved to Virginia as some of you know and i started looking around for Wranglers. Theyre actually a lot like cobras, either well cared for an astronomical asking prices or beat up and still wanting an arm and a leg lol. Found this lil guy and couldnt be happier. 98...
  4. lobra97

    Home ported Eaton for sale

    I removed this Eaton a few months ago and its just taking up space on my work bench. I have no idea on the miles as it was on the car when i bought it almost 3 years ago. I suspect a possible snout rebuild as it was spraying oil under my hood but it could have been from the prev owner not using...
  5. lobra97

    Finally pulled my eaton off...this is why you don't homeport sticky icky/helpmeJesus

    Well, Finally got the balls to pull my "stock Eaton" off with the huge help of Zyborg last Saturday. i bought my steggy and other mods last year on deployment but kept getting set back on a lot of things. anyways, i pulled it and here she is...all dirty in all her home ported and half assed...
  6. lobra97

    Finally got my moto license, now choosing a first beginner bike?

    Well, The Navy paid for my $200 course to learn to ride and I just updated my TX driver’s license today. Now, what bike to choose? First time rider, only ATV’s riding before, no real street riding. I plan to ride it in the neighborhood for a while as the highway is not ready for ol Leo. I am...
  7. lobra97

    ABS module replacement

    well, i had a leaky ABS module which was confirmed by a mustang shop and i was lucky enough to find one at about $100. i started to take off stuff last night and decided to wait until i have more time (beer) since i know there will be brake fluid everywhere from the lines to the abs. i figure i...
  8. lobra97

    Anyone have a 2.76 BF Hub? WTB

    I am looking for the hub that goes on a 2.76 BF pulley. Paypal ready Thanks leo
  9. lobra97

    Steggy install/BAP help from members in SA or surrounding area

    Anyone in the San Antonio area willing to give a hand or help out with a Steggy/BAP install? i saw the how to threads and i've done routine things on my car but nothing that big on my car. I could really use some guidance from someone who has done it before. maybe a mod day for a few members...
  10. lobra97

    aftermarket pulley removal/BF pulley puller?

    ok, well i checked the BF website on how to replace a 2.76 with their pulley puller but i can't get the aftermarket pulley off. i took off the 4 allen head bolts on the pulley and tried to mount the pulley but it just keeps spinning. i googled the hell out of it and i just don;t get it. i tried...
  11. lobra97

    Refinancing a home stuff...

    So i logged onto the Wells fargo website to make my payment online and i usually pay $640.10 plus $60 to the principal for $700 payment every month. I got a letter saying my payment would be lower a few weeks ago and well, its $587 per mth now which is sweet, means $112 to the principal a...
  12. lobra97

    JLT 1st gen, belts, pulleys, 2.8, radiator, lines, stuff needs to go.

    Some stuff for sale that i don't need and is just taking it room in my garage. OBO on everything 1st gen JLT, bought from a member on here. It has 1 hole on the side for a line and was never used on my car. Filter is dirty but can be cleaned. I wasn't told it was a 1st gen or i wouldn't of...
  13. lobra97

    anyone have a supercharger pulley puller i can rent?

    i'm ready to do my swap, is there anyone who has a pulley puller for the eaton they want to rent out? swapping a redfire 2.76 to a steggy. thanks, leo
  14. lobra97

    LFP bolts, changing inner belt.

    Alright so i got everything off including pulley bridge, etc to change out my inner driver belt except the LFP cage. I got one bolt off but the previous owner i guess stripped the other 2 bolts!!! How the hell can i change the belt or get the bolts off? Frustrated, took 2 hours to get all that...
  15. lobra97

    LFP cage bolts? Inner belt swap problem.

    Alright ao i got everything off including pulley bridge, etc to change out my inner driver belt except the LFP cage. I got one bolt off but the previous owner i guess stripped the other 2 bolts!!! How the hell can i change the belt or get the bolts off? Frustrated, took 2 hours to get all that...
  16. lobra97

    Brake light/oil leak?

    So, every once in a while i notice that my brake light comes on when i got WOT. I usually check the fluid and it goes low so i refill again and again. I noticed when i bought the car the owner had a bottle of brake fluid in the trunk but i didn't really pay any mind to it. So i got fed up and...
  17. lobra97

    Banged up pulley thread :(

    So the other day i decided to swap out my 100mm pulley for a better matching reedier pulley. Everything went fine except when I decided to try and rebolt it on. Bolt just spins and spins and doesn't tighten up anymore. I don't think i muscle ****ed it, went it easy and came off easy. I was...
  18. lobra97

    JLT CAI hi boost for sale....also looking for a RAI for me

    I have a JLT CAI hi boost for sale. I bought it off Mooch here on the forum and it comes with everything needed. He included all the parts and so everything is still together, gasket included as well before i get asked. Nothing is wrong with it besides a few scratches, works great. The reason i...
  19. lobra97

    Few pics of Zyborgs ride this weekend, quick pics... SS Content

    I had the pleasure of meeting up with Zyborg this wkend and was able to snap some quick pics. Sick 14' SS 1LE... Enjoy... (sorry, shows lil of his misses)
  20. lobra97

    Feeler on my 2003 Redfire #2907

    I've been thinking about selling my Terminator and getting into something else I have had my eye on. With that being said: 2003 Cobra #2907 Redfire 96,XXX miles and is a weekend car, not my DD. Installed already on the car is a 2.76 pulley, 4# lower, 3 (100mm idlers), 90mm redfire idler...
  21. lobra97

    Lexus problem...troubleshoot?

    So our 2001 es300 lexus has started acting up with the cold weather. today my wife fired it up and it made a loud "shiiiiiiing" noise and died. she tried it again and pushed the gas and the car stayed on. i changed the plugs last year before i left and we got a new battery but i was thinking...
  22. lobra97

    Possible xmas gift-car, need some input

    Well, The ol ball and chain has mentioned a few times that she has been eyeing the Nissan 350zs. Our room mate had one a couple of years ago and she's always like them. I have been eyeing an older Mercedes as well for her DD. Like a used C230/240/S430/ etc. It seems i can find them under $8k...
  23. lobra97

    Snapped some pics of my buddies Vette...

    Went out on black friday and got some shots of my buddies Vette, enjoy.
  24. lobra97

    Mac or PC?

    Well, My Compaq took a shit and I took it to get diagnosed. Motherboard is done but hard drive was OK. Guy said its not worth saving such a crappy computer I've had for 3 years. I went to best buy for black Friday and decided to see what was on the market. After looking around I talked to the...
  25. lobra97

    Whipple/KB feeler

    I've been debating on selling the steggy I bought to upgrade to a Whipple or KB. Anyone have one for sale for a decent price? Just blower, I have a TB already but am trying to feel if there are any out there. TVS is too much for me price wise and Xmas is coming up so I can purchase if the price...