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    Damage at Moms house

    It was my son’s week to be at his mom’s house. While he was there he was playing with Fire works, caught the house on fire and did $36k of damage. My ex wants me to cover half. The rest of the story is I caught him at my place a month earlier playing with smoke bombs. I took it all away and had...
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    Hit n run

    Been driving for over 33 years so I guess it was bound to happen. Going down a main road around 45 mph on my way to work when a car pulls out in front of me. I nail him with my front right quarter panel to his front left panel and push him over the sidewalk, landscaping into the business...
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    Current Retirement System

    My middle son is thinking about joining the Air Force and I've been retired a while. What is the current retirement system. 50% after 20?
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    03 SVT Mustang Cobra tires

    For sale, 03 Mustang Cobra tires with 3,000 miles of wear. Best offer. PM me if your interested.
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    Check Engine Code Reader

    My 04 Nissan Titan has a check engine light that is now on. Nothing noticeable that would indicate the problem. So I was thinking of buying a code reader. However, I've got the 03 Cobra and an 06 Jeep Commander Limited Hemi and I would like to buy one I could use on all my vehicles. Are the...
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    Walmart Gun Safes-Spin or Electronic lock

    Are any of the gun safes at Walmart worth the money? Or is going cheap going to bite me on the arse later on. Should I go with a regular spin or electronic combination lock?
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    Air Force RED HORSE/ Navy SEA Bees

    Just wondered if there were any of you out there? What kind of project did you build? A list of my last couple of projects before I retired: 2001 Al Jaber Kuwait, Chow Hall/Supply Warehouse 2001 Creech AFB NV, K-Span 2002 Al Dafra UAE, Tension Fabric Shelter, Fire Station and parking...
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    How do you look up a phone number info?

    Ever get a wrong number or someone just keeps calling? Am sure there is a free web site to look up a number for free to see who the owns the line. Can you help? I tried searching myself but all the sites want money or a credit card number.
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    Las Vegas High School Grad rate is 65%

    Am not knocking Las Vegas because I happen to love the place. We have 300 days of nice weather + 40 days of freaking HOT, Las Vegas Motor Speedway (NASCAR & IRL racing) Skiing at Mt Charleston, Nellis AFB & Creech AFB, Red Rock, Valley of Fire and all the entertainment the Casino's bring but...
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    New Car Choice?

    I’ve got a tough decision to make and I wanted to hear from some of my fellow member’s. Next year I’ll be able to buy a new car but I can only afford around $45K. Of course that limits me to a few cars. Cars that would interest me in that price range is a Shelby GT 500 or a used...
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    New Las Vegas Meet

    Haven't been but am thinking of going. Just figured I share the info
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    How many 95's

    They may 107 93R's and 300 00R's, correct? What was the production numbers on the 5's?
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    Fathers proven not to be paternal father but still owing child support

    Was watching Dr Phil this week and the show was about fathers finding out that their not the father of their children. The twist was it was years after the divorce and they all found out after court ordered child support. They would petition the court to stop child support payments but in all...
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    Dog Bite Advice

    My son was bitten by my neighbor’s dog twice. The first time it was just a nip. I still filed a report with animal control. 18 months 6 days later he bite him pretty good on his right calf. Hired an lawyer and the insurance is trying to settle for $2k. I feel like am getting raped. My...
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    Is Best Buy's recalibrated Geek Squad Worth the $$$$

    Am in the market to for a 52” Sony LCD flat screen from Best Buy. It has 16,000 to 1 contrast and the rep said to make sure to have their geek squad come out and recalibrate it. They even had samples set up side by side. One recalibrated and one not. The recalibrated one looked a lot better...
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    Low mileage Cobra's

    The subject of high mileage rides has come up a few times and I was wondering how low mileage rides are out there? I bought my in Oct 02 and have a little over 13K on it. It's not my daily driver and it's garage kept.
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    Superrun Car Show Vegas

    In case you guys didn't know about this. It's in Henderson on Water Street which is their main drag. Alot of american iron.
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    Shelby Autograph

    Just in case anyone was interested, found it when I was visiting Shelby's website.
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    Help select my son's first car

    Yeah, am thinking of getting a car for my 16 yr old son. Of course we want a car that’s safe, cheap and one that the insurance company will not charge us a million bucks to cover. Any insurance insiders recommend a certain car? I figure 4 banger with liability. Anything else I should look...
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    Dog bite advice, please help

    A 1 ½ years ago my son was walking to his friend’s house. As he was walking there a neighbor’s dog dug under its fence and got out. The dog left its yard and ran into the street. It bit my son on the back of his thigh. His friend witnessed everything. The bite wasn’t too bad but I called...
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    Gun experts

    I've got a cleaning kit for a 9 mm. Will it work for a 357, brush size is what am concerned about? It looks pretty close. Thanks
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    Thinking of buying a Jeep Commander Limited.

    Yeah, the wife is upgrading her current ride for a Jeep Commander. Anyone know the good and bad about it. We haven't made up our mind about getting an 06 or the 07. Which ever we get it will be the fully loaded AWD Hemi Limited. Only difference between the 06 and the 07 is no back up camera...
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    Las Vegas I need help with springs

    Well, the story is that I was thinking of installing H & R race springs on my 03 Cobra. My problem is I’ve never change springs on any car before and was hoping someone could give me a hand. I could pay to have someone else do it but I love working on my car and learning as I go. Just one...
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    Cop shoot speeder and he keeps coming

    This stuff just makes me mad, hope he lost a kindey!