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  1. cmrokilr

    Compression test help

    Just did a compression test on my Cobra cylinders 5-7 were all kinda on the lower side with cylinder #6 being 135 psi.. the original plugs were all gapped around .042 I put NGK TR6’s back in gapped at .035 Should I be concerned with the compression test results? Car is 100% stock with 11k
  2. cmrokilr

    WANTED: Chrome 03/04 oem wheels

    Looking for a set of factory low mileage take offs. Must be oem in Midwest but willing to travel or ship for the right set. Let me know what’s out there. Thank you.
  3. cmrokilr

    WANTED: WTB True Forged hood vent

    Looking for a set of True Forged mesh hood vents for terminator cobra. Will pay top dollar of in good condition. Let me know what you have thanks.
  4. cmrokilr

    WANTED: WTB True Forged mesh hood vents

    Looking for a set of the mesh true forged cobra hood vents.
  5. cmrokilr

    WANTED: WTB Coupe

    Looking for cobra coupe. Preferably sub 40k miles. Svt cert & window sticker a big plus. In the midwest but will travel for the right car. Plz no SRA or auto swaps Sonic blue Torch red Oxford white
  6. cmrokilr

    WANTED: 03/04 Mirrors

    Looking for a set of 03/04 Cobra mirrors in good condition. Color does not matter.
  7. cmrokilr

    WANTED: 03/04 Cobra mirrors

    Like title says, looking for a set of 03/04 cobra mirrors. Color does not matter. Thanks.
  8. cmrokilr

    WANTED: DHG Bullitt

    Looking for 01 DHG Bullitt, in the Midwest but willing to travel. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  9. cmrokilr

    02 CAMARO SS 48k

    *Title: Clean, in hand *6 spd. manual tranny *silver in color *T-Tops *Black leather interior *Fully loaded along with almost all SLP Engineering options. SS Grille, Induction system, Center outlet exhaust, Bilstein suspension package, floor mats (new in plastic). Also optioned with Auburn...
  10. cmrokilr

    Bullitt with CCW's???

    Anyone have pictures of bullitts with ccw's? im looking to buy both and wondered what a DHG bullitt with gunmetal or chrome classics or any other ccw wheel would look like... any help would be appreciated
  11. cmrokilr

    MODDED 40th Anniversary GT

    For Sale is a Beautiful 2004 40th Anniversary Mustang GT. This car has been my baby for the past 3 years, I bought it for myself on my 18th birthday 100% stock with 42k on her at San-Tan ford in Gilbert, AZ. I am the 3rd owner, She has a clean and clear title along with a CarFax but is now n...
  12. cmrokilr

    WTB notch!

    looking to buy a 89-93 notch, preferably red. willing to trade 04 gt with full bolt ons etc. pm if interested ***NO RED INTERIOR***
  13. cmrokilr

    WTB Torch Red Decklid

    Like title says looking to buy a TR drcklid off a cobra, also looking for side skirts, hood and mirrors.. But mostly a deckid PM me if youve got one or know where I can find one Thanks
  14. cmrokilr

    Suspension help!

    I need some help guys, I have an 04 GT that has full bolt ons and that I lowered with steeda springs and that's about it. The suspension is becoming the weak link in the car, causing traction issues.. Im thinking about upgrading the whole suspension then put some 410s in it, my question is I...
  15. cmrokilr

    E-Brake problem

    i recently installed some BBK LT's with an O/R x-pipe with some flowmster delta 10 mufflers sounds good..but the problem is ever since then ive been noticing my e brake handle is loose and has some play in it but also the bitton at the top rattles constantly and will only stop if i put my finger...
  16. cmrokilr

    lowered pony help

    i am currently running steeda competition springs on my 04 GT which lowering it a little but not enough.. ive been looking at the tein brand that claims too lower it 2 1/2 inchs but im wondering if anyone is running these springs and if so could you post pictures and any info that i would need...
  17. cmrokilr

    04 torch red 40th anniversary GT

    idk how to post pics.. heres the link car is in wichita, kansas 2004 Mustang GT! 40th Anniversary have tons more pictures and all original parts
  18. cmrokilr

    edlebrock intake on 99-04

    does anyone have this set up? and if so can you use your factory throttle body?? any advice and PICTURES would help.
  19. cmrokilr

    2004 tr 40th anniversary gt PM ME IF INTERESTED
  20. cmrokilr

    wanting pics of dropzone springs!!!

    anyone running those 2" dropzone springs off ebay?? and of so how do they look and ride?!?!?!?
  21. cmrokilr

    torch red 40th anniversary GT

    im hate to do this but im having a baby, so my baby has to go.. 2004 mustang GT torch red 40th anniversary 85k for now, it is my dd interior. black interior MGW short throw shifter MDW silver handle exterior. lowered on steeda competition springs BRAND NEW tires...