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  1. colin450

    I am Fordless

    Traded my my GT500 in for a 2020 Wrangler Rubicon and sold my 2018 Raptor to get into a CTS-V. After owning a Lightning, 07 GT500, F250, 13 Raptor, 18 Raptor, this is the first time I’ve ever been Fordless (ok not really true my wife has an Explorer Sport). Snapped some phone pics of the V...
  2. colin450

    Sneakers - let's see em

    Had some talk in another thread about a thread for us sneakerheads so here it is. Let's see the collections. Jumped on board with the retro look and I'll be honest - I love these NMD tri-color Blue tints for my wife. Butters for me. Breds Just bought these the other day. In the...
  3. colin450

    PS4 Pro & LG OLED

    Anyone using the LG B6 OLED with their PS4 Pro having issues with this setup? Supposedly there was an update to fix the pairing issue but I haven't found any solid info if that's true or not. I really wanted this setup for the bonus room in my house but now I'm wondering if I should go another...
  4. colin450

    Shipping a jet ski?

    I know some guys on here have experience with shipping so I figured I'd ask. I'm looking to ship a jet ski from FL to MA and I'm not really sure where to start looking. Just wondering if any of you guys have any experience doing this? I have it on a trailer in a garage right now.
  5. colin450

    GT500 photoshoot (model shots included)

    Had these taken a few weeks back at a dyno day. My cousin took some extra photos for me with his camera. And one HDR that he did.
  6. colin450

    2010 Winter Classic. Bruins vs. Flyers pics

    Just wanted to share these pictures with you guys. Was an awesome game. It was a little hard to follow the puck from our seats but I still had a blast.
  7. colin450

    Twin-screw with catback only??

    Anybody running a Kenne Bell or a Whipple with only a catback? I have the 3" Bassani catback and have been looking into getting a Whipple but I'm not sure if it's safe to do without aftermarket headers and no cats or high-flow cats? Thanks in advance guys.
  8. colin450

    Lost to a Camaro....

    Yeah, I did :shrug:. Saw some Camaros hanging out in a lot on Sunday night, so I pulled in cause I recognized some of the cars. One I had ran before had an intake, full exhaust, and a cam. Fairly close race with him but I beat him. Then I raced another one this past sunday, head, cam...
  9. colin450

    09-10 NHL Winter Classic at Fenway

    Ice is nice at Fenway for Bruins - Figured I'd post this for any Boston/hockey fans. Not sure how true it is. Hopefully it happens cause I'd definitely go.
  10. colin450

    07 GT500: Coilover'd and CCW'd

    Just put my wheels on and took some quick pictures when I took it off the lift. Seems like they came out a little blury but you get the idea. I'll try and get some better pictures soon.
  11. colin450

    GT500 donut

    Took my car out for a little ride today after I got the coilovers adjusted right. Should have the CCWs on sometime next week so I figured I'd have some fun with the stock ones. YouTube - GT500 Donut
  12. colin450

    CCW SP500 and Ground Control coilover teaser pics

    Just got the front suspension done the other night and will have the back done soon. I plan on raising up the front some cause right now its a little too low. And yes, that is my key leaning on the front bumper. Sorry the car is filthy and a garage pic for fun.
  13. colin450

    black or polished wheels

    So I'm looking to get some new wheels and I need some help. I'm wondering what you guys think, black 20" TrueForged Chicanes with a chrome lip or polished 19" CCW SP500s. I generally like black wheels on black cars but I dont know if I have the guts to put them on mine. Let me know what you guys...
  14. colin450

    Tasca Ford Show-08 GT500 KR & SS +more

    Alot more cars there than I took pictures of, but heres what I did get. Enjoy.
  15. colin450

    Low dyno numbers

    So I just went and had my car dynoed today and the numbers seem really low for what I have done. The best my car did was 491/489. I have the JLT/Evo stage 2. I don't have a way of getting the graph on the computer so I'll give all the info I can. ***DYNO GRAPH ADDED*** 95.29*F 29.67 in-Hg...
  16. colin450

    Give me the whole process...

    Just got my first black car over the weekend. I've already searched and found that alot of people are using Zaino. But I'd like to know what you guys are using to soap the car, dry it, and if you have any particular wax you like. Basically I'd like to know your whole process for washing your...
  17. colin450


    Anybody have a sound clip of Bassani's race cat back, or the regular one, on their Shelby?