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  1. JaCobro

    Dealer says their area rep leads them to believe there will be a '23 GT500

    Would of been cool to see something special for 23-24 models. Could those years be an anniversary edition?
  2. JaCobro

    Tuesday Joke

    Uh oh :ROFLMAO:
  3. JaCobro

    From the archive: IROC vs. 5.0

    I always had a hard on for a 1991-92 z28. Also 1980-81 z28.
  4. JaCobro

    Golfers, Step In

    I would also suggest getting fitted, then at least one pro lesson session. That’s where I am with my golf game. Short game is pretty consistent. Driving game is all over the place. But when I hit “straight”, I still can’t figure out how to keep hitting straight.
  5. JaCobro

    Monday Joke

  6. JaCobro

    Beef jerky recommendation

    Nice! You really can’t beat some good home made jerky. Best I ever had was some deer jerky my uncle had way back when. Lol
  7. JaCobro

    Beef jerky recommendation

    Just had some garlic bohemian beef jerky from bucees, and wow that was some of the best beef jerky I’ve had in years. Bucees is my new go to for some jerky. Actually that was only yesterday. Haha
  8. JaCobro

    Justified Response??? | Race Track Fight

    22 was getting it done on the outside. Looked like some good racing before the incident. I think the 22 car was faster, and 51 was trying to hard to keep up.
  9. JaCobro

    Thursday Joke

    Classic lol
  10. JaCobro

    Has Anyone Tried Cleaning Gel for Dusty Vents???

    That’s what brushes are for. Auto Interior Dust Brush, Car Cleaning Brushes Duster, Soft Bristles Detailing Brush Dusting Tool for Automotive Dashboard, Air Conditioner Vents, Leather, Computer ,Scratch Free
  11. JaCobro

    Prime Day Deals - Anyone Get Anything Good???

    Valid points. I’ll see if I can add some surround speakers to it.
  12. JaCobro

    Prime Day Deals - Anyone Get Anything Good???

    Does this look like a good deal? I been thinking about getting surround sound but don’t want to spend more then a couple hundred bucks. Deal of the day for Prime Members: Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | Wireless Subwoofer | Includes HDMI & Optical Cables...
  13. JaCobro

    Mystery squeak... (low mile, stock 03 Cobra)

    Check into the steering gear tube brackets. Ford has a TSB for it which says to replace the tube brackets. It’s a possibility. But almost does sound like a interior panel rubbing.
  14. JaCobro

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Hanging with the gang at RK motors.
  15. JaCobro

    Issue in Montana looking for advise. Sorry its long. I don’t have one. But this is what I would probably get. One of my hood buddies has this setup hard wired in his mustang. Edit: you can find it on Amazon too. I don’t know how to share this forums link to the product page.
  16. JaCobro

    Issue in Montana looking for advise. Sorry its long.

    Invest in a dash cam for next time.
  17. JaCobro

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Too lazy to look for the truck thread right now. Prob my last mods till I need some tires, maybe. Lol. Got around to putting 1-1/2 inch leveling spacers in the front, which she sits perfect for me now. Also rear wheel fender liners, and mud flaps.
  18. JaCobro

    Friday Joke

    Time for a new doctor… lol
  19. JaCobro

    Anyone Interested in Some SVTP Fitted Hats?

    One of each for me please. 7-1/4 7-3/8
  20. JaCobro

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    $5 says it’s alfalfa1556 or what ever his name is. Lol
  21. JaCobro

    Monday Joke

  22. JaCobro

    Prey (Predator 5)

    Definite maybe.