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    WANTED: WTB Used Supercharger kit for 05-06 Gt.

    Looking for a used kit for my 06 Gt. Not too picky on brand. Vortech, Paxton, Procharger, ect.... Just as long as it is a complete kit.
  2. J

    WTB 01 Bullitt or a turbo/supercharged 99-04 GT

    Located in north Alabama, looking for a clean 01 Bullitt or possibly a supercharched/turbo'd 99-04 GT. Will travel a couple hundred miles for the right car.
  3. J

    WTB 05-10 Gt in southeast.

    Looking for a clean 05-10 Gt preferably modded. 13k or under. Posted once not sure why it got deleted. Located in north Alabama Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    WTB 99-01 Cobra in southeast.

    Looking to buy a nice 99-01 cobra. Located in north Alabama. Willing to drive. No yellow and modded is fine. Have around 13k to spend. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    WTB 05-10 Gt in the southeast

    Looking for a clean 5spd 05-10. Located in north Alabama and will travel some. Modded is ok. No yellow. Pm me please thanks. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  6. J

    WTB Mach 1 in the southeast

    Looking for a clean Mach 1 in the southeast. I live in north Alabama but will travel a few hundred miles. No yellow please and looking to spend 13000-under. Stock or modded is fine. With a power adder is even better. PM me if you have one. Thanks.
  7. J

    Fs or trade 03 Cobra twin turbo(not finished)

    I am looking at trading my 03 cobra or sale it. I have just lost intrest and really just wanna get back into something I can race, I don't care if its not as fast as this can be. Car needs to finished but is running and prolly 85-90% finished. I have all paperwork, window sticker, warranty...
  8. J

    FS ARP 2000 Rod Bolts new

    Bought these and needed a different number, have been opened but never used. $100 shipped. ARP 256-6301 is the part number
  9. J

    Fs/ft complete C4 mod motor setup

    PTC c4 w/trans brake reverse man vb 4k PTC stall 10 inch Jw mod motor bell Bte deep pan Auto meter temp gauge 8 bolt sfi flex plate Holcomb shifter plate, drilled to fit factory location 94-04 Hurts quarter stick w/ t brake button Aluminum driveshaft Spicer yoke Steeda driveshaft spacer Lokar...
  10. J

    FS hub centric spacers, oil separator, and more

    1 inch h&r spacers $75 shipped Nib Steeda oil separator $30 shipped Used Matco breather kit 03/04 Shelby $30 shipped New cobra upr knob $20 shipped New egr delete plate and gasket $10 shipped New upr quadrant $25 shipped New upr firewall adj $30 shipped
  11. J

    Wtb Chiseled Performance intercooler tank

    I've seen a few of these floating around on here for sale, looking to buy. Want one with the pump inside.
  12. J

    05-10 gt Diablosport predator new

    I have a brand new predator never used that has a custom tune for a vortech v2 setup. Can have other tunes loaded to it. $200 obo
  13. J

    FS 2002 True Blue Lightning

    Need to sell my truck and pay it off. Might accept a trade for a truck worth 4-5k plus cash to pay it off. Ford or Dodge. Here are the details. 2002 66k miles Stock eaton #4 lower Jlp tune with sct handheld C&l pipe No cats with magnaflow muffler Lowered all the way around 20 inch replicas with...
  14. J

    Leaking axles seals moser axles?

    I've got my car up and going good and yesterday I notice gear oil under my back left tire. So I pulled both axles and sure enough there leaking. I have moser 33 spline axles 9inch ends and the axles use an o ring on the bearing. We're can I get this o ring and and tricks on making sure it...
  15. J

    FS stock fpdm

    Nothing wrong with it $60 shipped
  16. J

    Nitrous with a vortech V3??

    I got a buddy with an 05 gt with a vortech v3 and he is wanting to add a 75 shot to it or maybe a 50. Would you guys go with a dry or wet? If so were would you mount the nozzel?
  17. J

    FS/FT Supercharged 05 Gt

    I have a buddy thats wants to sell or trade his gt for an 03/04 coupe. He is real anal about his car and its super nice. He wants to see if there is any intrest out there with trading for one. Here are the details. Looking for 19k to buy it. 2005 Mustang Gt 77k miles 5spd White/Black leather...
  18. J

    FS: Stock 03/04 Fuel Hat & Pumps

    Went to a return setup need this gone. Stock hat and pumps 52k miles no issues ran fine. Does not come with a sending unit or seal, and harness plug is cut off. $150 shipped lower 48
  19. J

    WTT 05 Gt Supercharged for 03/04

    I have a buddy thats wants to trade his gt for an 03/04 coupe. He is real anal about his car and its super nice. He wants to see if there is any intrest out there with trading for one. Here are the details. 2005 Mustang Gt 77k miles 5spd White/Black leather Stock Engine FRPP Thumper Cams...
  20. J

    FS: Used BAP w/lethal wiring upgrade

    Still on car, maybe 1k miles on it. Its coming off tonight, im going return style. $230 shipped.
  21. J

    03-04 cobra sct chip

    I have a sct chip out if my cobra with a custom tune on it for a 2.8 pulley, catback, and a rai. Don't know alot about it but it ran great in my car. Made 455hp/487tq. $100 shipped Obo
  22. J

    FS: Posi eaton, accufab plenum, and more

    Have a few items I need gone, went tvs so this stuff needs to go. Posi race ported eaton- Sold Accufab plenum, has hole from nitrous nozzel- Sold Stock tb with tps- Sold Stock coupe front springs- $50 shipped Stock alt pulley- $25 shipped Metco oil cap breather used- $35...
  23. J

    Few parts for sale, stock lower pulley, tb, metco breather

    Stock lower w/ idler-$120 sold Stock Throttle body-$45 sold Metco Breather Used in good shape(fits were oil cap is)-$30 sold
  24. J

    FS: Stock manifolds

    Stock 03-04 manifolds with 52k miles. Nothing wrong with them. $75 shipped.
  25. J

    FS stock 03-04 parts

    Stock eaton w/2.8 metco pulley and hub one broke intercooler bolt-$350 shipped Stock exhaust manifolds-$50 shipped Stock plenum-$40 shipped Stock intercooler resevoir -sold Stock pulley and cover-$40 shipped