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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    Shareholders will always the most important, it’s a legal requirement.
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    Thoughts on Real Estate- bubble burst or not?

    While we aren't experiencing the same situation as the 07 bubble burst, there are several reasons why I believe the housing market is unsustainable: 1. Low interest rates make higher priced homes more "affordable"; when interest rates increase, home prices will drop. 2. In UT for example, ~52%...
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    Ghostbusters Afterlife Review

    Good move overall. Genuine sequel that lives up to the original.
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    Dinosaurs -- The True Story

    Funny... but they ripped off Meet the Robinsons.
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    Wheel of Time

    If they stay true to the books and have a legit budget it could be better than GOT... Should have cast someone a little bit bigger / more muscular to play Lan though.
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    health insurance

    Once there is money in your HSA it’s yours to use on any medical expenses and it doesn’t expire. The requirements and restrictions are due to it being a pre-tax benefit (IRS). Why can’t you cancel your health insurance without a qualifying event; pre-tax benefit (IRS). Why was Obamacare legal; IRS.
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    health insurance

    Yes, the HDHP is the qualifier for an HSA.
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    health insurance

    There are several items to consider when purchasing and using a health insurance plan. Out of Pocket, Out of Pocket Max, In-Network, Out of Network, Co-Insurance, Co-Pay, etc. Your larger insurance providers (UHC, Cigna, Aetna, etc.) usually have a large network with plenty of Primary Care...
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    7 Reasons We Age - Richard Heart

    I'm not a doctor but I have taken several years worth of biology, anatomy, etc. From what I remember, cancer comes from cell division where cells mutate, and rather than being destroyed (apoptosis), they survive, divide and mutate on their own, and continue with cell division in the same part...
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    What is the purpose of humanity?

    Most things in nature are driven based on basic needs including survival and procreation, but humans are unique in that we have strong emotions and therefore want/need a sense of purpose that surviving and procreating doesn't provide. Whether you are religious or agnostic, nature provides...
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    Advice for purchasing Toy Hauler

    Since this will be your first purchase I'd recommend either renting for the first year or buying something in good condition used (1-5 years old) with an empty weight around 4-5K lbs. and if you buy (even if new), try to stay as close to $20-30K as possible... why? - Make sure you will actually...
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch Calibre 5 Automatic Men 43 mm - WAZ2011.BA0842
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    I have the same watch... one of my everyday watches as well.
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Part of the reason Tag has a bad reputation is they are Swiss designed and assembled, but the parts are made in China. Rolex on the other hand does everything in house. Also, be careful when buying any watch; pay attention to how the employees handle the watch, wind it, adjust the date, etc...
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    Cashier's check

    Ask the bank how long it will take to clear / verify once you deposit the check; this could be 5-10 days.
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    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Some jewelry stores will discount new watches ~10% if you simply ask and up to 30% if it’s been in their inventory for a while and/or a new year/model has been released. This has been my experience when buying Tag Heuer and looking at Omega watches.
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    The Snyder Cut

    I think the love/hate perspectives differ from person to person based on their expectations... are you going to watch a popcorn action flick or do you want developed characters and plot. Take End Game and GOT S8 for example... good popcorn shows but IMO they didn’t live up to the development...
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    How about my sister who was born with small ureters and lost both kidneys at the age of three... my mom took her to multiple family practitioners and nephrologists who weren’t able to diagnose the issue until AFTER both kidneys failed. By your reasoning and given this example, people should...
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    Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts, similar to how podiatrists are foot and ankle experts. Are there chiropractors with questionable morals/ethics? Certainly, but there are health care professionals at every level who have questionable morals/ethics. As for the "business model" of...
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    Vette Guys: C5 or C6

    I’ve owned an ‘85, an ‘03 Z06, and a 2010 convertible automatic. The C5, while noticeably better than the C4, still felt like a crude, raw, good old fashioned sports car when compared to the almost grand touring feeling C6. The LS2 can also make very good power with heads and a cam so I...
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    Manufacturer 84 at 0%

    MSRP minus $3K.
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    Manufacturer 84 at 0%

    Picked up a left over 2019 F150 two weeks ago for my daughter with rebates, $6K discount, and 0% for 72. Today we bought a 2020 Mustang GT Performance Pack with a small rebate, $3K discount, and 0% for 72. Could have done 0% for 84 on both vehicles, just wanted max rebates allowed and I don't...
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    All Fun and Games untill you Have to Move.

    As a general rule the further away from the center of Phoenix you are the better... that's not to say that you can't find nice communities close to the center of town, it just depends on the area. Places like Ahwatukee, Cave Creek, and Fountain Hills are all pretty nice, just expensive. Here...
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    Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker Review

    Understand that I am in my early 40's, grew up loving the original trilogy. I even tolerated the nonsense in the prequals because it was Star Wars and I understand George Lucas' shortcomings including his ego. Also, I had ZERO expectations going in to the Force Awakens and enjoyed it as a whole...