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  1. ssj4sadie

    Another mass shooting What in the absolute ****?!
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    May the 4th be with you, always.
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    To PS5 or not to PS5

    Don’t really play any video games but every now and again it sounds like fun. Didn’t realize how ****ing hard it would be to get one. Just got an invite to buy one direct from Sony. So yes or no?
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    New Thor trailer

    Man, I really hope the part where Natalie Portman snatched up the hammer is not the first time it happens in the movie. I like Thor so I’ll actually go see this in theater,
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    Things you haven’t yet learned as an adult yet.

    More or less my entire adult life I was under military control, so certain things I had almost zero choice in. For instance finding a PCP. How would one go about finding a doc that is “cool”? Today I talked to my doc about getting a DNR and it was pretty much “lol nope!” Having had an MI at 35...
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    Drummers of SVTP

    Always wanted to play the drums, but my mom was a **** about it. The idea hit me the other day and I bought a set today. Haven’t played an instrument in a very long time. Any place online that is a good resource to learn how to not piss my neighbors off with this thing?
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    I will miss you Ellie

    Today sucks, it was time to put Ellie to sleep. Had a vet come to the house to help her on. Ellie was 12 years old. Took her and her older little brother for some pupaccinos yesterday Also got them a burger. Made her a ribeye and bratwurst for dinner and snuggled her. She was such a silly and...
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    Ford ESP

    Have had my Raptor for just under 3 years and this thread reminded me that I need to get the ESP It is pretty well known that Flood Ford has some of the best prices on Ford ESP, super easy to get a quote...
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    Shit I thought was stupid

    Backstory: Was once in the military where I worked in "IT construction" and now I'm a full time student. Was in school before COVID hit. Long story short, I used to look at what interior designers did in government cubicle farms and schools and thought "Man, all this crap, money, and time...
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    WTF Taco Bell

    Had a craving for some TB, so I went. WTF happened to the prices?! You used to be able to buy the entire menu for like $ a damn chalupa meal is almost $10 and soft taco supreme meal almost $8. Then to top it off I had an old person moment; told the wife “Remember when you could buy the...
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    I thought I could...

    Eat a lot. I somehow stumbled onto this part of YouTube with competitive eaters Others such as Katina Eats Kilos and Leah Shutkever.. Then Joel these people are inhuman.
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    Grease - Summer Nights

    I don’t know about you guys...but it is hot as **** in San Antonio and I’m sweating like a whore in church, who just farted after finger blasting the other whore in church. What soap are you using to wash up? Irish spring and a loofah are just not cutting it. I’m damn near 35 and breaking out on...
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    Quarantine cooking injuries

    I bet a lot more people are cooking at home and with that comes some hazard...I cheese grated a knuckle today. The small amount of skin went well with the spaghetti. What have you ****ed up so far?
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    Time to refinance?

    Have been mulling it over for a couple months and I think now is a good time. Have been in this house for almost 2 years with a 4.5% APR, so I should definitely be able to get a lower rate. What rates are you guys seeing out there? I would be going for a 30 year VA refinance.
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    What in the MEGA **** is this?!

    I don't know about you guys, but I HATE mega roll TP. And for some dumb ass reason all the stores are only carrying mega rolls now. 2020 is already starting on a bad foot:mad:
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    Last minute ideas

    What do you get your 3 year old niece that has too many toys to begin with? Her mom is a super liberal tool, so pissing her off would be an added bonus.
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    My truck made it into an article on RaptoberX:cool: Mine is the Ruby Red with the plate "PHILOSO". Despite the gopro and phone mount, all my video sucked:( RaptoberX Terrorizes The Rally Ready Ranch In Austin
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    Got a weird itch.

    Haven’t played a console game in what seems like 5+ years. With this new CoD and Star Wars coming out I’m getting the itch to play some games. Should I PlayStation or Xbox?
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    When you remember...the next day

    Was taking a biology exam yesterday and could not for the life of me remember the answer to a question. Today while walking I randomly remember the answer. I hate when this happens.
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    Mother ****er I really didn’t want to get Disney+
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    Too many choices

    Trying my very hardest to avoid writing a paper. Looking at buying a beater car to take to school. I haven't really looked and the small amount I have there are too many choices. Any good ideas for a car <$5K, >25MPG, easy maintenance, and auto? I don't care about color, looks, or performance...
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    Stuff that doesn’t make sense

    Like this headline there is nothing freak accident about being a ****ing retard and electrocuting yourself in the tub. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    At home dry aged steaks

    Ordered some Umai bags to dry age some ribeye. Picked up a 13.5lb prime boneless ribeye roast and cut it in half. One is going to be 35 day dry aged and the other is going to be 60 day. Never had a true dry aged ribeye. So I’m looking forward to some good steaks. What have you done? Edit...
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    Anyone watch Lucifer? On the second season and so far it’s pretty entertaining.
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    In search of a desktop computer. I don’t keep up with computer stuff, but I don’t like to buy cheap and often. So I’m pretty lost on what I actually need vs what the internet is telling me what is good. I plan on buying a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in a couple months to act as my “at school...