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  1. black4vcobra

    For being 100% Irish I really do have some bad luck.

    So he's drunk, dumb or lucky? Or some combination of all 3? I keed, i keed... (kinda)
  2. black4vcobra

    For being 100% Irish I really do have some bad luck.

    You are doing the right thing by documenting it and determining the extent of the damage yourself. New bumper and foam absorber at a minimum. If the bumpers were more readily available this guy could probably get away with less than $500 in damage as far as parts anyway. As is, he was a dick...
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    BS Electrical Engineering, Should I?

    I have a civil degree but work with EE's on a near daily basis as I'm in utility design - transmission lines, substations and most recently Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) which generally support solar arrays or wind turbines. As others have mentioned, the need for people to design...
  4. black4vcobra

    Another mass shooting

    So true. I think the word "nurture" is a little weak though. More like "encourage" and possibly "force" for the real lunatics.
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    Another mass shooting

    I hear middle aged broads like that give a mean blowjob. Not that I would know... Anyway, I'm also trying to figure out how white supremacy plays into this case. I'm sure the hispanic guy wouldn't have killed a bunch of hispanic kids without white supremacy being the cause but I haven't yet...
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    Another mass shooting

    Bingo. I don't see how he could have pulled the money together himself and by all accounts, his family was quite poor so a it would be surprising if there was a few grand even in the bank.
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    Top Gun Maverick: Review hopefully no major spoilers

    Saw it Saturday on the "Ultrascreen" at the local Marcus Theater. As others have said, the story wasn't the greatest but it does have plenty of connections to the original, it starts strong and doesn't slow down for long and the flight scenes were out of this world amazing. On a side note...
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    Honeymoon: Out west trip from Ohio to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, etc… what should we take?

    Depends on mods. GT would be fun if the exhaust isn't too loud as that gets old to me after a few hours. I wouldn't want to take the Lightning as mileage will be terrible and that's a lot of miles all at once on an SVT. Expedition would be most comfortable and capable if you hit any weather.
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    Real estate strategy

    Floated the idea of listing soon and renting back to our realtor and he agreed it's now a better option than even a month ago so it looks like that's what we'll do. Thanks for the input all.
  10. black4vcobra

    Real estate strategy

    Good point. The purchase contract has a set date they are renting until but of course that can always change with the supply chain snaggles. Yes, the idea to wait until July to list was before the fed signaled aggressive rate hikes. Things are definitely different now.
  11. black4vcobra

    Real estate strategy

    Oh I guess I was misunderstanding what you were suggesting then. I thought you were implying we should pay the same amount of rent for our current home (if we sold and rented back) as we are receiving in rent from the current owners of our new home. You are right though, it would be best to...
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    Real estate strategy

    Thanks for the input, it certainly would be the way to go if the area wasn't so ridiculous, still definitely worth considering though and will be brought up with our agent. To clarify a bit, the rent back on our current home would be significantly less than what we are getting paid for rent by...
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    Real estate strategy

    VegasMike's thread inspired me to see if anyone would have any knowledge or constructive input. Looking for a bit of strategy. We are closing on our next house next week but the prior owners had requested a rent back until September as they are building. We anticipate listing our current home...
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    WANTED: WTB 96-98 Cobra coupe

    Gotcha, not your fault. Thanks for getting back to me.
  15. black4vcobra

    WANTED: WTB 96-98 Cobra coupe

    Yes, definitely would like more info as far as condition, any mods, interior color (has to be black) and what you are asking. Located in Sarasota, Florida? Any decent pics that can be posted?
  16. black4vcobra

    WANTED: WTB 96-98 Cobra coupe

    Looking for a buddy who wants to purchase a 96-98 Cobra coupe. Black or red preferred but all colors will be considered. What he's willing to pay would depend on mileage, condition and mods (close to stock as possible preferred). He just sold his 95 5.0 and he wants in the 4V game. He's...
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    Used car prices about to go into free fall

    Agreed. I also feel housing cost increases will slow but in any desirable area, they will continue to rise as inventory is too low.
  18. black4vcobra

    Corvette to become its own brand?

    Wouldn't surprised me, it's so different than all other Chevys. Would be far less lame than what Dodge did with the Ram. Makes me laugh when people correct someone about their Ram as if it's still not a Dodge. Please guy, Chrysler has done this forever with badge engineered cars that are...
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    “2021 was so bad, I can’t wait for 2022.”

    No problem. But ya, get to the range with a rifle when you get a chance. Idk what you have for guns but the 5.56/.223 isn't legal for deer hunting in some states. It is adequate for well placed shots, using appropriate bullets, but doesn't leave a lot of margin for error. Many old timers...
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    “2021 was so bad, I can’t wait for 2022.”

    Assuming you can shoot worth half a shit and are willing to kill an animal you'll figure it out when you need to. Lots of men nowadays don't even have it in them to kill an animal to feed themselves or their families. Cutting into an animal's dead body is another task most modern men haven't...
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    Wisconsin has a statute on the books about no exhaust can emit more sound than the exhaust the vehicle was originally equipped with. In practice, the only time it gets used is if a cop is looking to write a guy every ticket possible. I know several cops who have significantly louder than...
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    WANTED: 96-98 Coupe

    Is this still for sale?
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    Cardano seems to be recovering more losses than the rest of the bigger coins. I bought a few hundred more when it was around 90 cents a coin so i'm ok with it's upward motion.
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    Cash Out Mania Is Back

    We are house shopping right now and our budget is WAY more than I ever anticipated spending on a house. On the plus side, our house has appreciated 60%+ in the 8 years we've owned it. Besides being in a near recession proof metro area, I am glad to see the numbers showing a much more stable...
  25. black4vcobra

    65 AC Shelby Cobra 3 Valve Install

    Oh forsure. 3V is the worst pick of any Ford V8 in the last 50 years.