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  1. Recon

    My wife is getting another heart.

    Well my wife is my land yacht, sue me. She’s getting another engine. It’s a real L78 396 big block. Some factory upgrades over the regular 396 include: 780cfm Holley carb, aluminum intake manifold, square intake port heads, 2.19in intake valves, 1.72in exhaust valves, 11:1 compression, 4 bolt...
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    20 years ago…

    The world seems to be falling apart in front of our eyes. With the current administration making decisions that go from bad to worse; and the country being divided to the extreme of polar opposites. Even with everything going on in the world today, today marks the 20 anniversary of what happened...
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    6th Gen Z/28 development canceled along with the 6.6L LT3 N/A V8.

    Sixth-Generation Camaro Z/28 Cancelled: Exclusive It’s not a shock that GM is ending the Camaro after this generation. According to the article, development ended for the Alpha platform Z/28 variant; along with the power plant that is what was supposed to be the successor to the LS7. Other...
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    The world just seems less bright now.

    This will be a long post, and I’m sorry but I skip around a lot. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, mods move it to the right one if necessary. I lost the greatest man I have ever known in my life, my grandfather. It’s been 4 weeks since his passing and I’ve only been able to tell a few about...
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    The true successor to the McLaren F1 has been made, the GMA T50...

    I will leave only a little info from the video, as it is worth watching even if it’s 35 minutes. Gordon Murray was the lead engineer for the McLaren F1 and he has designed and built his own car. The rest of the info is in the video. It is truly a masterpiece. Oh and one last thing, it’s a stick...
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    65 GT350R driven by Ken Miles sells for a record 3.85 million

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but looks like Mr. McQueen’s Bullitt is #2 now. Article: UPDATE: Ken Miles' 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R sells for $3.85 million Pick your poison.
  7. Recon

    840,000 original mile 1965 Mustang GT fastback. 289HiPo Top Loader 4 speed.

    This is pretty friggin awesome: Cliff notes: owner bought it in 67 and was his daily driver until 94. Also was his family’s road trip car. Car has documents proving the mileage. It was hit in 94, and a six year...
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    The big brothers are coming! C8 Z06 prototype sited!

    2022 Corvette C8 Z06 Prototype Shows Exotic Rear Wing, Huge Tires Click the article for the pictures, as I can’t save them to my phone. Cliff notes: big wing resembling a Koenigsegg Agera RS, Front tires are 275/30R20, rear 345/25R21, rubber is Michelin pilot sport cup 2 R, potential carbon...
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    Class action lawsuit of the MT82

    Read this earlier: Ford Mustang Owners File Class-Action Suit over Manual Transmission To be honest I expected this to happen sooner than it did. Thoughts? Pick your poison.
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    Drag karts?

    I’m not that crazy about drag racing but this looks awesome! One of them is a low 9’s kart in the 140+MPH range. Pick your poison.
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    1000hp 3JZ 5th gen Supra coming apparently...

    Toyota Supra 3JZ Is Coming To CRUSH The C8 Corvette Thoughts? Pick your poison.
  12. Recon

    It didn’t take long... VMP Predator swap with manual trans.

    Saw this last night. VMP had a predator crate engine that they installed in one of their GT’s, it also has a manual transmission. Pick your poison.
  13. Recon

    Bugatti hits over 300mph on top speed run...

    Pick your poison.
  14. Recon

    Wanting to build knowledge on modern Mopars

    Creating this thread for 2 reasons. 1. Make a long story short my father’s best friend was hit on his motorcycle in April. He’s mostly recovered from it about 6 months ahead of schedule. He can’t get in his truck without issues now. So, the task with finding him a replacement was given to me...
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    C6Z06 with a 5.3L Flat Plane Crank LS.

    This popped up on my google page. I think it’s really interesting and cool to say the least. Definitely a unique sound but I think I’d stick with the LS7. Article: A Ferrari V8 sounds like a Ferrari V8, largely, because it has a flat-plane crankshaft setup. No other American V8 muscle cars...
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    Any sword enthusiasts on here? Wanting estimated value of a Katana.

    As the title says I’m looking for an estimated value of a Katana. A friend of mine had a death in the family and he acquired a few swords. It’s a replica but probably on the cheaper side of replicas. From what I’m told the deceased enjoyed reenactments. I don’t think it’s worth much but I’d like...
  17. Recon

    WTB: Good Condition Black Mach 1 Valve Covers.

    What’s going on fellas? As the title says I’m looking for some good condition Black Mach 1 Valve Covers. So, let me know what you guys have. The coil covers aren’t necessary, as I’m going with some custom ones. Thanks. Pick your poison.
  18. Recon

    Articles are still being made on the Terminator...

    A 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Is Still a Monster Today Pick your poison.
  19. Recon

    Discussion: Navigator swap Lightning with FR500C intake manifold

    As title says I’m interested in hearing how to make this work. After studying some photos of the Lightning engine bay, I’ve come up with 2 possible solutions. Either the firewall will have to be cut and modified to accept the intake manifold or the engine would need to be dropped with different...
  20. Recon

    Unknown 302 converted to Boss 302 specs.

    Asking for a friend. I know the basics that a boss 302 is basically a 302 shortblock with 351 parts added to it. (If that’s incorrect I’d like to know) So is there a kit that supplies basically everything you need for the conversion to work? Pricing it together is fine, but details on he parts...
  21. Recon

    WTB: Mach 1 forged 8 bolt crank.

    As the title says I need a stock 8 bolt crank for my car. My machine shop has called almost all his sources for a crank and I’ve called many many many speed shops @Zemedici (sorry for being impatient Josh) and Mustang salvage yards. All to no avail. There’s several Mach 1’s at a salvage yard...
  22. Recon

    Comp Orange Mach 1 restoration...

    Well some may know I purchased a 04 Comp Orange Mach 1 about a month ago. It’s my first New Edge and I’m very excited to get her pretty again and road worthy! I’ve wanted a New Edge for a few years now since I wasn’t able to get my Buddy’s 2V. Since then I’ve been searching. My budget would only...
  23. Recon

    New article on the LT5 in the C7 ZR1. Has some interesting details about that engine and a few specifications. Thoughts?