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  1. 89BIRD

    Time to experience some German engineering

    I hope he still has it!! Rare to find those cars with RUF mods on them these days. Definitely get one when you’re ready!! He sold it in 93' or car for the day. He street/roll raced the $hit out of it....never saw it loose from a roll.
  2. 89BIRD

    Time to experience some German engineering

    Nice purchase. HRE's complement the car well. After driving a friends 86 911 turbo with RUF mods back in the day, I vowed myself to own one......someday :)
  3. 89BIRD

    Cadillac CT5V Blackwing (Savagegeese)

    Surprised to see the ATS V even on the list being that its down 130+ horses to everything above it.
  4. 89BIRD

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    New daily. 2017 ATS-V Carbon Black Package with every option except painted calipers. A8 is a little finicky, but fun car thus far.
  5. 89BIRD

    When you go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and someone makes you look slow!

    Maybe its because I'm a bottle and a half of wine into the evening, but shouldn't a ZL1 that runs 10.80 trap close to 127-130. PDR off as it never got over 116?
  6. 89BIRD

    Procharged Z06 vs Gen 1 Coyote $2000 pot

    Counting off $1k in $20's is amateur hour from the start. As Klaus said........was waiting for something other than the obvious bus length ass whoopin'
  7. 89BIRD

    C7zr1 values wayyy up...

    I have been looking at ATS-V's for a daily since November. I should have jumped on one as they've easily gone up $5-7k since then. Low option (no carbon, recaro's, etc.) cars are equally priced as hi option one's - weird. Everyone staying at home during COVID (that worked) having more...
  8. 89BIRD

    ATS-V draggy times

    Nice choice. Looks like carbon package with the Recaros from the pic. I'm looking to get one as a daily when I get rid on my IS350. Post some numbers after the mods are done......
  9. 89BIRD

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    V6 Firebird might have been telling the truth...... :)
  10. 89BIRD

    If You Have Skin In The Market

    The're around if you want to be a public employee schlepper like me.....
  11. 89BIRD

    If You Have Skin In The Market

    3 different words. Defined benefit plan.
  12. 89BIRD

    Pics and Dyno Vid of heads / cam Viper build process.

    Sick NA power - but what's up with the dyno graph...........last time I checked HP=TQ at 5250 RPM not 6500?
  13. 89BIRD

    Raining FGTs at Barrett Jackson

    Wow. I thought someone was bat shit crazy when the one at my local dealer sold for $279K back in the day. $149 base / $30k for the paint / $100k dealer mark up.
  14. 89BIRD

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I dunno, if part of slope kicked out on one side when he had the tracks flat and just touching in the back he'd surely be testing the viability of the ROPS
  15. 89BIRD

    67 twinturbo vette destroy lamb,mclaren

    200r4's were put in a ton of cars that were far more meager than GNs, T's, GNX's and TTA's. They can be picked up cheap and easily built to handle a car with this level of power.
  16. 89BIRD

    ford gt burn to the ground

    Perhaps, I'm wondering why a boy and his father would close the doors to a $450,000 car they are fleeing from that just burst into flames.
  17. 89BIRD

    C7 Z06 vs Wingsuit!

    Funny how they incorporated (1:12) one of the only pit vipers (aspic viper) native to Switzerland. Big middle finger to the outgoing Viper?
  18. 89BIRD

    Stock Stock C7 ZR1 goes 10.3 @ 133

    Just wait for track rental time at MIR in November when they lay down the fly paper........oh goody.
  19. 89BIRD

    Dodge Demon vs McLaren 720s (roll races)

    Well-spoken from someone whom likely has an IQ far north of any trap speed mentioned in this post. From someone with an IQ closer to the listed power to weight ratios, feel fortunate if you have the means to any of these fine automobiles and enjoy them for what they are...................but...
  20. 89BIRD

    c7zo6 new best time

    Definitely haulin' the mail, especially at that DA.........a MIR that would be like at 9.40 @ 146+ :)
  21. 89BIRD

    Random Picture Thread

    Mullet regalness
  22. 89BIRD

    Let’s see some pics of former cars you now regret selling.

    Wish I could of kept this one....TTA went 12.7 at 113 on street tires with a chip, dump pipe and the boost set at 21psi. Eventually, it went mid-11's with just normal bolt part was street racing in 89-91...... made a lot of 5.0's cry.
  23. 89BIRD

    all 3 mustang cobra model engines long will Ford lie about the advertised HP rating of the 1999 Cobra engine........:p
  24. 89BIRD

    New ride!

    Ditto ^^^
  25. 89BIRD

    Midengine Corvette leaking like a bad faucet!

    I remember when these were cutting edge......getting old sucks.