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    Photoshop request

    Here's a quick one. Shadows and such might not be perfect, didnt take the time for those.
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    SVT Detectives Question

    If you have a Capital One card, you can use their Virtual Card number service, that way your actual card number wont be stored the website..
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    Photoshop help!!!

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    Any photoshoppers out there?

    Im by no means an expert as you can see, but i was bored...
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    Anyone have ViperSecurity (SmartStart)?

    I have the Viper Smart start VSS4x10 installed on my daily driver (2014 Altima) I love the system. I work in downtown Cleveland (obviously gets cold) and have to park acouple blocks away, so i wanted a system i could start the car from far away. I've never had a problem finding a signal for it...
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    FS: Vortech V1 s/c with aftercooler..
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    Where else...

    but here and autotrader to look for a 04 Cobra. Im being pretty picky about what i want. Need more places to look. Thanks guys/gals! :coolman:
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    FS:2000 S281 Saleen Speedster #515

    Im selling my 2000 Saleen speedster to get a 03-04 Cobra. Its black/black/black. Chrome rims with 10inch rear upgrade. Its got 42k miles, rebuilt engine has less than 3,000 miles. Mods are as follows. Vortech V1 Supercharger Vortech Aftercooler Vortech mini bypass valve Anderson...
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    Looking for...

    Im looking for a picture of a white 03-04 cobra with Saleen rims on it. It can be either a coupe or a convertible. Thanks guys!!
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    Springs, Shocks, Struts...

    Looking at getting some H&R supersports with Bilstein Shocks and Struts. I admit i dont know much about suspension work at all. Its going on a 97 Cobra with 50K miles on it. Its my daily driver and dont need any autoX or Drag set up. Just looking for a nice lowered look and nice ride. What...
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    My 97 Cobra...

    Got a digi camera for x-mas so i snapped acouple quick pictures.