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    Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker Review

    Understand that I am in my early 40's, grew up loving the original trilogy. I even tolerated the nonsense in the prequals because it was Star Wars and I understand George Lucas' shortcomings including his ego. Also, I had ZERO expectations going in to the Force Awakens and enjoyed it as a whole...
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    GAP Insurance Warning

    While I can't say if this is normal practice for GAP Insurance companies, this is specifically to warn people about doing business with the GAP company "Easy Care". My family lost all of our vehicles and most of our personal belongings as a result of Hurricane Harvey last year and it took OVER...
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    Who owns an 11-14 and has driven a 15?

    I stopped and looked at a 2015 V6 today and while I didn't drive it, the seats, interior, etc. felt similar to my wife's 2011. I know the performance numbers are close between the two platforms but other than the looks I'm curious how different they actually are when it comes to driving.
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    2012 SS vs. 2011 5.0

    DA was 3323 I drove both my car (SS) and the wife's car (5.0) tonight within 15 minutes of each other. Say what you want but with the same driver, powershifting both cars, same track, same 60'... the 5.0 was simply faster and would have run even better had it not spun through half of second...
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    2011 5.0 vs. 2010 A6 Corvette Convertible

    The timer didn't work on this run so I don't know what the times were... The 5.0 quickly pulled a car length from the launch while the Vette spun off the line, but once the Vette got traction it started to slowly reel the 5.0 in and was able to pull even by the end of the track. A few...
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    6 Disc Head Unit $65 shipped

    Bought this for my wife's 02 GT but ended up selling the car before we put it in. This came out of an 03/04 Mach 1. Please PM me if interested.
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    2008 GT500s in LV for Invoice, 2009s for MSRP

    Just a heads up. The wife and I stopped at Henderson Ford the other day and asked about their GT500 pricing: two 08's (White w- blue stripes & Blue w- white stripes) and three 09s (Black w- red stripes & interior, Vapor, and Vapor or Gray w- silver stripes).
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    My 03 Z06 vs. Lexus ISF

    Last time I was at the track I was able to run an ISF... His front bumper was right at my door through first and part of second (I wasn't able to floor it in first or power shift second due to traction) but by the top of second he was at my back bumper, I put a full car on him in third, and kept...
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    Replaced the Cobra

    I sold the Cobra back in November with the intention of getting out of some debt and then eventually replacing it. After paying off the credit cards and student loans I went from this: to this: 03 Z06 with 36K miles. :banana: The good thing is that I know what I'll need to do in...
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    Unmarried 03/04 Cobra Predator $125 Shipped

    Please PM me if you are interested.
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    F/S IRS Style Flowmasters $110 shipped.

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    2008 GT500 9 miles No Reserve Starting Bid $45,095

    Another good deal on Ebay. (Not my car, just thought I'd share a find)
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    07 GT500 7500 miles on Ebay BIN $42,500

    Just thought I'd pass it on for someone who is looking.
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    FS: SCT XCAL2 $200 Shipped.

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    Ported & upper pulley only dyno numbers.

    I recently bought a stage IV with a 2.8 pulley on it and I don't plan on running a lower (don't want the extra torque). I'm curious what people are putting down with their ported blowers and upper pulleys. Thanks, Logan
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    Misuse of special turn lane question

    My wife was recently cited for "Misuse of special left turn lane". There is a section of road right by the street we live on with about 2-3 city blocks between ANY business entrance or street where the special turn lane could/would be utilized. Since there is only one lane in each direction...
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    FS White 03 w- warranty 38.6K miles for $21,900.00

    Price includes an extended warranty good until June of 2010 or 72K total miles (Or I can cancel the warranty and sell the car for $21,000.00). I am the original owner, use Mobile 1 full synthetic for oil changes, and have all records/receipts (even dealer stamps in the owners manual for...
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    SCT Xcal 2 $215 Shipped

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    SCT Xcal 2 $215 Shipped

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    Stock Pulley, No Port, Full Weight - 12.3 @ 113

    Well I FINALLY put drag radials on the car and ran a couple of 12.3's at 113... I also ran a 12.4 @ 111. Previous best were a couple of 12.6's at 111 and ALOT of 12.7's at 113. The best 60' I could get was 1.9 i.e. the stock clutch at 38K miles didn't like all the traction (could smell it...
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    FS: White 03 Cobra $22,900 w- warranty - 38K miles

    No longer for sale