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    Turbo, anybody reroute wastegates from dumps to recirc

    I'm still working on putting together my On3 single turbo set-up, and was wondering if anybody has rerouted the waste-gates back into the post turbo exhaust just to keep the noise down once they start opening? I don't want to introduce a new place for cracks to start forming, but might want to...
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    On3 single install info

    It appears to be pretty straightforward, but there's definitely a few details that would be nice to know. Does anybody have any links to some installs, or install information on this kit? Here's some things I'd like to know. exactly where the oil drain-back fitting goes into the oil pan. Right...
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    Upgrades for ON3 (single) kits??

    Long read, So On3's site has a lot of options to choose from, I'm leaning towards their single kit to hopefully get me fairly easy single digit passes, reliability going down the roads / highways and 850+ whp with E85 on my (built bottom), factory breathing engine. I'm also at 6500'...
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    Rate your 11-14 Coyote Turbo kit

    Hello all, I'd like to hear about what you have, and how you like it, pros / cons. Facebook has a little to much buddies, cousins, nephews neighbor to get a decent perspective lol. I'm interested in how well the parts fit together, how much power she makes, or track times at what boost level...
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    Hellion single

    I've heard alot of (bad) on this kit. I personally don't like the thought of having to pump the oil back to the motor, but... Either way, I need to start weighing my options. How about the ON3 single, or twin? Or even the hellion twin, (although the ON3 twin looks very similar for barely 2/3 the...
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    4R200 / 4.10 vs 6R80 / 2.73's on higher hp cars.

    So if you run 2.73 gears in a stock ratio 6R80, you'll have similar ratios as the modified 6R80 transformed into the 4R200 running 4.10 gears. It just seems sooo much easier simply running 2.73's than modifying, (and paying for) the 4R200 which will almost mandate a gear change if you're...
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    Crank case ventilation for a single turbo Coyote

    Hello all, just trying to get my ducks in a row as I wait for my CPR single kit. I see alot of folks running a line from each valve cover into a single catch can, and also a small amount of people just simply putting breathers on each valve cover. I really like the factory set-up, or running...
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    Gen 2 NA Ford Aluminator with gen 1 (11-14) heads, no go??

    So I'm looking at forged internal short-blocks to handle some excessive boost for my Turbo kit that hopefully is coming soon, and I stumble upon this gen 2 Ford Aluminator, but says piston to head clearance issues when used with gen 1 heads. This is the first I've heard of this, as many gen 1...
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    forged short-block, what did you guys do?

    Several options boss internals, local machine shop balance rotating assembly aftermarket internals, local machine shop build / balance aftermarket short-block (which vendor) L&M seems like you should have sleeves too by the time you pay? (AKA) kinda expensive. modular head shop has a good...
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    E85 in worse air, less boost track results

    Hello all, just reporting back for some actual results from E85, in case someone here's on the fence about it. My car in 9500' DA on 7-7.5 lbs of boost trapped 99mph in the eighth on E85. Last year on 91, I barely went 96mph, in 8500' air on 10-11psi, and I must mention again this was 91...
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    WHP estimation from track times

    So I raced the other night in what I over-heard was 5500' air in SLC, my timeslips were from [email protected] - [email protected] with mid 1.5 60' times, my car weighs about 3850-3900 with me in it, any clue on what power that should be if I was to go on a chassis dyno?
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    Boost controller on wastegated centri?

    Anybody here ever try running a manual boost controller and lighter spring on their wastegated centrifugal set-up, and results? The housing for mine on my Paxton kit isn't really easy to get access to in a hurry, and would be nice to just mount one of those controllers near the air filter, and...
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    what percentage of turbo coyotes have (built) engines

    I'm guessing the turbo guys / gals are more prone to having a built engine because there's sooo much left on the table by not going built. Just curious how many of the coyote turbo cars you've seen have had an upgraded motor as well? I'm considering doing a built engine at the same time as...
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    Single turbo guys, what boost controller do you have / want ??

    I have my order in on a CPR turbo kit 76 / 83, and want at least 9-10 psi to start out. I'm coming from a waste-gated Paxton kit, which is working really well, and it's at 9.5-10.5 psi on E85 currently, and that's the reason I'd like to have at least similar boost from this turbo kit. I see...
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    Tracking down my 04 SY termi

    Just tracking down My old Yellow termi.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just like to see how he's doing?? here's what she was like about 4 months ago 04, screaming yellow ported eaton 4lb lower 2.76 upper Sra swapped, upr ca's black...
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    Just tracking down My old Yellow termi..

    Just like to see how he's doing?? here's what she was like about 4 months ago 04, screaming yellow ported eaton 4lb lower 2.76 upper Sra swapped, upr ca's black rear girdle BBK headers should still be low milage, sold it with less than 20K on her. I sold it to a guy in Texas, who sold...
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    Black 03 Lightning asking $15,500. 76000 miles

  18. J

    My 04 Cobra vs turbod acura TL type S

    I'm just guessing on the make of the Acura, but I raced and beat this car with my ported eaton 03 Lightning about 3 months ago, but he was still N/A at this time. We also work at the same fertilizer plant, so we know each other a little bit and I also knew he was in the process of going to a...
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    looking for owner of DSG 03/04 cobra owner.

    I live in Rock Springs, Wy. and have seen a dsg 03/04 Cobra lurking around a time or two and was wondering whom this is. The car is a sweet looking DSG with tinted windows, and chrome Cobra letters in the rear bumper, and sounds plenty healthy, I'm not certain but I think I recall seeing "Utah"...
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    21degrees wot timing, A/F is 11.7 whatcha think??

    I have a ported eaton with a 4#lower and 2.93 uppper, but only making about 12-13psi of boost because of my 6500' elevation, my a/f ratio seems good and safe, but could I afford more timing than my 21 degrees, or more boost by swapping my 2.93 for a 2.76 to get maybe 14psi of boost or both. I'm...
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    5.4 and 6.2 same block and heads??

    Just wondering if the basic engine foundation is the same for both of these engines, as I'd like to be able to supercharge the 6.2, and if it's the same foundation as the 5.4 Any aftermarket blowers should physically fit, unless there's going to be a specific kit for the 6.2? Anybody know?
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    Vettes, Vipers, how to find a race???

    I'm in Rock Springs Wyoming and I want to race some fast cars, this is a small town, but I've seen some sweet cars lurking in garages and sometimes on the street. I've tried going to places where I think people with bad ass cars work with no luck, all I want to do is have some fun runs...
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    low boost, need help?

    With the mods in my sig, I'm only making about 12 and sometimes 13 psi of boost according to my boost overlayed stock guage, it seams the rest of the world is making 16-17 with similar pullies. I've wrapped a smaller belt around the pulley system and didn't gain any boost, so I'm guessing no...
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    Why do race videos have to be several minutes long??

    Just wondering why so many people show several minutes of video footage on a quick race, I just love watching two burnouts and announcements to see a the titled car run a quick pass, when the video should have been maybe twice as long as the pass itself, please kick me in the junk if you catch...