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    Get a GT500 or keep the cobra?

    I know of an unspoken for 2021 GT500 on order, and the dealer doesn't do ridiculous $10-20k ADM like a lot of places. Since I barely drive the terminator I have, there's no reason for me to keep it and buy a 500. If I keep the terminator, I'm going to swap the blower and upgrade the fuel...
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    Battery light on due to bad ecu?

    04 cobra, pullied w/OR x pipe. A while back my low hanging exhaust snagged on a driveway. Then the car died. Found a bad fuse which I replaced. Car started and ran. Two things were wrong...battery light was on and reverse lockout solenoid wouldn't release. Recently put the car in the shop...
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    Lower pulley bearing shot

    Having some work done on my car. Mechanic reports the lower caged pulley bearing is shot, as well as idlers etc. Ordered up some billet idlers. Should we even bother trying to rebuild the lower cage, or just get a metco setup? WWSVTPD?
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    fixing clutch/trans, found leaking water pump

    the guy that's swapping my flywheel, clutch, & trans informed me that it appears the water pump is leaking. the belt is wet, etc. so...what's the preferred water pump around here? pretty sure i need the short shaft, but not sure which one to get. stewart? edelbrock? not interested in an...
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    pilot bushing question

    finally got a report on the clutch/flywheel in my cobra. it's all boogered, which isn't a surprise. i'm going to get a fidanza flywheel so i can change the friction insert myself instead of shipping it to mcleod every time. on to the quetion... the mcleod street ultimate clutch i purchased...
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    looks like it's clutch time for me

    clutch started slipping the other day. only under boost in 4,5,6th gear so i still have some time but not much. so now i've got to finish rebuilding the spare t56 to put in at the same time i swap the clutch. got hung up trying to get the bearing shims right and haven't done anything else...
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    photobucket extortion fix

    for chrome, there are extensions that will bypass photobucket's screwy extortion rip off. just go to the extension webstore ( and search for photobucket fix. add the extension, and no more "pay up sucka" from photobucket to see pics...
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    airlocked intercooler pump pro tip

    decided i'd post this up just in case no one else has posted it. if you've changed your intercooler pump or the intercoolant (see what i did there) you may end up with the pump being airlocked. it happened to me. first, pull the pump relay and prepare a jumper wire, then pour water/coolant...
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    truetrac irs questions

    hi guys, first post here. been reading a while and finally have a reason to post. i recently (6 months ago) bought my first ever svt product, a 2004 cobra. i've been wrenching on my own ride my whole life, and i'm not gonna change that with this car. to extend a long story, i developed an...