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    What will it run?

    Wondering what kinda et to expect iv got a 96 cobra with a procharger dynoed at 396rwhp/387trq i have bbk grip upper and lower control arms ebaich lowering springs and nitto 555 dr and 3.55 gears Throw your guess
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    t76 terminator slayer

    hey guys im getting a feel for what my car may bring. its a 96 cobra triple black,45k miles,forged rods and pistons with about 5kmiles on them,tubular a arms and kmember,spec stage three clutch,60# injecters,clear coners with diamond clear head light,s281wing, chrome cobra r wheels, ptkt76gts...
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    pounded a kb cobra today

    i have heard rummers around town of a silver 03 with a kb and supporting mods "hunting" me down in my poor old 96 cobra. well today was the day. we were coming back from a car show out of town here about 50 miles or so. im doing 65 on the freeway minding my own when i see fog lights and hear the...