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  1. Hank

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Got air coming out of a sweeper at an autox a week ago. No dyno yet, but should make about 380whp/480wtq.
  2. Hank

    Shrub / Post / Bush / Stump Removal

    Used the 18K front winch on my military truck to pull a few things out of my landscaping recently. Borrowed the spare tire from my daily shitbox to use as a fulcrum. This makes the winch pull up and over the tire instead of shearing the bush/tree at ground level due to a sideways pull.
  3. Hank

    WOW Insane speed in the standing mile !

    Anybody catch the oil pressure dropping before the end of the run? Top left gauge
  4. Hank

    Lets see those trucks!

    Been a while since I posted. Truck turned 68 years old this year. Evacuated a couple hundred people during the Great Flood of 2016 in Louisiana. Deepest fording to-date estimated at 6 ft. Tires are 53". Tons more info/pics/videos at
  5. Hank


    You know how some people say once you see it you can’t unsee it? Somebody on a forum a long time ago before Cleetus got famous said his mouth looked like a butthole talking. Am I wrong?
  6. Hank


    Have you listened to schmeeeeeee? Sounds like he has a penis in his mouth.
  7. Hank

    ford gt burn to the ground

    I wonder if it actually sounded like a V8 with all of the pops and crackles while on fire?
  8. Hank

    Justin @American Muscle

    As long as Justin never wears tight pants like Steph it'll be alright. ;)
  9. Hank

    Stock Demon on the Dyno: 724 RWHP

    SAE J1349 is a much better correction factor. Still a stout car, don't get me wrong. Way out of my league unless treynor's cleaning lady donates hers to my stable.
  10. Hank

    7:03... 3 pedals... America

    Downforce is just a force (lb), not a torque (ft-lb or lb-ft). Interesting article I found indicated poor economy while towing an ACR Viper due to the downforce. LOL I wish those guys luck in getting into the 6:5X time frame when they take another crack at it!
  11. Hank

    Focus RS muffler delete

    I went with a Scorpion catless downpipe and ETS rear exhaust without mufflers. Sounds amazing! Cold start-up: Short drive: Nighttime flames! Note: If you don't want the "fake" RS exhaust pops you can have your tuner take it out of the tune. There's one piece of code that causes it. I...
  12. Hank

    N41 cam with spintechs

    Damn that sounds good!
  13. Hank

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    2016 Focus RS with ETS Extreme exhaust. Waiting on a catless Scorpion downpipe to show up. For more information:
  14. Hank

    M2K FGT breaking records again

    Car number is 278. Nice try. Ricers do it all the time by picking up timeslips off the ground at the drag strip and changing their shoe polish numbers. I'm only joking. Duh.
  15. Hank

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Hindsight is 20/20, but maybe he could have blocked the opening with his cruiser until the posse arrived with a stock trailer?
  16. Hank

    Lets Blow Some Shit Up!

    Damn, some of them diesel engines got some hang time!
  17. Hank

    Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

    He didn't grab her in the pussy he ran OVER the pussy! Good riddens!
  18. Hank

    Tuned my Focus RS - Huge Gains :)

    Thanks for the video. Looking good! Put my ETS intercooler on last weekend. Waiting for the full exhaust to come in from backorder. No cat downpipe, no resonator, and a mufflerless rear section. Running Tune+ W400 kit as well.
  19. Hank

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    My 2016 Focus RS. Waiting to hit 1000 miles before the mod fest begins. I'm at 974 now.
  20. Hank

    With only 7 days left in the states, what to do with my last weekend?

    As quite a few potential future lottery winners have suggested: "Hookers and blow"
  21. Hank

    Two more excellent reasons to hate Treynor

    I hope Trump doesn't ban imports of foreign vehicles for Ben. :D Ben, do you ever watch Barrett-Jackson and consider buying an old muscle car? Or are you mostly interested with modern day track day supercars? Just wondering.
  22. Hank

    Couples therapy at Thermal Raceway (vid)

    I bet Ben forgot to poop before he raced. Every little bit helps on the stage 3 weight reduction strategy. Bet that would have shaved a second off that final lap to capture the record. Many a record has been shattered by a good track poop.
  23. Hank

    Some more Dodge Demon news / predictions

    Probably not at all correct, but another 2 guesses: Cost for Demon = 2,576 british pounds x 35 payments. That comes to $113,085 US dollars at the current conversion rate. Nah. Blower for Demon = 2,576 cc at 35 psia. That's 20.3 psig.
  24. Hank

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Is there some sort of urban dictionary or TV show I need to watch to catch up on this bro (i.e. bouh dah, etc.) stuff? I do keep up with 95% of the funny though.