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  1. BLK_03

    WTB 03/04 Cobra heads

    Only the castings needed. Prefer 8 thread. Need something as soon as possible. Spent over a week trying to purchase from a member here and got the run around. Wasted a bunch of time. Let me know what you have. PMs would be best.
  2. BLK_03

    New PB. Pics and Vids. My BG story. [email protected]

    What a journey this has been. About a month before BG, I decided to pull the engine, upgrade turbos (which meant upgraded fuel system), FINALLY put in some cams (have been using a Ford GT camset all this time) and see what I could do. This is long. Deal. Turned out to be a much bigger...
  3. BLK_03

    RC Engineering 75# Injectors

    RC Engineering high impedance 750cc... basically 75# injectors. If you are thinking about an 80# injector I would strongly encourage you to consider these. Had these on my car for quite a while and made 4 digits with them. Had them cleaned and flowed about 2 years ago. Pulled them off...
  4. BLK_03

    Bosch 105# High Impedance Injectors

    Injectors have about 2k miles on them. Will make over 1000 hp with the right pump(s) setup and E85. This is what Injector Dynamics source their ID1000s from. I have the harness adapters if needed for an additional $40. Retail: $800 $500 ($540 with adapters) shipped. Pretty firm as they...
  5. BLK_03

    WTT Sullivan Fuel Rail w/ FRPS modification

    I have a BLUE Sullivan rail that has been modded to accept the factory FRPS. Driver's side. Mounts the FRPS UNDER the rail for a clean look. I've since switched to a standalone system and no longer need the FRPS. Just looking to clean things up further. Think I paid like $100 for...
  6. BLK_03

    My new PB [email protected] TT Cobra in Bowling Green

    Been a very long road getting this car where it is now. I was hoping for an 8 second slip, but the 60' wasn't having it. Gonna do some work on the suspension and get that 8 soon. BGBest - YouTube
  7. BLK_03

    Built 03/04 IRS

    Approximately 40k miles on the IRS. 36K miles were in a stock power configuration. No leaks or issues whatsoever. Mods/Upgrades include: - MM subframe polyurethane bushings ~$50 - Billetflow IRS brace ~$160 - D.S.S. Level V halfshaft upgrade (currently available for $1699 with upgraded...
  8. BLK_03

    TT Cobra 9 Second Passes From Bowling Green

    The file is a little large, to maintain some level of quality, so download times will be a bit long.
  9. BLK_03

    2nd 9 sec pass and new best ---TT Cobra

    Went to Joliet NMRA/NMCA this weekend to take advantage of the prep. I REALLY need to work on the launch. The 2 step is set at 4100RPM and it will build about 12 pounds there. The problem is, when I get the car staged, I let go of the transbrake before I even get on the 2 step. I'm still...
  10. BLK_03

    9 Sec TT 03 Cobra

    Well... when I built this car, I built it with 2 goals in mind. 150mph trap, and a 9.99 while staying full weight with all the crap Ford put in it (A/C, stereo, interior, etc...) I accomplished both tonight. *Click For Original Build Thread* After my first outing last Tuesday with the new...
  11. BLK_03

    More Racing. TT Cobra - C6Z06 -Supra - Sprayed FBody etc

    Right Click -Save As-
  12. BLK_03

    TT Cobra Build Up And Racing

    Enjoy! Took some effort to put this together, I hope you all like it. YouTube Link Better Version Right Click-Save As
  13. BLK_03

    More TT Cobra racing---Vettes, Supras, FBodies, Foxes, etc.

    It's been pretty shitty here in St. Louis over the winter, and we had a 65 degree day today. Perfect for getting the cars out! Enjoy! What a day!!!
  14. BLK_03

    Some Racing...TT Cobra, C6Z06, SL65AMG

    Just some messing around from the weekend. My TT cobra Pretty much stock C6 Z06 Mercedes SL65 AMG with RennTech 6XX RWHP chip Cam'd LS1's
  15. BLK_03

    HPP Twin Turbo Cobra at the Dyno Drags

    A local shop sets up a dyno drag for us here when it gets cold out and the track closes. Nothing really special to see , I just thought others might enjoy the turbo noises!!! This is on 22-23 pounds of boost. 1st and 2nd gear come and go, lol. I tried a pull on 25-26 pounds of boost and...
  16. BLK_03

    In Car HPP Twin Turbo Cobra 18 Pounds

    God I'm a whore. Sorry if it's annoying. A lot of time and energy in this thing and now I get to enjoy it! A buddy with a high HP single turbo Supra wanted to go for a ride so I slapped on the Bogarts to ensure some traction. Turned the boost up just a touch and out we went. I'm...
  17. BLK_03

    TT Cobra 17 Pound Dyno Pull

    I had the Eaton on 16-17 pounds with a 150 shot, and this thing is so much stronger is indescribable. 3rd and 4th on the street ... bleh... I can't explain in words. I'll get an in-car vid up soon. :) Dyno Pull
  18. BLK_03

    Twin Turbo Cobra In Car Pull

    Just got everything back together. Here is a link to the build if anyone is interested: Al Papitto built longblock and HPP twin kit. Nice conservative break in tune with 14 degrees of timing and 10.8 A/F. I need to work on...
  19. BLK_03

    Video I made...

    I'm currently waiting on a motor (it's been a while), so I put this together. It shows the progression of the car over the last couple years, and where it is going. It's not done, and the rest of the project will be added at the end... It's a big file, so give Putfile a minute to load up...
  20. BLK_03

    HPP Twin Kit Has Arrived!

    I haven't seen too many (if any) threads on the parts/components/buildup of a HPP twin kit, so I thought I would share. For those that don't know, the Eaton/Spray will be replaced with a twin 61mm turbo setup from HPP. Received most of the kit today. Turbos, other wastegate, and intercooler...
  21. BLK_03

    Water Spot/Detail Rant...

    So I detailed the hell out of the car for WFC. Clayed/ssr2.5/optimum polish/s100 twice... the works. She was looking great. Car sat overnight one night and it rained that night. I quick detail the car off, and there are water spots all over the hood! Very frustrating. I have since...
  22. BLK_03

    New Drag Setup... Bogarts

    I waited a long time for Bogart to make these. Was out shooting some pics and having fun. Thought I would share... Thanks to Al and Dmitry for taking the pics!
  23. BLK_03

    New Pup Pics

    Since I have been waiting forever for the Bogarts to get here, I occasionally bring the ET Streets in from the garage and roll them around making vroom vroom noises. The pup jumped in and I had to get a pic!!!
  24. BLK_03

    Couple new pics...

    Thanks to my bud Dmitry for the awesome shots!!!
  25. BLK_03

    Looking for a little guidance...

    I have been detailing w/ my porter cable for over a year. Over this year I have acquired some products and pads and am now in a bit of sensory overload with the products. Let me start by saying I love SSR 2.5, but no matter what pad, no matter what technique, no matter what speed, I always...