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    WTB 99-04 Ford Lightning

    The exact combination you are looking for is on bringatrailer right now. 1 day left on the auction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    4.6 dohc ?

    do the valve covers off of a mark 8 fit a 96-98 cobra? I know they both have the b-head, just not sure if bolt pattern is the same? Also is it worth picking up a teskid block out of 94-96 mark 8? My local pick-n-pull has a few of them, and I was wondering if it would be worth my time to pull...
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    WTB Wrecked 03-04 Cobra

    Looking for a complete car with good drivetrain. Prefer in texas. LMK what you have.
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    WTB 4.6 Radiator

    Looking for stock or aftermarket radiator for a 97'
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    parting out 96 mystic

    full black leather interior, with typical minor wear on dr seat. rear bumper $350 saleen wing $125 everything plus shipping.