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    Stock GT500 (Predator) vs Stock Redeye

    The GT500 is damn impressive. I just love the look of the redeye. If only they weren’t a boat
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    Next Gen Mustang front end leaked

    It’s hard to tell from what looks like a base model. A bit underwhelmed currently but there may be some potential and it’s due for a change up so we’ll see.
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    Teenager falls to his death on amusement park ride

    Have to agree, I doubt he really was able to compute what was happening. My first wreck on my R6 at the track was a high speed low slide but I slid across the track and heels caught grip, stood me up and smacked me face first down. Split my helmet but all I remember was yelling the F word a...
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    Opinions Needed - 1/2 or 3/4 ton Truck?

    Half ton, your tow needs simply don’t justify the larger truck and if your mileage is limited to begin with why go up more in price. I’ve done plenty of 8k tows with my ram and while sure it would have been better in a 3/4 ton set up, I also have a much friendlier truck around town. Besides...
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    At what point does raising minimum wage stop?

    I’ve been starting people at 20.00 for entry level positions and even at that price point it’s like pulling teeth to find anyone worth a damn
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    Byepolr Presents Yet Another Build....”THE ANTI PURIST”

    First of all, congratulations on the sale of the fox body. That thing was beautiful, but I too subscribe to the belief of everything has a price. Can’t wait to see this build progress!
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    Used Vehicle Insights

    Ford I’ve seen rumors of style change up, better interior quality, and some changes likely to suspension for ride quality as that’s where they seem to lose ground in the 2500 segment. We’ll see if any of that happens I’d expect GM to go with tue interior update they just did in the 1500 for...
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    Used Vehicle Insights

    The problem now is finding what you want with out having to order and wait months. For example I want to step up to an HD truck from my ram 1500 but good luck finding one loaded up on a lot. At this point in 2022 I may as well wait a bit more and order a 2023 because I’m sure there will be...
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    Building a house

    Need more photos in here lol. We just did kitchen, bathrooms, and pool house cabinets and countertops selections today so a long way off from where you’re at hahaha. Also ordered appliances and next up is picking flooring.
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    This is a fast Viper

    Love wills car. I dream of a gen 5 so I can send it to Nth for a TT set up
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    Added Pin Stripes to the Gen5 Viper =New Pics!

    Looks good, just needs a T/A spoiler to finish it off
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    60-130 Mph..... GT350 vs. Honda Accord

    So basically get the accord lol
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    Poll: Is she too fat, too skinny, or just right?

    Looks like a great start point to do resistance training. What she lacks is muscle mass. But she’s definitely not fat
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    Spy Shots—Porsche’s 820hp Über-Panamera

    Awesome power but I always expected more from Porsche for how these were styles. If I were in the market for a plush power sedan or wagon I’d either be in a E63s or RS6
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    Changes are Coming

    After ordering the wife a Benz earlier this year vs having bought my truck off the lot a year prior, I’d rather order and get what I want from now on.
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    I did a thing... Dodge Content..

    Looks damn nice! If I didn’t use my truck regularly I’d like have a charger scat pack or hell cat but the ram is damn nice for a truck still.
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    Building a house

    Very nice. Also very similar to what we are starting to build. I’m actually trying to keep the house in the ground enough so we can walk out to a patio off the kitchen so we may do a oversized staircase out of the basement to keep that walk out feel. Looking forward to seeing how yours progresses
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    Building a house

    That’s going to look beautiful from the back. What’s the square footage? The house looks big!
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    Building a house

    This^^^ all this when it comes to builders who say they are custom pick 1,2, or 3 options or true custom builders where you go to store fronts, find shit online, drawl it etc The first build I did a few years back was that, pick a floor plan, pick from 1-3 basic options or another 1 or 2 top...
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    New job advice

    I just helped open two shops for them in my area and man did they promise the world to people. Thankfully I developed good relationships quickly and kept my techs but had a complete over turn in the office. I’ve givens a lot of feedback to prepare for another round of store openings and I really...
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    New job advice

    Yup, Gerber for me. I’m fortunate that the local leadership and most store managers have been in place for years now so we really strive to keep it as close to private shop feel as you can while taking advantage of the MSO structure. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always lollipops and rainbows but...
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    Building a house

    In the same boat currently….still waiting for county approvals to break ground. At around 6800 sq ft above ground the quote has gone up enough to want to call it quits. Thankfully current house was purchased at a killer deal so plenty of equity
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    Bought a new 2021 Trackhawk

    Looks good! I wanted one of those badly but I use my truck bed often. Tried to talk the wife into one but she ended up with a GLS. I have debated dumping my Laramie for a TRX but the prices in my area are like 20k over msrp LOL
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    New job advice

    I’m in Maryland and I have one estimator at the shop I run making between 4-5k every two weeks like clock work. I work for a MSO so we run a commission pay scale for estimators and at the local level we set base guarantee to get them in the door till they see the real checks. Currently booking...