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    2004 Mystichrome Convertible

    I am selling my 2004 Mystichrome convertible. It has 8,100 (ish) miles on it. Everything is stock except Koni Yellow Shocks ( I have stock Bilsteins), and Borla Atak catbak. I am asking 33,500$. I am second owner. Nice clean car. Selling to buy a JL wrangler do not want 3 cars anymore. Feel free...
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    Hood latch scratching hood

    i have searched and found the fix with shims for hard closing hood issue. But is it normal for the latch to hit the sides of the hood where it goes into good and scratch the paint off? Or does that need adjusted
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    just bought first cobra have a paint question

    Just bought a MC vert for me and my family off a forum member here. I searched the posts and found some info on touched up a couple rock chips but am confused on the multitude of answers. One of the moderators sId the color touch up is G6 code. anyway i want to go the route of ceramic coat and...
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    Light bar removal

    I am shopping for a terminator and do not like the looks of the light bar installed on a lot of these cars. I noticed some you have to drill holes and some not. How hard are these to remove? Once removed how hard is it to return to stock with the interior plastics and such? Thanks again!!!
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    Seeking Educated advice on purchasing

    I am buying my first 03-04 cobra. I will list what I am looking for and my options and hopefully some people who are very fMiliar with these cars can help me out Wants 1. reliability ( I know it will take maintenance) 2. hold its value as good as possible 3. convertible 4. 04 or 10th...
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    looking for teminator guide

    somewhere on here I saw a comprehensive guide on the terminator. It included alot of information on buying? any help would be appreciated
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    WTB: 2004 Vert

    looking for 2004 vert 1. close to stock 2. lower miles 3. mystichrome, comp orange, or one of the 2 reds. Thanks! Have cash I am located in ohio